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Things To Do This Weekend, 24th-25th August

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This long weekend is set to be a scorcher! Whether you want to spend time in the sun at an incredible outdoor festival, head to the theatre and make the most of an air-conditioned, family-friendly show or go and explore a museum with a fantastic splash zone, there’s so much to choose from.

40% off the Raver Tots Outdoor Festival - August Bank Holiday

Save 40% on the Raver Tots Outdoor Festival and boogie with your little ones under 12 years old! Time to brush up on your dance moves, grab your glow sticks and find something neon to wear: it’s the Raver Tots bank holiday fest, and we’ve got a massive 40% off!

40% off Enchanted Horsham

If you're looking for a family-friendly festival full of unicorns, dragons, fairies and suitable for under 5s, Enchanted Horsham is the place for you! Book your tickets for this summer now and take advantage of Kidadl's 40% off entrance.

33% off a Kia Oval Tour Family Ticket

We are the champions with this 33% off a Kia Oval family tour! Budding cricketers aged 4 and above will be bowled away as you follow in your Cricket World Cup heroes’ footsteps on this brilliant tour of the Oval.

player at the Kia Oval stadium ready to make the first pitch

43% off: London Museum of Water & Steam

43% off London Museum of Water & Steam entry? All aboard! Head to the London Museum of Water & Steam for a train-tastic way to spend your long weekend. You little ones aged 3 and above will love learning about everything from London's water supply history to the first steam engines and everything in between.

Body Worlds' Junior Doctor

Calling all mini doctors aged 8 and above for the Junior Doctor Programme. Make your way at London Pavillion, don your doctor's coat, grab your stethoscope, and learn about anatomy and physiology in a way you've never done before at Body Worlds’ Junior Doctor.

kids in a doctors coats looking at the human body

Flash sale: 50% off The Foundling Museum

Make the most of half-price Foundling Museum entry! We’ve got a huge 50% discount to the Foundling Museum this summer, which means you and your little ones under 12 years old can get your dose of culture for a fraction of the price.

The Scarecrows' Wedding

Grab last-minute tickets to this Julia Donaldson favourite! You and your mini theatre lovers aged 3 and above are cordially invited to Leicester Square Theatre to witness the wedding of Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay - two rather adorable scarecrows in this charming adaptation!

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