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Reddish Vale Farm: Amazing Animal Experiences 20 Minutes From Manchester

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Image ©  Reddish Vale Farm

Reddish Vale Farm makes a fantastic fun day out for all animal-loving children and the rest of the family too.

While it started life as a working farm, this piece of rural history, just an 11 minute drive from the centre of Stockport, offers a range of animal (and non-animal) family fun.  The huge range of activities means there is something to keep every member of the family happy.

What Can I Do At Reddish Vale Farm?

Young pigs in the farm

Image © Reddish Vale Farm

You can play with the small animals on the petting farm, feed the animals (there's a £1 charge per bucket of feed), have a pony ride, enjoy some time grooming a pony, have a go on the quad bikes and sand diggers, go round the adventure play area (with a parent-friendly coffee hut nearby), fly through the air on the zip wire, work out on the trim trail, play in the sandpit, and take rides on the tractor train and nature trail. The list seems endless.!

If you have a horse-mad child (or parent) you'll want to check out the Reddish Vale Riding School. Lessons are suitable for children from the age of four, and start with the 'walk-out' experience (£12 per half hour), where your child is led while perfecting balance and equine confidence. Once your child has achieved certain attainment levels in this class, they'll be presented with a Reddish Vale certificate and can progress to the group menage classes (£14 per half hour), taught by a qualified instructor, where they will learn more riding skills, like cantering. Both group, private (£25 per half hour) and semi-private (£18 per half hour) lessons are available, and there are also stable management courses on offer. All lessons must be pre-booked and you must arrive at least fifteen minutes before your child's lesson is due to begin.

Do your kids love being at Reddish Vale Farm? Why not celebrate your child's birthday here with an animal farm party? Minimum size is ten children (£17 per head) and the parties are suitable for children aged from two to seven, though they'll accept bookings for children's parties up to the age of ten. Party bags and playing with the animals is included – all you need to do is bring the cake.

Food And Drink

After your whole family has had its fill of the Reddish Vale Farm animals and have enjoyed every experience, including the play area, steer your family to the cafe and choose from tasty toasties, beef burgers, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks. There is also a brilliant children's menu on offer. The Reddish Vale Farm prices are very reasonable (chicken nuggets and chips are just £3.50, for instance).

Important Information

Image © Reddish Vale Farm

At the moment Reddish Vale Farm opening times are 10am to 4pm, split into two sessions.

Reddish Vale Farm prices for admission are £6 for adults, £7 for children, under-twos go free.

You'll find Reddish Vale Farm at the Country Park, Reddish Vale Road, Stockport, SK5 7HE. Parking is available on site.

Reddish Vale Farm is buggy and wheelchair friendly, with concrete walkways.

Picnics are welcome and you'll find picnic tables dotted around Reddish Vale Farm.

There are baby-changing facilities at the farm.

Dogs aren't welcome, so please leave your favourite furry friend at home.

As this is a farm, sensible footwear is recommended.

COVID-19 Precautions:

Government guidelines on safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that Reddish Vale Farm has implemented online booking only, with two sessions a day, 10am to 12.30 and 1.30 to 4pm. While cleaning takes place throughout the day, a thorough sanitising takes place in the hour between sessions.

Visitor numbers are limited, and hand washing and sanitising stations are available throughout the site. On top of this, a one-way system has been introduced, two metre social distancing is being implemented and indoor play areas are closed. The cafe is open for take-away service only. Happily, toilets, including those designed for the disabled, are open.

Image © Reddish Vale Farm

Liz Granirer
Written By
Liz Granirer

<p>Having grown up in the vibrant city of New York, Liz ventured across the pond to London as a young student, where she fell in love and decided to build a life. She has a Bachelor's degree in Literature from Antioch University. Raising her son to adulthood, Liz's passion for travel, exploration, and outdoor adventures has never waned. She enjoys sharing her discoveries and love for animals with others, and still goes on 'exploratoriums' with her son, seeking out new experiences and making lasting memories.</p>

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