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Weekly Offers, 28th-3rd November

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The leaves have turned orange, the pumpkins are grinning from the windowsill and we are well and truly in the spooky spirit. Whether you’re in the mood for real scares or on the hunt for some magic, there’s plenty of frightful fun for everyone.

24% off Halloween Ghost Bus Tour

Start your spooktacular ride at The Grand Hotel and see all the London sights with a Halloween twist on this Ghost Bus Tours comedy-horror experience on wheels. Parents, and kids aged 8 and above can enjoy a theatrical tour performed by classically-trained actors telling spooky stories and fearsome facts.

London ghost bus tours at london bridge

36% off: Area 51 Escape Room

Can you escape Area 51? Time travel and aliens come together in Shepherd's Bush. Area 51 Escape Room invites young adrenaline seekers aged 10 and above to travel back in time and take on beings from another planet. Can you make it out in time?

Fright Night at the Brunswick Centre

Free, freaky Fright Night fun! Head to the Brunswick Centre for their annual Halloween Fright Night suitable for little ones aged 3 and above. Expect fire eaters, face painters, costumes and loads more.

40% off Harry Potter London Experience

No muggles allowed! Walk in the footsteps of your favourite wizards and witches on this Harry Potter London Experience, perfect for Potterheads aged 8 and above. Gather around the Palace Theatre and fly over Trafalgar Square, the West End, Shakespeare's Globe and much more as you learn fun facts about the films.

harry potter wand at millenium bridge

The Magic Hour

Calling all aspiring magicians aged 10 and above! Join a master magician in Sheraton Grand London Park Lane for an exclusive close-up magic show that will dazzle the whole family.

Room on the Broom Halloween Special with Sally's Adventure Club

Do your kids love Julia Donaldson? This Room-on-the-Broom Sally’s Adventure Club session will take your mini explorers aged 2 and above on a magical adventure through Highgate Wood.

boy running in the fields

Come face to face with history on the Cloak & Dagger Tour

Explore the darker side of London’s history! Older kids aged 15 and above will be thrilled to experience the immersive Cloak & Dagger Tour as they explore some of the most disgusting and terrible parts of the city’s past, starting from The George Inn.

After spending 15 years working for some of the UK's top magazines and newspapers, Henri joined Kidadl in 2017 as a content manager and is now responsible for making sure all projects at Kidadl are delivered on time and provide parents with the very best tools and resources to educate and entertain their children. When she's not chasing copy, Henri can be found out and about exploring North London's green spaces with her two sons aged 6 and 9.

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