Simply Capital! 7 Reasons Your Kids Will Love A Day Out At The Museum of London

India Garrett
Feb 29, 2024 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Nov 12, 2019
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The Museum of London is one of the city’s best free attractions. It’s a great option if you’re planning a family day out and want something educational, engaging and exciting! From exhibition’s about London’s vast history, to discussions about hair and style to singalongs, there’s definitely something for everyone, but here’s why we think the kids will love it.

Beasts of London

Kids have been loving The Beasts of London exhibition since it opened back in April, make sure you catch it before it finishes in January! It explores the role animals have played in shaping London into the city it is today. The fully immersive digital experience is a chance to meet some of the beasts themselves and hear their stories. Some of the creatures may sound familiar, they’ve been voiced by big names like Kate Moss and Nish Kumar! The exhibition is a great way to learn about history in a fun new way.

Come face to face with the Beasts of London


If you’re kids aren’t great at sitting still, don’t worry, The Museum of London has something for them too! They organise walking tours around the city so you can learn more whilst being out and about. Whether you want to find out about The Great Fire of London or are curious about what the city was like in Roman Times, there’s a range of tours to choose from.

Free Fun

The museum is free to enter and there are plenty of free activities for you to take part in while you’re there. The kids will love how much fun they’re having and you’ll love that it's free! Whether you want to get stuck in with some baking, let your creative juices flow or just enjoy a good simple storytelling, there’s something for everyone. There’s lots happening over Christmas too so make sure you have a look at what’s on!

Permanent Galleries

The huge permanent galleries at The Museum of London means there’s always something interesting to see. Walk through the exhibitions to take in the city’s vast history, from the Romans right through the 2012 Olympics. It’s a real insight into where London came from and all the things it has overcome and survived.

Educational fun at The Museum of London


With so much to take in, you may need a little energy boost as you make your way around the museum. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the museum with two Benugo cafes, an indoor picnic space and The London Wall Bar and Kitchen where kids eat free! They have a commitment to being family friendly so there’s great food options for everyone as well as colouring to keep the kids entertained. 

Get Talking

If your kids are slightly older, the museum’s Talking Point Gallery is a great chance to kick-start a conversation and get them thinking about something new. The museum installed the space so they could learn from their visitors and find out what they actually wanted to see. The current talking point is Afro hair, using objects, film and memories it explores style and identity. The installation was created with the help of 5 hairdressers who’s quotes can be seen on the wall.

Vegetable Dolls

A slightly unusual thing to go and see, but definitely one that’ll interest the kids! The Museum of London have a collection of dolls made from vegetables that were donated by Una Maw in 1922. Almost 100 years later they’ve tracked down a copy of the accompanying book, The Vegetable Kingdom, which tells the story of King Pots (the potato) and Princess Spring Onion. It’s something different that may even inspire the kids to create their own at home!

Vegetable Dolls at The Museum of London


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