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Originally Published on Jul 24, 2020
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With holidays a little more uncertain this year, why not take this opportunity to head somewhere a bit closer to home?

With so many unique attractions including beaches and National Trust open spaces, as well as iconic landmarks and more quiet countryside escapes, the UK is the perfect place for families to take a break in this summer. Whilst things are still a little unpredictable, we appreciate that it can be really difficult to plan and arrange a family holiday.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top nine luxury family hotels with incredible spa breaks in the UK for both toddlers and teens alike! And if you’re looking for more inspiration as to where to go in the UK, have a read of our blog on our bucket list holiday destinations in the UK right here for some serious brainstorming fuel.

Whether you’ve got adventure-hungry children or teens who enjoy a nice relaxing swim and maybe even a pamper, these nine luxury family hotels will soothe your craving for a getaway that’s not too far from home!

Top Tip: If you don’t feel like venturing out just yet, check out our blog where you can learn how to have your very own easy DIY home spa day with your family.

The Grove Hotel - Hertfordshire

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Hertfordshire where you’ll find The Grove Hotel, a haven of countryside luxury that's perfect for the entire family. Reopening its magnificent doors on 20 July, The Grove Hotel is simply unmissable for those wanting a relaxing but luxurious getaway.

Ensuring enhanced cleaning protocols including complimentary hand gel in every room, hand gel stations throughout the resort, increased frequency of cleaning in all public areas and implementing ozone generator cleaning in all bedrooms to destroy all bacteria and pathogens, The Grove is fully equipped to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay. Plus, temperature checks upon arrival ensure everyone’s peace of mind. In addition, express check-in and check-out and social distancing measures will allow for a stress-free trip. The Grove also boasts an incredible, paradise-like, state-of-the-art spa with treatments available to all guests (these are now being carried out in line with the 'new normal' of social distancing) as well as a delicious afternoon tea, perfect for little ones with a sweet tooth!

Admiral Inn Hotel

Image © The Grove Hotel via Facebook

Cliveden House - Berkshire

Head to Berkshire to experience the incredible Cliveden House - set in magnificent National Trust gardens, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing time. Now open and booking for the foreseeable future, Cliveden House have implemented all social distancing and health measures, including temperature checks, thorough cleaning and general maintenance of physical social distancing. Whilst the spa remains closed, there’s plenty of activities at this family hotel to get stuck into including duck herding (yes you read that right!), picturesque bike rides and the opportunity to get to grips with nature as a family as you stroll through the National Trust gardens.

Image © Cliveden House via Facebook

Woolley Grange - Cotswolds

Nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds, Woolley Grange is one of the finest luxury, family friendly hotels, boasting 14 acres of stunning grounds, fresh food and even family fun facilities - are you feeling relaxed yet? Now open and taking bookings for the foreseeable summer, Woolley Grange have worked extensively on their operational plans to ensure that they can re-open with complete confidence and ensure that guests feel completely at ease on their stay. A strict cleaning regiment has been implemented and will be updated according to the government's guidelines, and all staff have undergone extensive training and preparation to ensure everyone’s safety. With regards to your little ones, Woolley Grange have made the decision not to offer their typical, complimentary childcare but instead are running a range of daily activities that both parents and children can get involved in, making it super child friendly! All activities have been designed with social distancing in mind and are running at a reduced capacity so booking is essential. Plus, the outdoor swimming pool is currently open and the indoor swimming pool is set to open on 25 July; they are limited to four families at a given time and will be thoroughly cleaned in between sessions - don’t forget your trunks!

Image © Woolley Grange via Facebook

Another Place - Lake District

Smack bang in the heart of the Lake District, Another Place takes hotel with a spa to entirely new heights. This sanctuary is more than just your average family-friendly hotel. Complete with restaurants, bars, terraces, a relaxed library, spa, swimming club, Ofsted registered creche and even the opportunity to don a wetsuit and head to the hotel’s private lakeshore to get stuck into some wild swimming, Another Place really does transport you to somewhere else. And whilst most of these facilities remain closed for a little while, Another Place has been open from 5 July and continues to maintain all social distancing and cleanliness precautions to ensure you get the relaxing stay you deserve!

Image © Another Place via Facebook

Bedruthan Spa and Hotel - Cornwall

Escape to the sea at Bedruthan Spa and Hotel in Cornwall - the UK’s very own paradise. Having reopened its doors on 4 July and taking bookings for the foreseeable future, this family hotel, Bedruthan Spa will not only give grown-ups the chance to relax and enjoy a lovely spa break but also the childcare and babysitting services available will ensure a stress-free trip for all. Plus, there’s plenty of fun for children too; whether your kids are into kite-flying and rock pooling or surfing and biking, there’s something for everyone! At Bedruthan, they trust that guests will take their own responsibility to ensure they keep themselves and their families, as well as the staff, safe at all times, in line with their guidance. That way, they have been able to keep their plans as relaxed and flexible as possible, allowing for a more casual and calm trip.


Image © Bedruthan Spa and Hotel via Facebook

Crieff Hydro Hotel - Scotland

Determined to give you your fix of family time, the child-friendly Crieff Hydro Hotel in Scotland are thrilled to have reopened on 15 July. When you book directly with Crieff Hydro Hotel you can redeem two hours of free child care for children aged 2-12, your little ones can take their pick of mini-golf, footgolf or disc golf, archery, tennis, horseback riding, biking and so much more on your stay! And whilst their spa currently remains closed, they have confirmed that they plan to reopen as soon as the government says it is safe, so grown-ups can look forward to some serious, Scottish pampering! Plus, the family-friendly Crieff Hydro Hotel have also launched their very own ‘Welcome Back Bundle’ in light of COVID-19, whereby you can book a two-night stay, including breakfast, let your children run wild with the free activities and enjoy some evening gin tasting, always feeling at ease, knowing they have employed all social distancing measures and precautions - what are you waiting for?

Image © Crieff Hydro Hotel via Facebook

Chewton Glen - New Forest

‘Escape with confidence’ at one of the finest luxury family hotels - Chewton Glen in New Forest, Hampshire. Ready for relaxation and back open again, Chewton Glen has assured guests that the highest measures have been taken and will be taken at your stay to ensure everyone’s safety. Temperature checks will be conducted, hotel guests will be given an amenity kit on arrival, including hand sanitiser, wipes and face coverings and physical distancing will be in place in all common, public areas, so you can truly relax. Plus, whilst the spa facilities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and gym remain closed, there’s still plenty of fun to be had! Head to the outdoor tennis courts for a spot of tennis, book onto the kids club where activities will be taking place outdoors (weather dependent) and arrange bikes and puzzles with reception in advance so that you can get up to some serious fun on your visit!

Image © Chewton Glen via Facebook

Lucknam Park - Cotswolds

The family-friendly, luxury Lucknam Park in the Cotswolds reopened their doors on 15 July. Priding themselves on the fact that they’ve been ‘socially distancing for over 300 years’, boasting a whopping 500 acres of private land where your little ones can roam free and explore, heading to Lucknam Park for your family getaway is really a no brainer. Keeping in line with government guidelines, all cottages and bedrooms will be left vacant for one night between use, all areas in the hotel will be cleaned using virucidal cleaning products and virucidal hand sanitising gel will be available throughout your stay, as well as face masks and gloves on request. Whilst there is temporary closure of the swimming pool, cookery school and spa in light of COVID-19, there’s still plenty to do at this child-friendly hotel! From horseback beginners lessons to baby sensory rooms and afternoon tea, not to mention the impressive grounds which provide endless outdoor playtime, you’re bound to be kept busy here.

Image © Lucknam Park via Facebook

Note: Please check with the individual venue before making plans, as openings and restrictions are at risk of change due to COVID-19.

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