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Wheelgate: Visit Robin Hood's Themepark Now

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Get yourself ready for some non-stop fun and thrills at the end of Sherwood forest in Nottingham, at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park.

With a huge variety of family-friendly activities, one thing is for sure; you won't be short of a fun experience at Wheelgate park. Make some amazing memories at this unique location that combines water play with a theme park experience!

Things To Do At Robin Hoods Wheelgate

Summer is sorted, so make sure you pack all your swimming essentials! Once here, kids can dip and dive, splash and swim all through the wonderful theme rides at Robin Hoods Wheelgate park. There are a variety of fun things for children of all different ages to do and see in different adventure zones. Get your family ramped up for a great day out with these fantastic activities:

Cool Off In The Splash Zone: One of the best features of this fun family theme park is Robin Hoods Splash play in the park. You'll be happy to know the Wheelgate Water theme park is open, perfect hot summer days! So, if you're feeling hot you could head straight to Robin Hoods Waterpark. With a variety of rides, you and the kids will have a blast at this theme park for hours on end.

Meet Some Feathered Friends: If you're feeling like taking a walk and taking the family to see something outside the theme park area, you could walk to the pony ride area and clip clop down to the Sheriff's falconry zone to meet the most awesome birds of prey! Perfect for families with kids who like meeting new animal pals.

Become An Outlaw! In the Robin Hoods Outlaw Zone, there is a park with themed rides and park activities, like the bumper rides, outlaw commando course, bandit basket swing and round swings. This is a must-visit on your day at the park if you have kids who love pretend play.

Children on a ride at Robin Hood's Wheelgate Park

Image © Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

Important Details

Here is a quick summary of some important details and prices you'll need to know before having a blast at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park:

Where Is It? White Post, Newark, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8HX, England.

Opening Hours: 10am-5pm daily.

Pricing: Adults from £8.12.  Kids (Over 108cm) from £8.12.  Toddlers (25cm-108cm) from £4.06.  Seniors from £4.00.

Getting There: If travelling by bus, find the nearest bus stop near White Post roundabout, 50m away from the park. There are regular buses running from Victoria Bus Station, Nottingham (Bay 9) and Mansfield Bus Station (Bay K).

Parking and Facilities: There is free parking onsite, as well as baby-changing facilities and accessible toilets. For wheelchair users, please note that there is some uneven ground.

Food And Refreshments: Friars Tuck Tavern BBQ Shack is open for service at Robin Hoods Splash play. And of course, packed lunches are welcome, too.

The adventure playground at Robin Hood's Wheelgate theme park

Image © Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

Written By
Luca Demetriou

Luca Demetriou is a freelance writer and sub-editor, with a bachelors in English Literature and Drama from the University of Birmingham, where he was Culture Editor at Redbrick Paper. Currently undertaking a masters in Performance: Design and Practice at University of the Arts London, Luca has diverse interests, spanning the arts and performance, to history and travelling.

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