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30 Nicknames For Trevor

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Trevor is recognized as a habitational name that means 'from the large village', 'settlement', or 'homestead'.

Trevor means 'descendant of Treabhar' and is looked at as a reduced Anglicized form of the Irish language Gaelic Ó Treabhair. It is pronounced as 'TREH-Vahr'.

Simple and easy nicknames such as Trev The Rev, T Dawg, Little T, and more can be used for someone named Trevor. This name has been used for many well-known characters in TV shows and movies as well.

Cool Nicknames For Trevor

Let's dive into the cool nicknames a person named Trevor can have!

Gerald - The name Gerald holds the origin in English and German which means 'bright spear' or 'rule of the spear'.

Teddy - It means 'brave people', 'wealth protector', or 'God's gift'.

Trevasaurus - This is to make the nickname sound like a name of a dinosaur.

Trevmaster - Perfect for someone who possesses a special skill.

Trevy - This name means 'helper', 'super star', or 'freedom lover'.

Tvor - The name Tvor holds the origin of the Welsh language which means 'great settlement'.

Best Nicknames For Trevor

T Dawg, Trevacadew, Trevrage, Trevy Bevy, and Trey are some good names for someone named Trevor. Read on for some of the best nickname ideas for your little loved ones.

Tarver - This name is derived from Old English which means 'tower', 'hill', and 'leader'.

Trapper - The name Trapper is derived from the German word 'trappe' which means 'troublemaker' or 'rogue'.

Traver - A person who collects a toll from merchants or travelers crossing bridges.

Treaver - This name holds the origin of Welsh which means 'great settlement' to describe the place where a particular community lived.

Trebor - It means 'from the large village'.

Trooper - A trooper is a name used to refer to a state police officer or a soldier in a cavalry unit.

Unique Nicknames For Trevor

If you're looking for some unique nicknames for your loved ones, here are a few names to take inspiration from!

Big T - This is for someone who has a big heart.

Cartoon Trevor - This is perfect for a funny guy.

Rev - This name is used for both boys and girls.

Tanner - It means 'leather maker'.

Taylor - It is often used as an English occupational name referring to a tailor which is derived from the Latin word 'taliare' and Old French 'tailleur'.

Thaddeus - It means a 'courageous heart'.

Timor - This name is derived from the Portuguese word 'Timur'.

Travers - The name Travers means 'to cross over'.

Travis - The name Travis originated in the region of Normandy and is derived from the word 'traverser' which means 'to cross'.

Trev - The name Trev means 'goodly town' or 'large village'. Trev is the most widely used name for boys, as it is simple and used to pronounce.

Tricky Trev - Someone who is not easy to deal with.

Tyler - This name of Old French origin means 'tile makers'. This name is often used as an occupational name referring to a person who lays tiles.

Funny Nicknames For Trevor

The is a common name and can have many funny and nonsensical nicknames such as Trogdor, Trevorever, Siren Trevor, Le Trevor, Trevacious, Trevorino, and Trevinator. Read on for more!

Thurber - This name holds its origin in English and means 'Thor, the warrior'.

Trent - It means 'the flooder'.

Tremaine - It means 'town built with stone'.

Trevaholic - This name is perfect for someone who loves traveling.

Trevy Chase - This is a funny name for a chaser and go-getter.

Trevy Wevy - This name has no meaning in particular.

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