Things To Do This Weekend, 31-1 September

Martha Martins
Dec 12, 2023 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Jan 29, 2020
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It’s back to school for most of us next week, so now is your chance to have one last hurrah! Whether you’ve got crafty kids, science mad minis or festival fiends, book these offers now while they last.

Where is Peter Rabbit?

Find Peter Rabbit at Theatre Royal Haymarket! Hop onto your seats and immerse yourself in the magical world of Beatrix Potter - book your half-price tickets and bring your little ones aged 3 years and above for a perfect day out.

Mega Maker Lab - Institute of Imagination

Don’t miss your chance to visit the Mega Maker Lab at The Workshop. Perfect for tots aged 5 and above you will take part in epic experiments, play with awesome tech and science equipment, create your own inventions and learn about all things science!

Barnfest 2019 + free face painting

Prepare your under 5s for Barnfest 2019! Head to Nurture Barn in Braintree and make the most of unicorn rides, free face painting and live performances from Moo Music.

little girl getting her face painted

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at The Happy Crafters Club

Dive into this sweet crafty storytelling session with your little Oompa Loompas aged under 8. Bring Roald Dahl's chocolatey classic to life through a fun-packed art and play storytime session at The Happy Crafters Club.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

Celebrate 50 years of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with your mini humans aged under 6 years old. Head at the Troubadour White City Theatre and see this iconic tale be brought to life (together with three other Eric Carle stories) on stage with amazing puppets, vibrant colours and lashings of wit and charm that will delight the whole family!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan has landed at the Troubadour White City Theatre!  Bring your little ones aged 6 and above for an unforgettable evening of magic and make-believe when you’re welcomed back to Neverland in Sally Cookson's Peter Pan.

a scene from the Peter Pan show at the theatre

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