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Ahoy There! 7 Amazing Reasons Why A Golden Hinde Sleepover Is A Must

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If your family is partial to occasional time-travel there are few better places to do it than aboard the Golden Hinde. One of the most famous ships of the Tudor period, the Golden Hinde was the first English vessel to circumnavigate the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake. Today you can explore an exact replica of Drake’s original ship, and experience life as a mariner in the 16th century right in the centre of London.

Exploring Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hinde

With three decks to explore, there is plenty to keep everyone interested. You enter on the main deck, and will marvel at the complex rigging while your little ones practice their steering at the helm. From there it’s over to the officer’s dining room, which is like arriving on a movie set - just take a seat at the captain’s table and imagine plotting a voyage across the high seas with a tankard by your side! Then work your way down to the central deck which housed the crew, the animals and the incredible cannons and picture a battle-scene with pirates on the high seas.

On to the lower deck and the kitchen and dining area, where you can imagine the crew at meal times dunking their biscuits into a warming stew. Look out for the many barrels of beer taken on long sea voyages while you’re there and marvel at how a crew of 70 lived and worked for three years on this vessel and returned to England loaded with treasure and gold!

If that hasn't whet your appetite for an overnight adventure in London, then below are seven fantastic reasons why a sleepover on the Golden Hinde is an experience not to be missed.

Experience life as a sailor on The Golden Hinde!

Journey back in time to 1577 and experience a sailor’s life on the high seas: This is living-history at its best and getting into costume as you arrive on board fires up those imaginations like nothing else!

The crew who greet your family upon arrival They’re a gang of fantastic actors who take you along with them on Sir Francis Drake’s voyage - all the way until bedtime. They deliver nearly four hours of interactive theatre, with fantastic family participation where you learn about each aspect of Tudor life at sea, in the most engaging way!

Golden Hinde Sleepover

Hannah loved her experience on the Golden Hinde

Learn about how to battle pirates on the high seas When you are taught the art of swordship (albeit foam ones!) on the top-deck at dusk. An incredible memory for children and parents alike while looking over the stunning London skyline.

Learn from the ship’s gunner as he teaches the crew how to wage a cannon battle and where the phrase “pull your finger out” actually comes from. Be prepared to cover your ears!

Experience Tudor medicine first-hand when the ship’s Barber Surgeon walks you through his various cures for ailments and his penchant for limb amputations while at sea! 

Dine on deck – and eat supper and breakfast sailor-style, complete with tankards of “grog”, vegetable stew and bread while singing sea shanties. A great way to make new friends aboard the Golden Hinde! 

Enjoying a sleepover on The Golden Hinde

The kids get snuggled up aboard the Golden Hinde

Get cosy and bunk down for the night on deck in your sleeping bag. Completely magical for the kids as you whisper stories and share memories before lights out!

The kids learnt a huge amount - they haven’t stopped talking about it since and have asked if we can go again!

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