The Lovely Langford Lakes: Everything You Need To Know

Olivia Ward-Smith
Feb 02, 2024 By Olivia Ward-Smith
Originally Published on Aug 05, 2020
Overview of a beautiful lake in mountains.
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Langford Lakes Nature Reserve is a gorgeous area of natural beauty in the Wylye Valley. 

It's never been a better time to take the family for a day out at this stunning Salisbury hotspot. Take a stroll around the three lakes, the 'Great Meadow' and the 800m stretch of the River Wylye run by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and see what local animals and plant life you can spot.

Read on to discover how you can still enjoy Langford Lakes with your family this summer.

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What To Know Before You Go

- Admission to Langford Lakes is free.

- The reserve is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Sunday.

- Paths around the reserve are level and accessible for buggies and wheelchairs.

- In order to protect wildlife, dogs are not allowed.

- Parking is free!

What To Do

Langford Lakes is a natural sanctuary of grasslands, meadows, lakes and ponds.

Take a Family Nature Walk: Careful conservation by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has made the land a perfect home to a host of Wiltshire wildlife. There are many bird hides around the lakes and the reserve as a whole makes for an excellent site for birdwatching. Great-crested grebe, water rail and kingfishers are among the birds that frequent the grounds, and dragonflies and wildflowers can be seen in the warmer months. The river is home to salmon and brown trout, and otters have even been spotted there of late!

Langford Lakes Fishing: If fishing with the family is your thing, watch this space. The nature trust operates a sustainable wild fishery on the River Wylye, and from mid-April - February, tickets and rods are available for hire so you can fish for grayling and wild brown trout. 

Beautiful lake in Altai mountains.

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- Free regular and disabled parking

- Cycle racks available.

- There are toilets in the Visitor Centre. 

- The Visitor Centre is open.

- The Kingfisher Cafe is open.

How to Get There

Langford Lakes Nature Reserve is located at Duck Street, Steeple Langford, SP3 4NH.

By car: Take the A36 Salisbury to Warminster Road and you will see signs directing you to The Langfords. When you reach Steeple Langford, take the turning onto Duck Street. The entrance to the reserve will be just across the river on the left.

By train: Salisbury, Tisbury and Warminster are the closest train stations, though further transport is necessary from these to reach the reserve.

By bus: The closest bus stop to Langford Lakes is 500m from the reserve in Steeple Langford. Take the no. 265 bus that runs between Bath and Salisbury. The D1 bus runs from Salisbury and Westbury Railway Station.

By bike: Take the National Cycle Route 24, which goes past Langford Lakes.

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