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215 Nicknames For Bobby

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Nicknames are names given to people by other people playfully to express endearment or just to show affection.

There may be various reasons one makes use of nicknames. While some may try to express their feelings for others, others may just use them to identify themselves uniquely.

Whatever the reason is, nicknames are an interesting way of showcasing one's feelings to others. At the same time, finding a suitable nickname can be a tedious task.

Cool Nicknames For Bobby

One of the most important things to be kept in mind while keeping nicknames for Bobby is that they should sound cool.

Andrew Bobby- Strong.

Arthur- Legendary hero King Arthur/Bear.

Allen- Little rock/harmony.

Baby- Cute little one.

Baybee- Loving Purity.

Banana- Crazy/Deranged.

Baby cheeks- Fat/plump/big cheeks.

Baye- Wild/crazy.

Bahiyah- Arabic name meaning beautiful.

Bayou- A slow-moving thing.

Babyboy- Used as endearment while praising babies.

Bee- Great friend who always sticks together.

Beau- Lover/sweetheart.

Be-bay- A cute way to call someone you are close to or love.

Bibi- A lady from a European Country.

Bitsy- Tiny/very small.

Billy Bob- Hick/a hilly billy.

Binky Bobby- A baby's pacifier.

Bobby Noah- Rest/repose.

Bobby Adrian- Greek origin word meaning rich.

Bob the Builder- Based on the famous television series for kids.

Bobbyetta- Happy/friendly/outgoing.

Bob- Dude/bro.

Bowie- Victorious.

Bobby Sean- Irish name meaning gift from God/Gracious.

Bobby Owen- Youthful/noble.

Bobby Scars- To leave a mark/impression on.

Bobby Leo- The loyal kind.

Boiy- Used in a fun way while talking to besties.

Boe- A close friend.

Button- Cute.

Carter- Confident/cool.

Channing Bobby- Passionate/loving.

David- Beloved.

Dorian- Someone who doesn't seem to age.

Grayson- To shine.

Itzig- Strong.

Ice cream- Delicious like ice cream.

John- Intelligent/funny/dashing.

Levi- Joined/harmony.

Nathan- Gift of God.

Oppenheimer Bobby- Named after 'Dr. Robert Oppenheimer' (father of the atomic bomb).

Quincy- Funny/nice/cool.

Robby- Fun-loving/witty.

Ricky-Bobby- Powerful/strong ruler.

Robby the Nabby- A man with great looks/character.

Sunshine- A happy/smiling/warm person like the sun.

Sci-Bobby- That bobby who has imaginative/futuristic concepts.

Troy- Foot soldier.

Zachary- Hebrew name meaning 'God Remembers'.

Best Nicknames For Bobby

Best nicknames are unique but, at the same time, easy to remember.

Adonis Bobby- A very handsome young person.

Altman Bobby- Having extreme dad-like qualities.

Apple- Apple of one's eyes.

Baya- Beautiful/cunning.

Bahaa- Glory.

Babycakes- Lover/sweetheart.

Baby doll- Attractive/pretty girl.

Baba Ganoush- As tasty as the Lebanese delicacy.

Babylicious- Good-looking/attractive.

Baby Brown- Brown-eyed baby.

Baby Ashton- Free-spirited/freedom-loving.

Bao- Jewel/treasure.

Bert- Bright.

Bee's knees- Highly admired person/thing.

Blossoms- Flower-like.

Blondie- A sweet name for that blonde baby of yours.

Bobbyjo- Charming/empathetic.

Boris- Warrior.

Bobby Julian- Youthful/loving person.

 Bobby Singleton Jr.- Best nickname for that precious only child of yours.

 Bobby Rome- An attractive/caring Bobby.

 Bobby Bryce- Freckled/speckled.

 Bobby gawn- White Hawk.

Bobby Hayden- Heather grown-hill.

Bobby Lee- Sweet/adorable/funny.

Bobby Jared- Although a biblical name meaning ' he who Descended', it can be the best Nickname for your Little One, ironically 'coming from you'.

Bobbyo- A cute short abbreviation for Bobby.

Bobby Lurie- A popular Jewish surname.

Bobby Dante- Steadfast/everlasting.

Brock- If you're a fan of Brock Lesnar, name it to your muscly one.

Brown Sugar- Addicted to Mick Jagger's song, Brown sugar is the perfect name for you.

Broomspun- Stallion/rock hard.

Buffy- Fan of the famous show Buffy the Vampire slayer, this one is for you then.

Bugger- Annoying/troublesome.

Bubbles- Bubbly/cheerful.

Bunny ears- For the cute bunny of yours.

Charles Bobby- Expressive/Name of strength.

Caleb Booby- Brave/whole-hearted.

Dylon Booby- For your little one who loves messing up.

Drew- Strong/manly.

Elliot- High.

Everett- Brave/strong.

Hob- Mischievous.

Isiah Bobby- Hebrew word meaning God is Salvation.

James Bobby- Hebrew origin name meaning One who follows.

Lucas- White/light.

Reese- Ardent/fiery.

Unique Nicknames For Bobby

The nicknames must be unique as they would define the person.

Avery Bobby- Wise/talented.

Baba- Father.

Badger- For the one pesty kid.

Bambi- Courageous/wild person.

Ballerina- For the little ballet dancer of yours.

Barrow Bobby- The one big head kid of the house.

 Beto- It is a unique short name of Spanish origin.

 Beya- Beautiful.

  Bhavya- Grand/splendid.

 Blueberry- Someone who is not helpful.

Boo Thang- A person with whom you have an unofficial relationship/better half.

Boo-Boo Kitty- A crybaby.

 Boomer box- A loud person.

Bobby Lahey- Lord/ruler.

 Bobby Ross- Mighty horse.

 Bobby Trent- The Flooder.

 Bobby Caden- Strength.

Bobby Blake- Bright/shining/pale.

Bobby Loius- Famed Warrior.

Bobby Paul- Small/humble.

Bobby Roman- Strong/powerful.

Bobby Philip- Lover of Horses.

Bobby Wilder- Untamed/wild.

Bobby Zane- Gift from God.

Bobby Sawyer- Mischievous/adventurous kid.

Bobby Hugo- Mind.

Bobby Carey- Dark black.

Bobby Finn- Fair-haired person.

Bobby Adam- Son of the Red earth (Hebrew name).

Bobby Connor- An adorable child.

Bobby Bryn- Pretty/soft.

Bobby Rosenberg- German name meaning mountain of roses.

Bobby Galvez- Spanish name meaning victorious.

Bobby Oliver- Mysterious/respectable.

Bobby Singer- A great nickname for the budding singer in the house.

Bobby Van- For that happy-go-lucky/smiling baby.

Bob Marley- Pleasant.

Bobby Isidore- From the Greek word meaning 'Gift of Isis'.

Bobby Nicholas- Greek name which means 'Victory of people'.

Bobby Sylvester- Wooded/wild.

Bre-Bre- For the power-puff girl in the house.

Brainiac- Brainy/highly intelligent/studious one.

Bruce- For the Bruce Lee of the house.

Bright eyes- Luminous/wide-eyed/beaming.

Buzz Mouse- A unique name for the gizmo geek.

Butter Scotch- As sweet as butterscotch candy.

Butter Age- For the lady who looks younger than her actual age.

Buddy- Close friend.

Butterfly- A great name for the social butterfly of the family.

Bubba- Little brother.

Chase Bobby- French name meaning 'To Hunt'.

Chandler Bobby- A great name for Chandler Bing fans.

Cyprus Bobby- Fair.

Dominick- A Latin word meaning 'From the God'.

Francis- Nicknames for the single friends, meaning 'Free man'.

George Bobby- A perfect name for the baby born/bought on the farm.

Geoffery- God's peace.

Harris- Home-ruler.

Jude- Remember the famous Beatles song, 'Hey Jude'. Well, this is the best name for a Beatles fan.

Kieran- Little dark one.

Mendez- Whole/entire.

Miles- A soldier.

Nob- High/prominent.

Nolan- A cheerful name meaning Champion.

Orlando Bobby- An Italian word meaning 'famous'.

Oscar- A popular baby boy name meaning 'God's spear'.

Samuel Bobby- A Hebrew name of God.

Solomon Bobby- Peaceful/perfect.

Shane- Irish name meaning God is gracious.

Theodore- When your baby is the true gift of God.

Vaughn- Little precious baby.

William Bobby- protection/helmet.

Wise Bobby- Learned/wise bo

ZuZu- A unique nickname for your little Lily.

Funny Nicknames For Bobby

Nicknaming should be a fun affair always for the one who keeps and the one who hears as well.

Babochka- A funny name for a serious person.

Baby Bugaboo- Annoying baby.

Bibbles- For the one who eats and drinks with a lot of noise.

Biggie Ziggy- highly/greatly victorious.

Brownie- Small/playful.

Bobbert- One of the good/friendly nicknames for bobby.

Bobolink- A funny name for an American singing bird.

Bobo- Clown/stammerer.

Bobby Rather- Nickname for a red-haired person.

Bones- A popular french nickname for a good person.

Bon-Bons- Funny french word for Candy.

Bobby Mathew- Courageous/fearless.

Bobby Weller- For angry young bobby.

Bobby Slade- Child of the valley.

Bobby Homer- Nickname for the poet in the family.

Bobbi- Shinning glory/bright fame.

Bubble butt- A cute, funny name for the bubbly baby.

Boofy- strong and all muscular but mindless too.

Bug- For that one constantly nagging/bugging friend.

Buck Shot- To be lacking reasoning/common sense/dim-wit.

Berry- Sweet n funny name for your little billy bob.

Cookie- For the One as cute and sweet as a cookie.

Dhabi- An Arabic word meaning Gazelle.

Dobbie- A funny rhyming nickname like Bobby-Dobbie.

Dob- For the baby that is constantly on the lookout for mischief.

Dobbin- An old horse in kids' tales.

Fuzzy- Fuzzy-wuzzy bear

Hobby- An amusing nickname meaning little Hawk

Kabi- Freedom-loving/free-spirited

Jacob bobby- Hebrew word meaning to be behind/to follow.

Jasper- Treasurer.

Ister Bobby- The One who enjoys being open-minded.

Izzy Lizzy- Funny Nickname for the Godchild.

Liam Bobby- Warrior/protector.

Lenny Benny- Lion-hearted son.

Manson Bobby- Scandanavian name meaning 'Son of Magnus'.

Mr. Hulk- Strong like Hulk.

Obert- Prosperity/wealth/riches.

Quack- Little duckling.

Robobo- Destiny/luck.

Romeo J- Little Romeo

Sponge Bob- Sponge Bob Square pants.

Sobby- The weeping kid.

Tristan Bobby- Noisy One.

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