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Jump! 6 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Flip Out

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If your kids are bouncing off the walls, there’s only one place for them – Flip Out trampoline parks! Whether you’re a full-time flipper or a bouncing beginner, Flip Out has plenty of activities for all of the family. Enter the world of wall-to-wall trampolines and foam pits and discover the joy in jumping. Kids will love tackling the ninja warrior obstacles, testing their aim on the basketball hoops, hopping on the balancing beam seesaws and bouncing to their heart’s content. Flip Out in Brent Cross makes the perfect place for kids to experiment with their flips, cartwheels and straddle jumps in a safe (and very soft!) environment. Before you jump in the car and head to your nearest Flip Out kids trampoline park, we’ve got some top tips to make your trip the best yet.

1. Grab a pair of Flip Out Grip Socks (and keep them safe!) 

Flip Out Grip Socks have been specially designed to increase grip on trampolines which helps keep kids safe and injury free when bouncing, especially on the wall trampolines. You can’t go on the trampolines without them, so they’re an essential purchase. Grab a pair when you go into any Flip Out centre for £2.50 of under and they’re yours to keep and reuse. Don’t throw them away – we guarantee you’ll be back! Alternatively, if you have trampoline socks from another trampoline park – take them with you to Flip Out and they’ll swap them for free. 

2. Save time by completing your waiver online

We guarantee that by the time you arrive at Flip Out, the kids are going to be hopping around like kangaroos waiting to get on the trampolines. Cut the time spent filling out forms at the arrival counter by signing the waiver online. All you need to do is go to the Flip Out website, hit the ‘sign waiver’ button in the top right-hand corner and fill out the simple online form. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll have to pop in the names of any under 18s who are jumping (with or without you). You can sign the waiver using your mouse or tap it in on your phone or iPad – simples! Then when you get there, you’ll be able to grab your socks and head straight in.

Child bouncing on a trampoline at Flip Out

3. Arrive early to make the most of your bounce time!

When you book online, you’ll be able to select an hour-long time slot for your bouncing visit. We recommend trying to get there about half an hour before your time slot set to start. There might be a queue to get in; and you’ll also have to purchase your socks, get the kids out of their shoes and get ready to bounce. There are lockers on site, so make sure you bring £1 change. 

4. Got tiny tots? Try out Mini Flippers

If you’ve got children under 5, Mini Flippers is the trampolining session for you - and Kidadlers can get 20% off. In these dedicated sessions, parents and toddlers can bounce together without worrying about older kids bouncing them out the way. Mini Flippers is an amazing way for tiny tots to explore and socialize, as well as develop coordination and balance. Plus, it’s great for grown-ups who want to keep fit. Toddlers will be totally safe with wall to wall trampolines keeping them safe, plus foam landing pits allowing them to bounce, flip, crawl and roll the day away!

Mini Flippers session at Flip Out Trampoline park

5. Get teens active at Flip Fit

Why should kids get all the fun? Forget about spin classes and free weights, Flip Fit classes are the most enjoyable way to boost your energy, tone and strengthen. Join your teens as you bounce your way to increased flexibility and balance with a diverse range of exercises from trampolining, stunt boxes and gymnastics. All classes are led by a trained instructor in a safe, friendly environment, and grown-ups may be interested to know that you can burn up to 1,000 calories per session! It can be hard to get teens aged 15+ out the house and active; but once they’ve had a go at Flip Fit – we think they’ll change their mind. 

6. Check your kids in for ninja training

If your kids fancy themselves as ninja warriors, enroll them in Flip Out’s famous Little Ninja trampoline classes. Little warriors can learn to leap, flip and twist like a ninja in these fun sessions taught by special trainers in a super safe and bouncy environment. Kids will develop balance, coordination, agility and razor sharp reactions – all the skills needed to become a true superhero! They’ll learn tricks, flips and twists at their own pace and be rewarded with different coloured belts as they develop and prove their ninja status. We wish we could sign up, but it’s only for kids aged 4 to 14. 


Written By
Sophie Orman

Sophie is passionate about spending quality time with her family and making amazing memories with them. They love exploring London together - and enjoy regular visits to shows, museums and art galleries along with all things chocolate, food and fashion. Sophie's passion to uncover the very best of family-friendly London led her to co-found the Kidadl platform with fellow mum and family-explorer Hannah Feldman.

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