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15 Best Picnic Areas in London

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Tired of finding yourself looking up "best picnic areas near me"? Take a look at these 15 fabulous picks that are all based in and around London.

Who doesn't love a picnic on a sunny day?

Whether it's a planned outing or a spontaneous urge to take advantage of the (scarce) summer sun over a meal, we understand. While there are lots of great places to go, here are our top picks for the best 15 family-friendly picnic spots in London.

Top Tip: We've also got some fantastic information about how to make your picnic day out even more spectacular here and here.

Child with mother blowing bubbles in the park.

Image © iStock


1. Greenwich Park

If you're in  South East London, the lovely Greenwich Park may well be your one of your best picnic spots. As one of the largest green spaces and most epic picnic spots in London to have a run-around in, you'll be spoilt for choice and there will be no complaints of boredom. The vast space gives plenty of options to sit, eat, play and repeat (and it's a Royal Park!).

Where is it? Greenwich, by the famous Cutty Sark, The National Maritime Museum and The Royal Observatory.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit. The National Maritime Museum also has free entry, with some paid exhibitions. Ticket prices for the Royal Observatory start from £7.20 for a child and £14.40 for an adult.

Nearest station: Greenwich Cutty Sark (DLR).

Don't miss: The National Maritime Museum and The Royal Observatory.

2. Regent's Park

Another Royal Park, Regent's Park boasts not one, not two, not even three, but four children's playgrounds.  With this many choices to play in, a wildlife area, a wetland area, several bird species to spot and the famous ZSL London Zoo,  Regent's Park is one of the ultimate picnic spots in London.

Where is it? Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Regent's Park Station (Bakerloo Line).

Don't miss: Queen Mary's Gardens, featuring London's largest collection of roses.

3. Primrose Hill

A short trip away from Regent's Park, Royal Park Primrose Hill is one of those great grassy green spaces that is known for its beauty. The hill offers some pretty spectacular views of the London skyline, which are not to be missed. Have the best of fun walking up Primrose Hill, then (safely) rolling down with the kids, then walking back up again, and on and on.

Where is it? Camden Town.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Regent's Park Station (Bakerloo Line).

Don't miss: The stunning view of the city skyline at the top of Primrose Hill.

4. Hyde Park

If you're hoping to picnic somewhere more central, Hyde Park is in the heart of the capital. With many a thing to do in the vast space, from boating to horse riding, it's a picnic spot and much more. It is close to Buckingham Palace too. For kids up to age 12, there's the South Carriage Drive playground, with much fun to be had. Hyde Park also has the spectacular Diana Princess of Wales Fountain, the Serpentine Lake, and plenty of green space to let their (and your) imaginations run wild.

Where is it? Kensington.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Lancaster Gate (Central Line).

Don't miss: The spectacular Serpentine Lake.

Grass in London park with little white flowers and tree trunk.

5. Kensington Gardens

With a site to marvel at, there's much to see at Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park's neighbour. Not only do the gardens offer a great West London picnic spot, there's also the Serpentine Galleries to take any budding artists in your troop. It has it's own allotment (with chickens) and vegetables and, if that's not enough, The Diana Memorial Playground offers a magical place to play, as well as its very own Peter Pan statue.

Where is it? Kensington, London W2 2UH.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park, including the Serpentine, is free to visit.

Nearest station: Queensway (Central Line).

Don't miss: The Diana Memorial Playground, the kids will thank you for it.

6. Hampstead Heath

Perks of Hampstead Heath include its location, the zoo, Parliament Hill views, sport, education, and more. Family fun is guaranteed for hours and hours. This impressive park can help give one of the best picnic experiences your kids (and maybe even you) have ever had. Close to London's famous Trafalgar Square, it features its own zoo, athletics track, education centre and three swimming ponds, to name but a few magical things you can do. On top of that, Parliament Hill invites you to check out the beautiful London skyline, from its centre.

Where is it? Hampstead, London NW5 1QR.

How much to budget for: £10 for an adult and child ticket to swim in the Parliament Hill Lido.

Nearest station: Hampstead Heath Station (Overground).

Don't miss: Golders Hill Park Zoo, a free zoo a short walk away.

7. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is full of natural beauty that will leave the kids in awe on their picnic day out. A fantastic wonderland of plants (to put it simply), expect to hear a lot of "wow"s. Kew Gardens is also impressively family friendly, with dedicated family facilities, as well as family events held throughout the year. There is also a dedicated children's garden, meaning there's always something for the kids to be amazed by, and making it one of the best and most beautiful London picnic spots.

Where is it? Richmond, TW9 3AE.

How much to budget for: At least £4 for a child ticket and at least £20 for an adult ticket.

Nearest station: Kew Gardens Station (District Line and Overground).

Don't miss: The oh-so picturesque Lake and Sackler Crossing, for some lovely new photos for the family album.

8. Richmond Park

On the outskirts of South-West London? Here's a pick just for you. Boasting several ancient trees, even the adults will feel like kids in this wonderland. Let your inner child run wild and marvel at the rare plant and small animal species. Rest from your quest in a tea room at Pembroke Lodge, or munch at lunch at the Roehampton Café if you don't want to bring your own food.

Where is it? Richmond upon Thames.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit. Food prices at the Roehampton Café start at £5.50 per child and go up to £9.50 per adult.

Nearest station: Putney (National Rail) or Putney Bridge (District Line).

Don't miss: The majestic Isabella Plantation, with rare species of plants and small creatures to take your breath away.

Beautiful Picnic Spot at Kew Gardens Conservatory

Image © Kew Gardens

9. Green Park

Another Royal Park with special perks for your budding historians, Green Park boasts a number of memorials to spark curiosity and wonder. Not to mention the fact that it's next to Buckingham Palace. Kids will love this unusually triangular park, full of mature trees and grasslands. With the castle in view, it will be like having a picnic in a fairy tale.

Where is it? City of Westminster.

How much to budget for: From £1.80 up to £9 per head if you decide to rent a deck chair, or nothing if you prefer a classic picnic on the grass.

Nearest station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and  Victoria Lines).

Don't miss: The dreamy grasslands and, of course, Buckingham Palace!

10. St. James' Park

Pelicans! Another Royal Park close to the famous Buckingham Palace, prepare to be amazed by the gorgeous flower beds, lake and fountains. And while you're there, check out the wonderful views atop Blue Bridge. Should you forget to pack food, not to worry. St James' Cafe offers three separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can visit at any time.

Where is it? City of Westminster, SW1A 2BJ.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: St. James' Park (District and Circle Lines).

Don't miss: The pelicans!

Father riding a bike with child sitting on the front through London park

11. Victoria Park

This East London picnic choice features lakes for both boating and fishing - talk about an epic day out. But that's not all, why not play a game of tennis while you're there on one of the courts? Or go for a family cycling trip? The opportunities just keep coming. If family walks suit you better, you can also download a map of one of the tree trails or orienteering trails before you go. A lovely place to escape into the woods, while staying in the city.

Where is it? Grove Rd, London E3 5TB.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Hackney Wick (London Overground).

Don't miss: The Pennethorne Bridge, offering beautiful views of the West Boating Lake.

12. Holland Park

This West London picnic choice features a children's adventure playground. Should they want to do more than run around and roll down hills, an adventure awaits them in this playground. This special picnic spot boasts the lovely Kyoto Garden, donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto, Japan. With beautiful plant life within view, as well as a large woodland and wildlife, we know this spot will be a beautiful backdrop for some new family photos.

Where is it? Ilchester Pl, Kensington, London W8 6LU.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: High Street Kensington (District and Circle Lines).

Don't miss: The stunning Kyoto Garden.

Child licking an ice lolly in a sunny London park

Image © iStock

13. Mudchute Park and Farm

With a designated area for children's play, a children's nursery and a courtyard for picnics, this spot is a real treat. With a farm and stables, this really is one of the best picnic spots, offering a new experience for the children, with so many animals to see, a picnic here will certainly be one to remember.

Where is it? Pier St, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3HP.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Crossharbour (DLR).

Don't miss: The farm itself and stables!

14. Battersea Park

A watery wonderland, there are expansive river views and a large lake to marvel at. With a spot for children's play, as well as trees and ecological areas, there is much to see and learn here. Bring on the sunny days, then bring on the picnic.

Where is it? Wandsworth, SW11 4NJ.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station: Battersea Park (National Rail).

Don't miss: The glorious river promenade and large lake.

15. London Fields

London Fields has not one but two children's areas and two tennis courts. Double the fun. If table tennis is preferred, there's a table for that. Cricket? There's a pitch for that too. Looking for more relaxation than activity? Then simply unwind by the wildflower meadow. Something for everyone, it seems.

Where is it? Hackney, E8 3PH.

How much to budget for: Everything in the park is free to visit.

Nearest station:  London Fields (London Overground).

Don't miss: The spectacular wildflower meadow.

Written By
Temitope Adebowale

Temitope is a Fine Art student in London who loves to learn and loves to express herself creatively. A Private Tutor also, she enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge with children from Primary School all the way up to Sixth Form and finds it incredibly rewarding. When she isn’t writing or tutoring, you could find her painting, editing photos, baking or building Lego with her nephew.

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