7 Things To Do At Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park And Zoo

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Originally Published on Jul 13, 2020
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Hobbledown Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Epsom, Surrey has an adventure for all ages from toddlers to early teens.

There's so much to see and do from, meeting farm and zoo animals to hair-raising high ropes for the older ones. There's also exhilarating Zorbing, a zip wire, an indoor play barn, a wooden adventure playground and a Raptor  Centre.

The Hobbledown experience is full of great attractions ensuring kids of all ages have a really fun and memorable day out. Situated in Epsom and easily accessible by car or public transport, this mystical farm is suitable for children aged between two and thirteen.

COVID-19 Update

Hobbledown is currently closed and plans to open in July,  however, there will be some changes, such as fewer admissions, numerous hand washing stations and hand sanitizer made readily available. Food will be available onsite, but must be purchased via a mobile food app. There will be no cash payments, card only. The farm will be open five days a week, there will be limited timed sessions on popular activities and staff will be wearing masks - watch this space for more information and if in doubt, please ring the centre before setting off.

Are There Activities For Toddlers?

YES! There is a gated toddler area specifically for under-threes, where there are rockers, sensory lights, mirrors and a mini play frame. Admission includes free entrance to the Hobblings Play Barn as well as the fun sandy areas, bouncy pillows and animal petting area.

7  Things To Do At Hobbledown Adventure Park And Zoo

Meet and Greet the Animals

If your kids love animals - this is the place to visit. There's a petting place as well as a wallaby, rabbit and guinea pig walk-through area, perfect for entertaining the little ones. They can also meet and greet unique zoo animals in spacious enclosures including llamas, camels and meerkats. Another highlight is the Raptor Centre, which hosts seventeen magnificent birds of prey from owls to eagles. Look out for the flying demonstrations.

Hobbledown Village

There are fifty acres of adventures at Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park and Zoo, where children of all ages can climb, explore and discover. They can scale wooden towers, explore a labyrinth of secret passages with seven entrances and exits, hide in underground tunnels and climb to their heart's content - it’s an adventurer’s paradise.

Mining Village

You and your family can join the hunt for shiny treasure, little hands can search for precious stones in the Hobbledown caves. Since the park opened in 2012, a staggering one million pieces have been found. Don’t worry, there’s still more to discover...

Indoor Play Barn

There are no shortages of play areas at Hobbledown; the indoor play barn is a great place to entertain younger children, especially in wet weather. Set up as a little village with a vet, bakers, doctors and post office, it's the perfect place to engage young, creative minds. The second wooden frame is a soft play area including slides, bridges and lots more including ball shooting cannons and motor-sensory games.


If you haven't experienced the exhilaration of letting yourself go and rolling around in a large inflatable ball then add this to your list! It's great fun and the obstacle course is second to none for maximum thrills and excitement. Even better, this activity is included in the ticket price and mums and dads can join in too. However, there are a few restrictions; the activity is weather dependent and socks must be worn (socks are sold nearby if you forget). Zorbing is suitable for children 1.2m and above, and is available from May to October (weather-dependent) with instructors on-hand to help.

High Ropes


Boy enjoying activity in a climbing adventure park

Great for all the family with a love of heights. Aerial adventures are open all year round featuring a seventy-meter long sky trail with wobbly bridges and a 40m zip wire at the end, which all the family can do it as long as they are above 1.3m in height.

Kidadl Tips To Know Before You Go...

-The courtyard is a part canopied area where there are lots of picnic benches and the Hobnosh restaurant.

-The tunnels are dark, so not suitable for children under five, unless accompanied by an adult. The tunnels are only open at peak times.

-If you travel by bus, keep your ticket and show it when you arrive to get your fare deducted from your admission ticket.

-There are hard standing footpaths to most Hobbledown areas, but some of the play areas are not wheelchair/buggy friendly.

-If you cycle, there is a cycle park where you can leave your bike - just opposite the entrance building (remember to bring a lock).

Where is it?  

Hobbledown, Horton Lane, Horton, KT19 8PT

How much to budget for:

Ticket prices start from £11.50  and there is a 20% discount if you book in advance on the Hobbledown website.  Prices correct as of May 2020.

Getting there:

Hobbledown is on Horton Lane, just three miles from the A3 and five miles from the M25 (junction 9). There are brown tourist signs leading you to Hobbledown.

If you are getting the train, from Clapham Junction take South West Trains to Epsom Station. Travel time approx. 24 minutes.

Is it buggy friendly?

Yes,  there are also baby changing facilities and a first aid area.

Where to park:

There is a car park, but customers are encouraged to car share.

Kidadlers say...

Victoria says: “We had a great day out there. Our kids (age 2-7 at the time) loved it. All the outside stuff is amazing and there’s a fun soft play area they went off and explored while we had a well-deserved cuppa! Enjoy.”

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