Calling All Lost Boys and Girls! Don't Miss These Peter Pan Inspired Activities Around London

Ellie Sylvester
Jan 22, 2024 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on Sep 18, 2019
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All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust! Oh, and these super cool days out inspired by Pan himself.

Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Neverland? We know we certainly do. But given that we’re not quite sure how to get to Neverland, we’ve come up with 5 Peter Pan inspired activities to do with kids around London that’ll satisfy all your never-ending childhood needs in the meantime. (If anyone knows how to get to Neverland, please let us know). From interactive arts and crafts sessions inspired by the Lost Boy himself to £12 tickets to see Peter and his pals live on stage in a Christmas extravaganza, treat your mini adventurers and get one step closer to the second star to the right...

1. Fly over to Under the Bridge and grab 31% off Peter Pan tickets

With tickets from as little as £12.00 when you take advantage of Kidadl’s 31% off early bird offer, join everyone's favourite adventurer Peter Pan at Under the Bridge for a colourful, fast-paced musical bound to leave a smile on everyone's faces. Immerse yourself in Neverland and see if you've got what it takes to defeat cunning Captain Hook. Watch as JM Barrie's classic is transformed from page to stage before your very eyes. Complete with dazzling costumes, original music and songs, beautifully crafted sets and more, there's no doubt that this evening will be the most magical one yet!

peter pan discounted tickets early bird london

2. Have a gander at JM Barrie’s house

Marked by a blue English Heritage plaque with Barrie’s name on, it’s not exactly the Darling’s house but it’s still pretty impressive. Once home to the infamous creator of Peter Pan, JM Barrie, The Victorian semi at 100 Bayswater Road in London is well worth a visit. See if you can sense any pixie dust in the air as you get a glimpse into the house where he brought his vision to life on paper and see if you get any creative inspiration of your own…

Marked by a blue English Heritage plaque

3. Take a trip to Neverland with Peter Pan Goes Wrong

With tickets from just £20, Peter Pan Goes Wrong at Alexandra Palace is well worth spending your pixie dust on. From the team behind the smash-hits The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery comes a new spin on the timeless classic about the world's favourite lost boy. Peter Pan Goes Wrong at Alexandra Palace. In this unique take on Peter Pan, the members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are on stage battling technical difficulties, flying mishaps and cast arguments as they attempt to put on a performance of J. M. Barrie's beloved tale.

peter pan goes wrong comedy show for kids in london

4. Become Captain Craft with The Happy Crafters Club

Second star to the right and straight on 'til... Bromley? Join The Happy Crafters Club for an exciting morning of arts and crafts based on J. M. Barrie's enduring story about the boy who never grows up. Everyone knows the tale of Peter Pan, but in this crafty storytime session you'll feel like you've stepped right into the pages of the story. With tickets from just £10, head to Neverland and join Peter, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell and more in this brilliant hour of interactive storytelling - perfect for under 5s!

kids arts and crafts fun workshops in london

5. Endless Pan playtime at the Diana Memorial Playground

Located next to her Kensington Palace home, this playground is a fitting tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood and is the perfect place for any Pan fan. Complete with sensory trails, teepees, a beach around the pirate ship and various toys and play sculptures, all set against a lush backdrop of trees and plants, it encourages children to explore and follow their imaginations, learning whilst they play. Let your little adventurers run wild, follow the leader and even become captain of the ship as they explore this magical space!

princess diana memorial playground peter pan ship fun for kids

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