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12 Things To Do In Deptford With Kids

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Nestled between Greenwich and New Cross, Deptford, London is one of our favourite areas south of the river. Home to artists and families, this area is a vibrant pocket of London and should definitely be on your list of places to visit next. Community is key in this corner of South East London, which has become a culture hub for creatives. No matter what the day of the week, there is an abundance to enjoy as a family in Deptford.

Deptford Lounge Children’s Library

deptford library

Why kids will love it: Deptford Lounge awaits your visit, with hundreds of books to flip through and take home, classes with singing and dancing, sensory toys and even live theatre shows.

Why parents will love it: A space run for the community, with a fantastic programme for parents and children. Join for Albany theatre shows, Baby Bounce fitness class, and access to a wealth of media resources to rent. Events are available to book in advance, but visitors to the Lounge are welcome from 08:00 to 22:00 during the week, 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays, and 10:00 to 17:00 on Sundays.

Craft Club at Deptford Lounge

craft club deptford

Why kids will love it: The perfect place to colour and craft, whether your thing is glitter, felt pens or pom poms. Craft Club is fully stocked with all you need to create something beautiful. Find them in the children's library.

Why parents will love it: Just off Deptford high street awaits a weekend activity to keep busy bees happy. Craft Club has set up a calm environment dedicated to creativity, all for free, to support those with kids in the local area. Suitable for 5-11 year-olds.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

Wavelengths Leisure Pool

kids at wavelengths deptford

Why kids will love it: This leisure pool is hard to beat. Complete with twisty flumes and wave machines, see how high you can jump when the tides take off. How many somersaults can you do in a row? Can you handstand in the water? Now is the time to find out! Children are also welcome in the soft play, with winding mazes and ball pits.

Why parents will love it: Families have been loyal to Wavelengths for many years, and it’s never too late to plan your first visit. Passes go for under a fiver, and there are also memberships for those looking to commit long term. Wavelengths has a vast array of classes, from parent and baby to beginner swimmers. Or if you’re just looking for a splash in the pool on the weekends, Wavelengths is open and ready to welcome all.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

The Albany at Canada Water Theatre

family activities deptford

Why kids will love it: Live action for families can be found at the Albany - from comedy for kids to hands-on sensory play, there's a brilliant live show for everyone.

Why parents will love it: The fantastic Albany theatre has expanded out to Canada Water and is now housed in a brand-new building, attached to the Canada Water library. There is a brilliant programme of events for families, from hands-on and immersive theatre to classic storytelling. Catch Roald Dahl and The Imagination Seekers for a nostalgic trip to the wonderful world of Roald Dahl. Or for those of us looking to get a bit messy, Slime tells the story of garden bugs and teamwork with a side of slimy hands-on fun. Perfect for under 5s looking to explore new textures and sounds.

Nearest station: Canada Water

The Albany Deptford

kids activities deptford

Why kids will love it: Full of wonder, music and dance, the Albany is accessible to all. Discover creepy crawlies and winding hedgerows in the garden on warm days, or cosy down to live theatre shows with lights and sounds galore.

Why parents will love it: The Albany is the heart and soul of Deptford’s art scene. Priding itself on diversity and inclusivity, the programme caters for families year round. Expect various festivals and shows with a unique Albany twist. Find Plot 17 this year, a hip-hop festival set in the Albany garden, ideal for green thumbs and eco-warriors. Keep your eyes peeled for sensory play events and interactive shows. The cafe is always open for families wanting to drop in for a cuppa and a wander around.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

Deptford Bites at Deptford Market Yard

deptford market for families

Why kids will love it: A place of vibrant textures and sights, Deptford Market Bites is dedicated to catering to all who enter. Not too big to be overwhelming, but packed with lots to enjoy. See if you can try new jams and cheeses alongside mum or dad, and pick something tasty for lunch outdoors.

Why parents will love it: Deptford Bites is a car-free market with space to roam freely, open every Saturday in the warmer months. Bring your little ones along to find local crafts and produce to take home, as well as street food serving from all over the world. You can catch a flea market in the car park, for those of us that love a rummage.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

Taproom SE8

family restaurant deptford

Why kids will love it: There is plenty of space for you in the open plan of Deptford’s Taproom. There is a special window so you can see pizzas sizzling away in the oven before they reach your table. Visit the bar to pick your drink, and ask the friendly staff for colouring goodies for the children.

Why parents will love it: Deptford’s Taproom is a sunny haven for a weekend afternoon treat. With long tables and benches, Taproom caters for groups of all sizes. Come down for a late lunch or dinner from their pizza menu, complete with staple favourites and seasonal picks. The relaxed set-up means no one is in a rush to turn tables, so quality time with the family is taken care of.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

Little Nan’s Afternoon Tea

deptford kid friendly cafe

Why kids will love it: Little Nan's hosts a fun afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes. Bop along to fun music and gaze at the trinkets on display. Practice drinking your juice in a tea cup with your pinky up, and slather your scone with jam.

Why parents will love it: On the weekend, wander down by the railway arches to find Little Nan's. Nan's 'living room' hosts an afternoon tea with a kitschy twist - why not settle in for a nostalgic afternoon surrounded by vintage china, and introduce your kids to old school bric-a-brac from your own childhood.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail).

Brockley Market

market for families in deptford

Why kids will love it: Mouth watering smells and sights, Brockley market is full of food and friendly faces. From vibrant flowers to ice cream stalls, you can lead the way with your parents in tow. Families and furry friends are welcome, every Saturday.

Why parents will love it: There is something for everyone at Brockley Market, housed in the carpark of Lewisham College. Wander down for Saturday lunch, see which glorious food stall catches your eye, and set up camp with the kids at a trestle table. Whether you need some fruit and veg to get you through the week, or a special cut of meat and local wine for Sunday lunch, Brockley Market is brimming with specialists to answer all your foodie questions.

Nearest station: St John’s (Southeastern Rail) or Elverson Road DLR.

Big Little Fun

soft play deptford

Why kids will love it: Full of colour, music and games, Big Little fun is the place for under 5s in Deptford. Climb, crawl and clamber through the incredible soft play built for tiny hands and feet. Make new friends through adventuring, craft and dressing up. Big Little Fun promises a day full of enjoyment.

Why parents will love it: Big Little Fun is full of activities to keep toddlers busy, a place for avid climbers, tumblers and explorers. Full of climbing frames, slides and ball pits, Big Little Fun is the ultimate sensory space. The centre takes care of the needs of all children, and is fully inclusive of children with SEN needs. They also offer structured sessions in the form of Messy Play, Musical Fun and a Baby/Toddler Gym. The space is also available for themed birthday parties, just enquire on your next visit.

Nearest station: Deptford (Thameslink or Southeastern Rail) or Greenwich (DLR or Southeastern Rail)

Creekside Discovery Centre

kid's activities in deptford

Why kids will love it: Creekside is a place to treasure hunt in nature; make sure you pass along anything you find to your Creekside guide! Get your waterproof and your welly boots on for a walk along the river, spot some crawly crabs, and learn about river wildlife.

Why parents will love it: A centre run by locals, for everyone to enjoy. Organised by the Creekside Education trust, the centre’s aim is to promote nature conservation through education. In the holidays families are welcome to book in for low tide walks and mudlarking. A fantastic alternative day out to get messy in your wellies and see what you can find in the creek. Low Tide walks outside of term time run once a month - it's best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Nearest station: Greenwich (DLR and Southeastern Rail) or Deptford Bridge DLR.

Brookmill Park

park for families deptford

Why kids will love it: Brookmill park runs alongside the Quaggy river and is home to an array of local wildlife. The park is a hub for those that love nature, see the herons perch on a weeping willow, and fish dart about in the river. Visit the playground for well loved swings and climbing frames, or take a trip to the pond and feed the baby ducks in the spring.

Why parents will love it: Brookmill park is a manageable size, so won’t leave little ones tired out or overwhelmed. You can bring your bikes or scooters and ride along the cycle path, and there is lots of green space plus benches for picnics. The park is also dedicated to preserving wildlife in the area, so it's a lovely space to learn about protecting nature. Keep an eye out because the Brookmill Society runs regular events, from gardening to drawing to photography, a few times a year.

Nearest station: Elverson Road or Deptford Bridge DLR.

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Ursula is a writer and educator from South East London. She spends most of her time writing, reading and taking trips to the cinema. Her favourite places in the city include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Prince Charles cinema. In the warmer months, she loves swimming in Hampstead and taking trips out to the beach, always with a book, and always with snacks.

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