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What You Need To Know Before Your Adventure To Cloud 9 Leisure

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Winter is definitely coming but don’t let that keep you off Cloud 9. In fact, it’s the perfect reason to pay it a visit! Cloud 9 Leisure is a brilliant indoor playground for kids (and adults) that comes to life at weekends and during school holidays. However, it's closing over the festive period from December 16th until January 4th so if you’re wanting to visit before the New Year, now is the time! Here’s what you need to know before your adventure.

It’s Intense Fun

The fun of Cloud 9 is full on. The giant inflatable obstacle course is described as a combination of the best parts of Total Wipeout, Gladiator and Ninja Warrior. The team behind the leisure experience want you to play as if no one is watching, so be prepared for some serious good times.

There’s Lots To Do

It’s not just the inflatable obstacle course at Cloud 9, there’s dodgeball, a sweeper, human table football, gladiator duels, a bouncy castle and so much more!

Athletic woman climbing indoors.

You’ll Probably Work Up A Sweat

Running around the giant obstacle course is not only great fun, it’s also a bit of a workout. You won’t even realise the exercise you’re getting until you have to pause to catch your breath. It’s a great way for the whole family to get active whilst having a brilliant time.

Time Flies

All the admission slots are an hour long and time really does fly when you’re having fun! It may go quickly, but one hour is a great amount of time to make the most of Cloud 9, any longer and you’d run out of energy!

It’s A Sell Out

As it’s such a great activity for all ages, the general admission tickets normally sell out so make sure you book in advance! There are a number of time slots to choose from on their website.

Safety Is A Priority

There’s lots happening at Cloud 9, but don’t worry, safety is always a priority. The team keep a close eye to make sure everything stays safe and no obstacles exceed their capacity. They’re great at making sure everyone is having fun in a friendly way.

It’s More Than A Day Out

If Cloud 9 leaves you wanting more, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the fun. Hire the equipment, rent the entire space, host a birthday party or take part in their Xtreme Games!

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India Garrett
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India Garrett

<p>A broadcast journalism graduate, India is a lover of adventure, laughter, and cuisine. Growing up as the eldest among her five siblings, India's family always made sure to keep themselves entertained during weekends and holidays. Her favorite childhood memories involve running around in open spaces, summer camping trips, and special visits to the theater. India loves spending time with her two young cousins, taking them to indoor sensory play areas, and teaching them how to bake, even though things can sometimes get messy!</p>

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