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Kidadler Review: Why We Love Kenwood House

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A pretty pond sits at the bottom of the main lawn, so bringing along extra bread was essential - feeding the ducks is a favourite activity for my three little ones! We also spent time meandering through the ancient woodland, whilst the youngest slept in the buggy. The grounds are full of families enjoying the space together, flying kites, playing football and plenty bringing along their friendly four-legged furry friends!

Whilst enjoying the fresh air was enough for my lot, you can spend time inside the house, admiring the historic architecture and artwork, which is open every day and free of charge, or visit the gift shop for local treasures and luxury gifts. The main house also hosts events and family activities throughout the year - from music and crafts classes to large concerts, there is always something fun for everyone!

A tradition for our days out is to indulge in an ice cream, and luckily the cafe there serves Jude’s ice cream; a favourite for all the family!

Written By
Jemma Green

Jemma is a busy mum of three under six, living in leafy north London. She loves nothing more than spending precious family time visiting open spaces where the kids can make as much noise as possible! Local parks and attractions with cafes are a key, if the kids can play whilst waiting for food, everybody is happy!

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