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30 Real Madrid Nicknames

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Every sports club has a set of wild supporters, haters, and nicknames, and the same is the case with the famous football club Real Madrid.

Real Madrid won its first League title in 1931-32 and has won the La Liga multiple times. Real Madrid fans call their favorite team by different names in English and Spanish languages.

The Spanish pronunciation for the name of the team Real Madrid is 'reˈal maˈðɾið ˈkluβ ðe ˈfuðβol.' The team is known for its all-white team kit. Read on for some of the best Real Madrid nicknames.

Popular Real Madrid Nicknames

This list has some very popular nicknames, and even someone who is not a fan of this sport knows about the team associated with these nicknames.

  • A Prueba De Balas- means 'Bulletproof' because no one can break through their defenses.
  • Asesinos Silenciosos- means 'Silent Killers' because they are known for their powerful and skilled kicks.
  • Asesinos- means 'Assassins' because this team kills all the hope the opponent team fans might ever have.
  • Bestias Blancas- is a simple nickname because they wear white and are beasts when they play.
  • Cascos- means 'Hulks' because the Real Madrid boys can tear the opponents into pieces.
  • Despiadado- means 'Ruthless,' a nickname for the team because they are ruthless against their opponents.
  • Destructores-mean 'Destroyers'. When they play, they destroy all hopes of their opponents of winning.
  • Dramático- means 'Dramatic'. The players do get dramatic at times.
  • Equipo- means 'The squad' because this white squad is the best.

Cool Real Madrid Nicknames

A fun fact about this team's nickname, 'Los Merengues, ' is that when this team started, many teammates were actually from northern Europe and had migrated to Spain. When inside the stadium, Real Madrid fans are always filled with energy. This is a list of some cool nicknames for the coolest football team there could ever be.

  • Estafadores- is a nickname that means hustlers because the men do whatever it takes to get the cup.
  • Fuerza- means force. Because their force is so powerful, no one can stand a chance.
  • Guerreros- means warriors because they are nothing less than warriors on the field.
  • Imparable- means unstoppable, a nickname for the unstoppable team in the football world.
  • Invincible- means undefeated for being one of the most undefeated teams in football tournaments.
  • La Casa Blanca- meaning 'The White House,' because they were the only team that has traditionally worn white since they started.
  • Los Blancos- means 'The White' because their home kit was all white.
  • Los Merengues- means 'The Meringues' because of the team's number of Danish players.
  • Los Vikingos- means 'The Vikings' because of how dominating the team has been.

Unique Real Madrid Nicknames

The Real Madrid team has won league titles like La Linga, Copa del Rey, and many more. It has won the champions league eight times and is known as the 'Real Madrid Champions League. In addition, the Real Madrid club has won the European Cup twice. Since then, they have established themselves as the Premier Football team in the European cup and other leagues.

A magnanimous club team needs some unique nicknames, so here is a list of some of the unique ones.

  • Mud Runners- is a nickname for all their muddy shoes. A great nickname for Real Madrid.
  • Perros De Guerra- means 'War Dogs' because when the boys are on the field, it's nothing less than a war.
  • Realeza- which means 'Royalty,' is a cute nickname because this team is one of the oldest.
  • Reyes- is a cute nickname. This nickname means 'King' because this team is the best.
  • Screaming Nimble's- is a nickname for those mad Real Madrid fans. A cool nickname for Real Madrid.
  • Soñadores- means 'Dreamers' because they always dream for the best. A great nickname for Real Madrid.

Creative Real Madrid Nicknames

This team has had many great players like Christiano Ronaldo, Carlo Ancelotti, and many more. Just like these creative players, a team this great needs creative nicknames.

  • Soul Crushers- is a cute nickname because they are known to crush the souls of their opponents.
  • Sucesor- means 'Successors' because these Vikings conquer every game.
  • Triunfadores- means 'Achievers' because they get what they desire. A cool nickname for Real Madrid.
  • White Sox is a cute nickname representing Real Madrid's white home kit.
  • Zorro Squad- is a good nickname because they are like men at war and get whatever they want.
  • Madrid Football Club- is a simple nickname for the Vikings.

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