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Best Family Days Out In Tamworth You Can Do Now

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Image © Nikola Saliba, Unsplash.

Tamworth is a town in Staffordshire, bordering Birmingham, Warwick and Lichfield famous for its Castle and Moat house.

Here we'll take you through our list of free and paid for days out and places to visit near Tamworth, Lichfield and Staffordshire. There are plenty of children's attractions near Tamworth and you can have lots of family fun to experience, outdoor and indoor.  

Tamworth Castle

If you're looking for historical things to do near Tamworth, then Tamworth Castle better be on your list. From its Saxon beginnings, through to the Victorian times, you can learn about this castle and what life was like, trying on real armour, period costumes, swords and learning about the battle plans of the Saxons. You'll be able to fully immerse into this history.

There's also plenty of fun to be had on the grounds of this castle, in the enclosed outdoor play park (under 14s), which features a huge play castle and pirate ship. There's also something for sportier children, with a skatepark, tennis court, bowling and more.

There is an onsite restaurant serving food and snacks and you are welcome to bring your own picnic. Opening hours will be Wednesday - Sunday, 10.30am-4.00pm. Tickets must be pre-booked. There is parking nearby, toilets (accessible, too), and baby changing facilities.

Price: Adults start at £7.50, and kids at £5.00.

Namco Funscape Tamworth

For some competitive days out in Tamworth, this is well worth a visit. There are 26 bowling lanes, with ramps, barriers and lighter balls to enhance your experience at Namco Funscape. There is a 'Pac-Man Play' soft area which is great for children and a mini golf activity on the Castle Adventure course. There is an activity zone play area that has all the latest video and amusement games and sometimes you can even win a prize.

There is an on-site restaurant and snacks available. At Clyde's Bar and Grill there are tasty options for all hunger needs, from delicious BBQ platters, burgers, pizza and desserts too. There is parking onsite, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.

Pre-booking is essential, and social distancing must be maintained during your visit. Visitors arriving in groups must remain in these groups together and contactless payments are preferred where possible. Hand sanitiser stations are dotted around.

Price: Bowling from £5.50. Mini Golf from £5.00. Soft Play from £4.50.

Jump Xtreme Tamworth

Jump Xtreme is new to Tamworth and with wall-wall trampolines, dodgeball courts and stunt airbags, this makes any family day out go out with a bang. With tumble tracks for beginners and gymnasts alike, and tots areas for the little ones, there's something for everyone.

There is a cafe for when you need a little break, and recharge for some sandwiches, drinks and pastries. Pre-booking is essential to adhere to limited capacity guidelines. There is parking onsite, toilets and baby changing facilities available.

Price: Free Jump from £9.95. Tots from £4.00.

Statfold Barn Railway

Perfect for any tiny train enthusiasts, or if you want your little ones to learn more, this is fun way to do that.  This is one of Staffordshire's hidden gems, with an array of stunning engines and locomotives to explore. During the summer, there is a bouncy castle and games, with the chance to ride the old Burton Ashby Tram. With onsite food vans serving food, snacks and drinks, you can quench your thirst and hunger on this visit with a great food experience. There is parking onsite, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.

Pre-booking is essential for the events. Statfold Barn Railway is recognised by VisitEngland as 'Good to Go' which means they are approved by industry standards in response to COVID-19.

Price: Adults: £12.50. Kids: £7.50. Burton to Ashby train: £1.00.

Pooley Country Park

With 62 hectares of stunning land, there is so much to explore for family days out in Tamworth, including a large environmental education area. This features natural pools and woodland habitats for children to learn about. There is a playground with slides and a climbing frame, as well as a colouring worksheet for when they get tired during their visit. The park has many trails for walks or cycles, offering a variety of outdoor activities for children and family.

There is a tea room on site, and food available nearby the area offering a variety of pub food, Indian, and more. There is parking onsite, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities. As Pooley Country Park is outside, there are less restrictions but social distancing is required at all times and it is recommended you bring hand sanitiser.

Manor Farm Fruits

Enjoy the fresh air and some fresh fruit at this farm where you can go fruit picking. There are over 12 acres of strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants and more. Pick as many berries as you can carry while the kids have fun in the play area that has bouncy castles, a balance beam and a sandpit.

The Strawberry Cabin Cafe is sadly not reopening this year so there is no food on site. There is parking onsite, accessible toilets but there are no baby-changing facilities. Pre-booking is essential to maintain social distancing rules for limited capacity.

Price: £2 per person.

Dog with basket of fresh picked peaches on a farm.

Planters Sky Trail Adventure

This is a one of a kind adventure, based in Planters Garden Centre near Tamworth, on the border of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. From a course based outdoor play area full of activities for the children, to a funky pets department and aquatics centre, this place is unique and well worth a day visit for the family to experience.

The restaurants are open, from breakfast to lunch, drinks and snacks, there's something for all to enjoy at this centre. Enjoy the food at 50% off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August to Eat Out to Help Out. Social distancing rules must be maintained, and contactless payment made where possible. There is a one-way system in place. There is parking nearby and toilets available, and there are no baby changing facilities.

Price: All Ages: £8.00. Family from £18.00.

Cliff Lakes

Looking for some water-based fun? Cliff lakes in Tamworth has a great array of activities ranging from water skiing, wakeboarding, inflatable boat rides and more. The Aqua Park is designed to be both safe and fun.

There is a restaurant onsite at the Waterfront Bar overlooking the lake. Pre-booking is essential and there is a one-way system in place to adhere to social distancing. As this centre is mostly outside, there are fewer restrictions but social distancing is required at all times and it is recommended you bring hand sanitiser. There is parking on site (free if you spend over £10 in the Waterfront Bar). There are toilets but no baby changing facilities.

Price: Aqua Park 1 hour session - £18.00 per person.

Beacon Park

With more than 70 acres of beautiful gardens and open space, you can take a lovely walk. There are also children play areas, crazy golf and much more available. The park has a rich history worth investigating, too.

There is a cafe next to the children's area during peak season and ice cream ready for you in the Bistro. Toilets and baby changing facilities are available near the children's area, and disabled toilet facilities. There is customer parking with charge.

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park has 15 stunning lakes that are situated throughout the 600 acres of park. It's lovely to take a stroll along the paths, where you can explore hidden places, spot birds and wildlife, or even hire a bike.

There are a great number of places to eat near Kingsbury Water Park, including pubs and cafes whether you're feeling a light snack or a lovely meal. There are fewer restrictions but social distancing is required at all times and it is recommended you bring hand sanitiser. There is parking onsite with a booking system in place, toilets (accessible, too), and baby changing facilities.

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