Manley Mere: Adventure Trail, Sailing, Rafting, And More!

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Originally Published on Aug 04, 2020
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Whether you want to observe from the side or jump right in, Manley Mere is appealing for the whole family to enjoy.

We have compiled the need-to-know facts about Manley Mere, a fantastic water sports lake in the Cheshire countryside, to take the hard work out of planning your trip. Sit back and relax or get active and blow off some steam; Manley Mere has it all!

What Is Manley Mere?

Manley Mere is a 40 acre man-made lake and restaurant offering water sports, an adventure trail and a 200m² aqua park.  A great day out both for families who enjoy getting active and those who love a meal with a view.

They have a great space with excellent views which they use for corporate events as well as (more importantly!) children's birthday parties.

Where Is Manley Mere?

Manley Mere is located in the picturesque Cheshire countryside on Manley Lane, Frodsham. It is easiest to travel by car to Manley Mere and with two large car parks you won't struggle for space. Type the post code WA6 0PE into your Sat Nav; exit the M56 at juction 14 and take the first exit towards Helsby. From this point onwards there will be tourist board signage to Manly Mere.

By Bus: The X30 stops close to Manley Mere, Heath Road is the nearest stop.

By Train: Mouldsworth station is about two miles from Manley Mere.

Activities On Offer At Manley Mere

The Adventure Trail

Boy enjoying activity in a climbing adventure park

Image © Manley Mere facebook.

The Manley Mere Adventure trail consists of a three to four mile long walk which takes on average between two and three hours to complete. There are now arrows along the trail to help visitors maintain social distancing. Buggies have been taken along the trail but it can get very muddy and uneven, it is best to call about accessibility before you go.

The adventure trail costs £11 per person. Under 4 years old and over 65 years old are free.

The trail is open from 10am to 5.30pm.

Cheshire Aqua Park At Manley Mere

Image © Manley Mere Facebook.

The Manley Mere Aqua Park has 60 individual inflatable obstacles joined together to create an attraction for adventurous children and families. Kids must be a minimum of seven years old to use this Cheshire aquapark. There is no upper age limit but completing the entire course requires physical activity. Social distancing is expected to be maintained on the Manley Mere Aquapark. You can book on the website for a 50 minute sesson, it costs £100 for a bubble of up to 5 people. This includes wet suits and buoyancy aids.

Water Sports

A huge range of water sports are on offer. Whether you like kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing or climbing aboard a paddle boat the range of activities are almost endless and instructors are on hand for personal or group lessons. If you want to experience something new, then Manley Mere can accommodate it. You could also try open water swimming at multiple different levels of experience.

Right now, you need to book for swimming or to have a water sports session on the lake. For the moment only NOWCA members are allowed to swim.

Each water sports activity is priced individually and varies depending on the numbers in the group.

The Chameleon Bar And Restaurant

If you need to recharge after a long day on the trail or the water, the Chameleon Bar and Restaurant is a great place to chill out. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the restaurant is currently closed to visitors. Don't worry though, there are food and snacks available in the Chameleon Shack located in the second car park!

There is plenty of green space to sit with a picnic and soak up the sun.

Image © Flickr

Kidadl Top Tips

All visitors have to pre-book online at the moment.

You need to fill out a disclaimer form before you go and bring it with you, these are available on the website.

Swimmers need to remain 2 meters apart at all times.

Children under 14 years old must be with an adult in the water at all times and use a tow float.

There are hoses to clean mud off but no changing facilities open at the moment, it may be a good idea to bring plenty of towels and make the inside of your car safe for muddy kids!

The car park costs £2 and only accepts cash.

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