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Newmillerdam: The Perfect Destination For Active Family Days Out

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Whether you want to stroll around the lake or stop to relax in a cafe or pub, Newmillerdam is a quaint place to take the family.

A hidden haven just a stone's throw from Wakefield, where you can appreciate outdoor activities around the lake. People love escaping city life to get away in a country park and Newmillerdam is a great choice. We have gathered all of the need-to-know information about this hidden Yorkshire village to discover what makes it so popular and such a great place to visit.

Newmillerdam Country Park


Newmillerdam Country Park offers a two-mile loop of surfaced path to walk around a gorgeous lake. The loop takes about two hours at a leisurely pace and is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

You can observe the British wildlife on your walk. Look out for a Great Crested Grebe, in spring, if you're lucky, you can watch them dance over the water. You might also be able to spot several different types of bat at sunset.

Friends of Newmillerdam Country Park and Wakefield Tree Wardens both help the rangers to maintain the park. Together, they have built a new boardwalk and one-way marked trails to help with social distancing.

Top Tip: The Chevet Branch Line is an old railway line in Newmillderdam Country Park where visitors can walk. This is a great off-road route with trails for walking, jogging, cycling and horse riding.

Must-See Parts Of Newmillerdam Country Park

Gnome Roam: For imaginative kids, why not follow the carvings of ancient gnomes and see if the children can spot one?

Arboretum: A special selection of trees for nature lovers to explore. There is information displayed to help educate people about the different species. If you want to explore these trees, walk up the steps near the car park, or along the cycle route. Alternatively, head into the woods at the other side of the Lake, turn left and follow the signage.

Orienteering: Exercise the mind and the body with a classic outdoor challenge, navigating between points on a map. This is great for a range of abilities because you can walk, jog or run the course. You can either download a map from the internet, or hard copies are available from the visitor centre at Anglers Country Park. The East Pennine Orienteering Club organise regular events to suit everyone.

Geocaching: Be like Captain Jack Sparrow and search for treasure using any popular Geocaching app. This utilises the GPS in your phone to create a treasure hunt straight out of a fantasy world.

Places To Eat And Drink In Newmillerdam

The Boat House: Built in the 1820s to entertain the Pilkinton family's guests, the Men used to go shooting on Newmillerdam lake, their wives used to join them for lunch in the Boat House after! The Boathouse Cafe has just reopened, dependent on having enough volunteers each day, and is only serving drinks and snacks for now.

Dam Inn: This traditional country pub overlooking the Dam is reopening on 7 August.

The Fox & Hounds: This picturesque pub offers great vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and is family friendly.

Lakeside: An independent, family-run restaurant right on the lakeside. They pride themselves on serving a nutritious dish to every visitor, breakfast, lunch and evening meals. They also have some lovely dishes for vegetarians.

Fortythree Coffee Shop: The staff are described as incredibly welcoming and accommodating at this coffee shop.

Ego At The Bulls Head: Good for special occasions, this chain restaurant offers a special experience for visitors.

Rice n' Spice Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine: A perky, fresh Indian restaurant that offers great vegetarian and vegan options.

You can rest assured that social distancing measures are in place at all of these venues. Opening times are subject to change in line with the changing government guidelines. We recommend always checking in advance before booking or travelling to a location.

Image © Flickr

Travel Advice

Beautiful little cowgirl riding horse pony.

By Car: Newmillerdam Country Park is roughly 3.5 miles south of Wakefield, on the A61, Barnsley Road, Newmillerdam. If you input the postcode WF2 6QQ into your Sat Nav, it will take you directly to the main car park on Barnsley road.

Parking: The Pay & Display car park has a maximum stay of 10 hours. Any stay longer than four hours costs £1.70. There are 105 spaces and five disabled spaces.

The Nearest Railway Station: Is Sandal and Agbrigg Railway Station; it is about three miles away from Newmillerdam Country Park.

The Nearest Bus Station: Wakefield Bus Station is about four miles away. The 59A from Wakefield bus station gets you close to Newmillerdam Country Park.

Kidadl Top Tips

Whilst the main car park is fully operations, the public toilets are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

To make the most of these Newmillerdam walks, it is best to check the weather and dress in appropriate clothing and shoes for walking.

Written By
Katie Unnithan

Born in San Francisco, raised in Cheshire and currently studying in Birmingham. Katie loves spending time with her 10-year-old sister, exploring new places in the UK and training with her university athletics club. She is passionate about social justice and climate change. She wants to prevent inequalities that limit young people's success, so every young person can have fair access to opportunities on the path to the future they want.

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