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Things To Do This Weekend, 2nd-3rd November

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If you need some inspiration for what to do this weekend then look no further! We've looked at what's on and chosen our top picks.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a brilliant feel-good musical for the whole family. As well great music and some incredible dance routines, it teaches children about overcoming prejudice to step out of the darkness and into the spotlight. The show is emotional and hilarious but be warned, there is some strong language!

Everybody's Talking About Jamie!


Fancy a Sweet Treat this weekend? Head to Sprinkles for arguably one of London’s best hot chocolates, they go above and beyond with their flavours and every one is delicious. Our favourite is the twisted hot chocolate which comes with a scoop of ice-cream (trust us, it works). They’ve got crepes and waffles too, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The Harry Potter Experience

Calling all wizards and witches, this is a brilliant interactive Harry Potter tour of London. As well as seeing some of the famous film locations, you’ll be sorted by the Sorting Hat and be able to earn points for your House along the way! This tour is brought to life by the films themselves, you can watch some of the scenes while you’re stood in the very location they were filmed in! We’ve got a magical 40% off for you too.

Whipsnade Zoo

It won’t be long now until our furry friends at Whipsnade Zoo are wrapping up warm for Winter and choosing to stay inside instead of popping out to say hello. There’s still time to go and visit some of Whipsnade’s incredible animals though. From crocodiles to butterflies and with over 3 500 animals to see, it makes a great day out for the whole family.

Eyes peeled for Elephants!

Boxpark Wembley

Boxpark is a street food lovers dream, with options from around the world there’s something for everyone. Even better, they’ve got a free Kid’s Table with arts and crafts, face painting and games to entertain your little ones. It’s first come first served though so make sure you register you interest as soon as you arrive. If you’re looking for somewhere for the family to watch the rugby on Saturday morning, look no further because Boxpark will be streaming the match. 

Virtual Reality at The Science Museum

Most of us know what virtual reality is but very few of us have actually had a go at it. Well, now is your chance! Head to The Science Museum for a visit that's out of this world. Using virtual reality, you’ll be guided through an astronauts long and difficult 400km journey back to earth from the International Space Station. This uses the same system that actual astronauts use to train for their missions and you’ll have real-life astronaut, Tim Peake, guiding you through the whole thing.

The Big Barbican Adventure

This is a family-friendly free discovery trail at The Barbican Centre, designed specifically for little explorers and adventurers. Once you’ve completed the puzzles, games and drawings, head back to the information desk for a mystery prize! The trail lasts about an hour and is a great way to see the brilliant labyrinth that is The Barbican Centre.

The View From The Shard

You can see the Shard from most places in central London and you can see most of central London from the Shard! Why not head up there this weekend for a different view of the city? The kids won’t be able to believe how high they are, we just hope you’re not scared of heights! Whatever the weather, the Shard is a great option for the whole family.


Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, Tibits is a great restaurant whether you’re after breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s buffet style and with over 40 dishes to choose from, the kids will have a great time choosing the most colourful and exciting looking options. You pay by weight too so it’s a good option if your family doesn't have a huge appetite.


Silent Disco Adventure

Are you a family that’s bursting with energy? Then this is the weekend activity for you! Move and groove your way around London on the Silent Disco Tour. Grab your headphones, follow your guide’s moves and let the power of music take you across the city. The tour is about an hour, if you’re nervous about dancing in public at first, don’t worry, you’ll be competing to see who has the best moves by the end.

School Of Rock

The musical adaptation of School Of Rock is just as good as, if not better than, the much-loved film. Rock-out to the brilliant songs and be reminded of the huge impact kids and adults can have on each other’s lives. It’s an incredible show for the whole family, we just can’t believe it took them so long to turn it into a musical!

London Ghost Tours

If your family are still in the Halloween spirit, why not head on a London Ghost Tour? See the city’s spookiest sights and learn some of the most terrifying tales. Whether you’re fascinated by monsters, ghosts, crime or murders, this tour covers it all. Your ghastly guide will tell you London’s most horrifying secrets.

Unicorn Theatre Play Club

Every Saturday, Unicorn Theatre hosts a brilliant play club for kids. There’s always a range of hands-on-activities, from rocket making to photo printing, there’ll be something to engage them. All of the activities are specially selected so parents and children can do them together which means it’s great fun for everyone involved. Even better, it’s free!

Play Club Fun!

OverThrone Escape Room

You may know that here at Kidadl, we love an Escape Room. This OverThrone one is royally good, head to the castle to find the legendary sword and claim the throne! Be warned though, you won’t be the only ones looking to become Kings and Queens. If you don’t want to be ruler, Escape London have plenty of other games for you to try.

Let us know what you get up to and have a good weekend Kidadlers!

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India Garrett

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