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Nicknames are always creative, cool, fun as well as interesting.

Interestingly, some sports players are famous for nicknames rather than real ones. For example, the baseball player, king of sports in American History, Babe Ruth, is mostly known by his nickname 'The Sultan of Swat.'

Let us get a glance at MLB history. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. MLB is the oldest professional baseball organization and professional sports league worldwide. There are only two professional baseball leagues in the USA: the National League (NL) and the American League (AL). The national league was founded in 1876, and American League was formed in 1901.

The North American Professional baseball organization, MLB, merged with these two baseball leagues, NL and AL, and emerged as MLB in 1903. Though merged, the two leagues used to operate independently until 2000. Later Commissioner of Baseball brings the two leagues into one bucket, with Midtown Manhattan as its headquarters. As per the latest reports, by 2022, there are 15 National League teams (NL) and 15 American League (AL) total of 30 teams in MLB. Among these 30 teams, 29 teams belong to US and 1 in Canada. The American League and National League is further divided into East, West, and Central division.

Baseball is a crazy game that struck every American's mind and heart. By 1940 baseball had achieved extreme popularity in the US. That period was when America was in the middle of the Second World War. The baseball game was played as refreshment and entertainment for the people to forget the tragedy and distract them from bloodshed memories.

Along with the game, the players became famous and started gaming a huge fan base. They looked at their favorite players as their heroes and started devoting themselves to them. Out of love for the player, they started giving nicknames which became crazy and sometimes unique identification of the player.

Nicknames became an integral part of MLB. By 1870 nicknames for MLB players became more and more famous than any other players. These nicknames originate from teammates or media or coaches, or they sometimes name themselves. These nicknames are the true identity of their game, ability, talent, and sometimes habits. We have many scenarios to encourage their favorite players' fans to hold the stadium signboards with their famous nicknames written on them.

In some cases, the players are allowed Jerseys with their nicknames. The inappropriate and offensive ones are excluded from entertaining the fan base; this option is sometimes allowed. In the 2017 MLB leagues, the players are exempt from wearing Jerseys with their nicknames on one of the weekends.

Many Mlb players exhibit extraordinary talents and skills on the ground. To admire their game, the legendary players are addressed by their nicknames. William Ellsworth Hoy, popularly called Dummy Hoy, is the first Deaf MLB Player who is an extremely skilled and talented MLB player and the main contributor to earning the first grand slam in the American League.

Some players are better known for their nicknames rather than their play. Funny right? But, why? Do they gain more popularity because of their habits, looks, and behavior on the ground? Or they are bullied for not exhibiting their talent on the ground. Maybe both scenarios are equally reasonable for calling players nicknames. Nicknames do not always give pleasure to the players. They might sometimes feel pressured or scrutinized if they don't go well with their nickname. There are scenarios to demotivate the opponent player the use mean nicknames for the player. In such extreme situations, the players might get demotivated, which obviously affects their entire game. Though most nicknames have a proper reason to name, some nicknames might be silly and don't have any motto.

Nicknames might be silly, offensive, weird, accurate, best or worst being a public figure; the players cannot avoid such controversies.

Funny Mlb Nicknames

Nicknames express our feelings toward the person. It gives a unique identity to the person. When the person is addressed with a nickname, they feel cuddled and feel special about themselves. At times, fun or humorous nicknames are given to famous personalities based on their habits, looks, and behavior. Explore some of the funny MLB nicknames remembered in MLB history.

Blue Moon: Johnny Lee Odom is a former American professional MLB player nicknamed for his round moon resemblance face.

Cakes: Jim Palmer, a pitcher and played for the Baltimore Orioles, is given his nickname because of his love for pancakes.

Chicken Man: Boston Red Sox player Wade Anthony Boggs is nicknamed for his superstitious habit of eating chicken before every game.

Chipper: Chipper Jones, a former baseball player of the Atlanta Braves, is called Chipper to the expression, chip off the old block.

Crush Davis: Chris Davis is a former American baseball first baseman given nickname for his power batting abilities.

Dimples: Clay Dalrymple is a professional American baseball catcher nicknamed Dimples, though the reason is unknown.

El Enano (The Dwarf): Rafael Antoni Furcal, a shortstop player in MLB named for his below-average height.

Human Vacuum Cleaner: Brooks Robinson, the baseball player of the Baltimore Orioles, is nicknamed for his strong defensive play.

Lunchbox: Former American baseball outfielder Travis Snider is called Lunchbox for his love for food and cooking.

No Nonsense Nomar: Nomar Garciaparra, the former baseball player, is nicknamed for his tireless preparation as an athlete.

Pat The Bat: Patrick Brian Burrell, a professional baseball outfielder, is nicknamed based on his original name.

Secretary of Defense: The outstanding defense in baseball history, Garry Lee Maddox, is nicknamed for his outstanding defensive skills.

The Big Donkey: First baseman Adam Dunn has this nickname for his pounding speed.

The Heater from Van Meter: Bob Feller, The Heater by Van Meter is for his ability to throw the ball at a great speed.

The Joker: The third baseman, Joe Randa, got his nickname for his ever-smiling and cool plate appearances.

The Say Hey Kid: Willie Mays Jr. was nicknamed The Say Hey Kid. Willie Mays for his energy and presence on the ground.

Three Finger Brown or Miner: Mordecai Brown, pitcher, got his unique nickname for losing his right hand's two fingers in a farm-machinery accident.

Zorilla: Ben Zobrist is a professional outfielder and baseman who played for the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics.

Cool Mlb Nicknames

The cool nicknames are usually the short version of real names. Ask your loved ones or fans if someone wants to check a cool nickname. They will be the best judges to give you a super cool nickname. For example, the MLB player DJ Peters is compared with the golden retriever by his coach Luis Ortiz for his dedication to learning the game. Here is a list of Cool Mlb nicknames.

American Idle: Carl Anthony Pavano was nicknamed for recurrent injuries while playing with New York Yankees.

Big D: Don Drysdale is a 1984 Baseball Hall of Fame who got the nickname from his fans.

Bip: The outfielder Leon Joseph 'Bip' Robert's habit of saying bip more instead of a bit more in childhood.

Biscuit Pants: His team members give Mlb player Lou Gehrig a nickname because of his broad back porch and baggy pants.

Charlie Hustle: Pete Rose, Charlie Hustle, was named for his first base after drawing a BB.

Coco: Francisco Cordero is a Dominican baseball pitcher nicknamed Coco based on his name's last and first letters.

Cool Papa: James Thomas Bell of Negro league baseball is called Cool Papa.

Huff Daddy: Aubrey Huff, a professional baseball player, is called Huff Daddy based on his name.

Junior: Ken Griffey Jr. of Cincinnati Reds players Seattle Mariners is nicknamed Junior by his fans.

Little Joe: The second baseman, Joe Morgan, is called little joe for his undersized height.

Mad Dog: Bill Madlock is a well-known player in the Detroit clubhouse referred to as Mad Dog.

Shoeless Joe: Joe Jackson is a former outfielder referred to as Shoeless Joe for not wearing shoes in a mill game played in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Big Train: Walter Johnson, The Big Train for his ability to throw three strikes at a time.

The Bird: The famous baseball pitcher Mark Steven Fidrycz is named after the popular television character 'Big Bird.'

The Little Professor: Boston red sox playeDominic Paul DiMaggio, The Little Professor, is the only player wearing glasses with a mini structure.

Toy Cannon: Jimmy Wayne is a baseball infielder who has a perfect nickname as Toy Cannon for his powerful arm.

Cute Mlb Nicknames

Cute nicknames are catchy and always remembered, and resemble social closeness. We will have plenty of options to give a cute nickname to a person. We have every option from A to Z, the sky to the earth, and the moon to the sun. Here are cute Mlb nicknames based on the personality and game style of the player.

Ding Dong: The pitcher Gary Bell is named Ding Dong based on his last name.

Kung Fu Panda: A Venezuelan third baseman Pablo Sandoval is credited for his incredible special way of playing on the ground.

Moonman: It's the nickname of Pitcher Gregory Minton; got a nickname Moonman or Moonie for the water blisters because of sunburn.

Mr. Cub: Ernie Banks got his name for his enthusiasm for the game.

Paw Paw: Charlie Maxwell has this nickname for his hometown in southwestern Michigan.

Penguin: Ron Cey is a major league third baseman baseball player who got his nickname for his slow shuffling running style.

Popeye: Don Zimmer, nicknamed Popeye, as he resembles the cartoon character Popeye.

Sugar Shane: Shane McClanahan is nicknamed Sugar Shane for his sweet gesture.

The Cowboy: Jeff Brantley, a former baseball relief pitcher nicknamed by his team while playing as a pitcher.

Tico: The baseball fielder Albert Almora's childhood nickname.

Tony: Anthony Rizzo, the New York Yankees, is nicknamed based on his first name Anthony.

Best Mlb Nicknames

Do you know the usage of nicknames began back in the 14th century? Initially, the word nickname is referred to as eke name, which means 'an additional name.' Here are the best nicknames in Mlb history that are always remembered and praised.

Bone: Jay Buhner is called a bone for resisting the strike of a ball on the skull because of his bony head.

Hammer: Henry Louis Aaron got his nickname for applauding the talent of his long ball.

The Judge: Frank Robinson is an outfielder.

The Mahatma: Branch Rickey got this nickname for his deep religious faith and achievements on the ground.

Incredible Hulk: Brian Downing got his nickname for his strong-built, incredible physique.

Joey Bats: Jose Antonio Bautista Santos is called Joey Bats.

Motormouth: Paul Blair is a center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles and is also a coach

Pie: Harold Joseph 'Pie' Traynor is called pie for his pie face.

Pops: Wilver Dornell Stargell was nicknamed Pops by his fans and teammates.

Rock: Tim Raines is nicknamed for his tough hand power in sailing or swinging the bat.

Spaceman: The left-handed pitcher Bill Lee is nicknamed Spaceman because of his outspoken behavior, statements, and actions. The Spaceman (2016 film) is a biopic film based on Bill Lee.

Stan The Man: Stanley Frank Musial is nicknamed by Dodger fans for his extraordinary hitting abilities.

The Big Hurt: Frank Thomas Jr. is a single player in major league history who played seven consecutive seasons. Frank Thomas is the first baseman in MLB history and is a five-time All-Star.

The Big Unit: Randall David Johnson The Big Unit for being the MLB history tallest player.

The Bull: Greg Luzinski was nicknamed for his thick bat and chest.

The Cobra: Dave Parker is given his nickname for his quick batting and sharp-witted skills.

The Crime Dog: Fred McGriff was nicknamed The Crime Dog because of the fact his last name resembles the cartoon dog and animated character name McGruff.

The Dark Knight: Matt Harvey is featured on the cover page of Sports magazine and compared with the film trilogy The Dark Knight.

The Devil:  Willie Wells is nicknamed The Devil by his Mexican fans.

The Judge: Frank Robinson is an outfielder.

The Ryan Express: Nolan Ryan has the nickname 'The Ryan Express.'

Thor: Noah Syndergaard of Los Angeles Angels is nicknamed doing weightlifting by wearing the Marvel Cinematic Universe character costume, Thor.

Thunder: For his meteoric blasts, former baseball hitter Andre Thornton got this nickname.

Tots: Harrison Bader has a childhood nickname, Tots

Vlad The Impaler: The Mlb player Vladimir Guerrero is nicknamed for his hard-hitting ability against opponents.

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