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Your Complete Guide To The Summer Holidays: Ideas, Inspiration, Fun And Games

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The summer holidays can be a great opportunity to spend more time with the family, but they can also be a little daunting. How to fill up all that time with fun, engaging activities? 

With this in mind, we’ve collected together all our best Kidadl ideas in one, easy-to-use list. So you can spend less time looking for fun and more time having it. 


Games and fun

Five Games to Keep Kids and Parents Entertained On Car Journeys

Simple instructions for five games that will stop kids reaching for screens in the car. Age ranges included. 

How To Get That Summer Holiday Buzz Back

After a very strange few months, which saw most children off school, how do you make it feel like the holidays? Tips on how to get into the groove-- from celebrating the end of school, to planning day trips, to making your own fun at home. 

Places to go 

Seven National Trust Houses Reopen For Summer

A collection of all the relevant family and safety-related info needed for a visit to the newly-opened National Trust properties. 

Hever Castle Reopens: Visiting With Families

A guide to the reopening of Hever Castle, with all that Anne Boleyn’s childhood home has to offer children. Details of new measures and other useful info. 

Hamleys, LEGO Store... Which Kids Shops Have Reopened?

A look at the post-lockdown reopenings of five large children’s toys and clothes shops based in London. Includes locations, new opening hours and newly-imposed safety measures.  

London Museums That are Reopening in July

A list of museums in London that opened in July, including location, opening hours, cost, safety measures and any relevant info needed for taking the family. 

Which Theme Parks Are Now Open? 

A guide to which theme parks are now open across the country (with all the info you need to visit them) and a range of tips for enjoying them safely. 

The New Kew: Everything You Need To Know About A Post-Lockdown Visit To The Gardens

What to expect from a post-lockdown visit to Kew Gardens, with a specific look at what will be open/closed, what to bring and what rules will be in place for your safety. 

Top 21 Instagrammable Outdoor Spaces That Your Kids Will Love

A list of beautiful backdrops across the country that will allow you to take the perfect social media snaps, including tips on how to make your shots look best when you get there.  

8 Of The Best Destinations To Get Out Of The House (Without Getting Close To Anyone Else)

A look at the importance of getting out and about after lockdown, and a range of places across the UK you can visit without worrying about crowds. 

Things to do 

Exploring London’s Canals with Children 

Tips on how to enjoy London’s many canals with the kids, including locations, activities, facts and points of interest. 

It’s the Summer of the Drive-In Cinema

Everything you need to know about drive-in cinemas and a list of different venues across the UK. 

Remote Festivals Are A Thing

How to get involved with other would-be festival goers so you can celebrate, have fun and raise money for charity without leaving your home. Includes an itinerary of ideas for how to bring the festival home to you. 

Dear Zoos - We Missed You! 

A guide to the best zoos in the UK: their locations, opening hours, fees and highlights. Info on safety measures also included. 

Pick-Your-Own-Adventure: Which Farms Are Open Near You? 

A look at a range of different pick-your-own fruit and veg farms across the UK including locations, facilities and prices. 

Would You Try Wild Swimming With Your Family?

Everything you need to know about outdoor swimming: where to go in and around London, the health benefits and how to stay safe. 

How To Glam Up Your Picnic

Tips on how to host the perfect picnic: locations, snacks and things to remember. 


Is The Kitsch British Holiday Making A Comeback? (And Is It Actually Possible To Enjoy A Week In A Caravan With The Kids?)

A complete guide to caravan holidays with your family: tips, hacks and what you should pack. 

Post-lockdown guides to safe summer fun

The New Normal: Eating Out As A Family

A guide to eating out with your family after lockdown with a rundown of where to go, what to take and what safety measures to expect. 

The New Normal: Post-Lockdown Shopping

A look at which shops have reopened post-lockdown and how you might expect your shopping experience in them to have changed. With specific details regarding shopping with kids and back-to-school shopping. 

The New Normal: Swimming Pools and Lidos

What to expect from a trip to the pool with the kids in a post-lockdown world: new rules, how to book and what to bring. Specific info on swimming classes and how to socially distance your swim. 

Cinemas Reopen: Should You Take Kids?

A guide to the reopening of cinemas across the UK after lockdown. Details about the opening dates and safety measures put in place by each of the big chains, as well as independent cinemas and drive-ins. 

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Beaches With Kids

Tips on what to take and how to stay safe at the beach during these confusing times. 

Is It Safe To Take Children To A Pub?

A look at the risks posed to children by a trip to the pub and how to adhere to new safety measures. 

<p>Originally from Manchester, Olivia has recently returned to London after spending a couple of years between Toronto and Vancouver. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from King's college, London. As a writer, she is passionate about literature, and she has a particular love of travel and trying out new sweet treats. Her experience working as an au pair in Paris ignited her love for spending time with children.</p>

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