Go Karting (Bristol) Everything You Need To Know To Get Racing

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Originally Published on Aug 05, 2020
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For families who are looking for some thrill on the weekends, we have all the information you need about go-karting in Bristol.

Go karting is one of the best group activities out there.

Wondering which places are open for go karting near Bristol? For those who love a bit of competitive action with the family, or anyone looking for ideas for upcoming birthday parties or days out, take a look at our suggestions, with all you need to know.

Team Sport Karting Bristol

Team Sport Karting offers an epic indoor group experience, best of all, kids as young as eight can race and show their skills! Go indoor karting on a choice of ten tracks, with many challenges across its two thrilling levels. Alternatively, try out Laser Tag in its designated arena. There are adult and kids carts, and in addition to the minimum age of eight, there is an inside leg requirement of 25 inches. Children aged 13 and over are considered adults at this location.

Where Is It? Avonmouth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, Somerset, BS11 9YA.

How Much? From£29 per person for a family trip.

Opening Times: 9am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

Free Parking? Yes!

Food Options: There are food and drink options on-site, with a variety of pizzas and snacks, as well as a bar.

Toilets And Baby Changing Facilities: Unfortunately the website doesn't mention baby changing facilities. We'd suggest calling in advance to confirm.

Image © Team Sport Karting Bristol

Absolutely Karting Bristol

An awesome Bristol go karting experience that you need to check out! Kart up to 40mph on 800m of bends, on two incredible levels. Children as young as eight years old can kart, but they have to be at least 130cm tall.

Where Is It? 14 Chapel Lane, Speedwell, Bristol, BS5 7EY.

How Much? From £15 for cadets (children aged 8 - 14) and from £30 for adults.

Opening Times: Currently closed between Mondays and Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Absolutely Karting Bristol is open between 11am and 8pm.

Free Parking? Yes!

Food Options: There is a café on-site, as well as a bar.

Toilets And Baby Changing Facilities: There are toilets but unfortunately no baby changing facilities.

Super Mario on a Go-Kart.

Image © Absolutely Karting Bristol

West Country Karting Bristol

Within easy access of the M4 and M5, get set to go karting in Bristol, with views of the gorgeous countryside. West Country Karting Bristol is the only outdoor circuit for Bristol go karting so you and your family can enjoy a thrilling time in the sunshine! Race at speeds of up to 50mph on the tracks or try out other activities in the West Country Water Park, nearby. Why not try open water swimming, jet skiing, canoeing, paddleboarding, or the assault course? The minimum age for karting is 16 years, with a minimum height of 5 feet 1 inch. Discounts are available for students and members of the armed forces.

Where Is It? The Lake, Trench Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1RY.

How Much? From £15 per person.

Opening Times: Closed Monday to Wednesday. Open 8am to 4pm Thursday to Sunday.

Free Parking? Yes!

Food Options: West Country Karting is part of the West Country Water Park, which has a café on site.

Toilets And Baby Changing Facilities: There are toilets but no baby changing facilities.

Image © West Country Karting Bristol

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground

Set in a scenic woodland environment, this Bristol go karting location is an off-road experience. The track is 600 metres long, double the length of a typical circuit. Show your skills while you take on tracks in their 400cc karts, and have a phenomenal time! Aside from off-road karting, you have the option of clay pigeon shooting and quad biking at Weston Lodge Shooting Ground. Each driver is timed in the race, and there is a medal ceremony at the end! The minimum age for karting is 16 years.

Where Is It? Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is located on Coast Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 8JX.

How Much? From £40 per person.

Opening Times: Open from 10am to 4.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Free Parking? There is paid parking available.

Food Options: Refreshments are available on site.

Toilets And Baby Changing Facilities: Toilets are on site, but there are no baby changing facilities.


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