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Weekly Offers, 16-22 September

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This week, we’re bringing you right into the worlds of all your favourite characters. Join Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in a magical, musical stage show, walk in Harry Potter’s footsteps or watch a whole new version of Romeo & Juliet unfold...

31% off Peter Pan at Under the Bridge

Get 31% off Peter Pan at Under the Bridge! Book by 26 September to get 31% off this colourful, fast-paced musical adaptation of a childhood classic, suitable for tots aged 4 and above.

scene from the theatre production of Peter Pan

The Very Hungry Caterpillar at The Happy Crafters Club

Get crafty with The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Head at The Happy Crafters Club with your little ones under 8 years old, and help bring the classic storybook to life through arts, crafts and a whole lot of imagination.

40% off Harry Potter London Experience

Unlock Harry Potter’s London while you save save 40%. Potterheads aged 8 and above will explore the world of their favourite wizard in this magical tour, starting at the Palace Theatre.

& Juliet

Move over Romeo - it’s Juliet's time to shine! Grab your older kids aged 12 and above and catch & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theatre to see her take centre stage as she writes her own ending in this glorious new musical.

scene from the theatre production of & Juliet

The Cake & Bake Show 2019

Have your cake and eat it with 56% off The Cake & Bake Show! Grab your mini bakers aged 5 and above, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a delicious day of baking demonstrations, competitions and tasting!

Save 40% on the UK’s biggest family raves

Grab your glow sticks and UV paint and get ready to rave with your little ones aged under 12 years old. With events across the country, there’s always a Raver Tots event taking place near you.

Written By
Sophie Orman

<p>She is a family-oriented writer with a focus on creating memorable experiences with teenage children. Sophie's passion for family-friendly destinations, cultural events, and fashion is reflected in her writing, and she has a talent for finding and uncovering the best family-friendly activities. With a keen interest in travel, art, and chocolate, Sophie brings a unique perspective to the world of family entertainment and is dedicated to providing engaging content for parents and teens alike.</p>

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