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Top 7 Family Days Out (Northern Ireland)

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Whether it's a trip to the beach or an afternoon at a museum, there's so many things to do in Northern Ireland that will entertain the whole family.

With lockdown restrictions lifting, families are itching to get back out into the world. Here's Kidadl's top seven places to visit in Northern Ireland for a great day out.


The capital city of Northern Ireland has so many attractions on offer. Here are three great things to do with kids in Belfast that are socially distanced and safe.

Titanic Museum

Image of the Titanic Museum

Image © Mike Hodge on Unsplash

Suitable For: Ages 5+

As well as providing educational information about the cultural heritage of Belfast and the Titanic, this famous site is  is a really fun experience for kids. With nine interactive galleries, using CGI technology and holographs as well as showing real artefacts from the Titanic, this museum really brings history to life. Now featuring a one way trail to keep social distancing measures in place, you can safely enjoy this museum with all the family. Reopening on 1 August you can book your tickets to the Titanic Museum online now!

Food: The Galley Cafe located on the ground floor is currently operating a takeaway food system.

Facilities: There are accessible toilets and baby changing facilities on every floor of the museum.

Parking: There is underground parking for all visitors. Pay and display is £2 for the first hour and £1 for every hour after that.

W5 Museum

Suitable For: Ages 3+

For those interested in science, the W5 Museum is the perfect family day out! With six different exhibition areas full of interactive activities there is enough here for you to spend the whole day exploring. The exhibition themes range from human biology to launching rockets. There is also a sensory play area for children under eight to enjoy as well as an award winning VR zone with activities that are out of this world! There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy here.

Food: There is a coffee shop with sandwiches and snacks on offer.

Facilities: There are plenty of accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.

Parking: There is a car park in close vicinity to the museum.

Please Note: W5 is not currently open, keep an eye out on their website for updates.

Lost City Adventure Golf

Suitable For: 6+

For a more active day out, look no further than the Lost City Adventure Golf course, where you can enjoy the afternoon putting around Aztec themed trails. Open from 10am every day, it is advised that you book tickets online to make sure the centre can keep social distancing guidelines in place.

Food: There is a Tiki Bar on site which serves pizza and drinks. Please book a table before you arrive.

Facilities: There are no toilets or baby changing facilities on site however all visitors do have access to the main Cityside facilities just next door.

Parking: Cityside Retail has a large car park in close vicinity to the golf course.

Outside Belfast

Looking for something to do off of the beaten path? The following attractions may take a bit longer to travel to but the whole family is sure to enjoy  these adventures.

Armagh Planetarium

Young boy holding a toy plane

Suitable For: 5+

Reopening soon is the longest running planetarium in the British Isles. The Armagh Planetarium is a perfect day out for kids with their heads in the stars. Here they can use interactive technology to immerse themselves in space, experiencing the vastness of the universe in the Armagh Planetarium's observatory as the features of the night sky are projected above.

Food: There is a small cafe that serves coffee and sandwiches in the centre.

Facilities: There are toilets but no baby changing facilities in the building.

Parking: There is a parking lot just outside the centre.

Please Note: The Armagh planetarium is currently closed, keep an eye on their website for updates.

Mussenden Temple

View over the seaside at Mussenden temple

Image © Derek Lynn on Unsplash

Suitable For: All ages.

Located in Downhill Demesne in County Derry, Mussenden Temple is an absolute gem. Gardens, an art house and historic ruins, this self guided area has so much to explore. The view from the clifftop temple is not to be missed! This site is steeped in history and you can even bring your dog along for the adventure. This is a perfect social distancing day out as the wide open spaces make for a safe family outing. You can visit their website for more information and to book your tickets today.

Food: You can drive down to the beach below for a picnic, where kids will enjoy playing on the sand and looking at the trains passing by. Parents might recognise the area as Downhill Beach was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones!

Facilities: There are toilets available in the main building.

Parking: There is a parking area outside the main building.

Seaforde Tropical Gardens

View of all the hedges at Seaforde Tropical Gardens

Image © Unsplash

Suitable For: All ages.

There is plenty to see at Seaforde Gardens in County Down. This garden has been tended and cared for to create a beautiful botanical experience for all visitors. Kids will love getting lost in Ireland's oldest living maze as well as visiting the butterfly house for some fun minibeast magic. This garden is open for business as usual but facemasks are encouraged while enjoying the indoor activities offered here.

Food: The Garden House Cafe is sadly currently closed.

Facilities: There are toilets facilities on site.

Parking: There is a parking area just outside of the estate.

Marble Arch Caves

People looking in the caves at Marble Arch Caves

Image © Marble Arch Caves

Suitable For: 5+

Located in County Fermanagh, the Marble Arch Caves are a site of geological wonder. This natural attraction has millions of years of history behind it. Unfortunately the boat tours of the underground rivers are currently on pause but you can still take a walking guided tour and discover the amazing wonders these caves have to offer.

Food Options: There is a Marble Arch Cafe on site with food and drink to takeaway. There's also a picnic area if you prefer to bring your own lunch,

Facilities: There are accessible toilets and baby changing facilities available.

Parking: There is a parking area right next to the main building.

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Megan Wynne

Living in Dublin, Megan is passionate about all things creative. Currently studying Art in university, when she’s not experimenting with paint and photography you can find her in the cinema enjoying the newest films. She loves spending time with her two younger sisters, exploring nature and finding fun things to do in the city.

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