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Weekly Offers, 30th-6th October

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Get a taste of the best family fun and celebrate British Food Fortnight with Kidadl. Have a delicious day out with these delectable deals and the sweetest treats.

The Cake & Bake Show 2019

Mary Berry who? All ages are invited to roll up their sleeves, whack on their apron and get ready for an incredible day out at ExCel London for the ultimate Cake & Bake Show.

22% off 60-Minute Chocolatier Workshop at Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory

Channel your inner Willy Wonka at Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory in Windsor. Your mini bakers aged 4 and above can become a chocolatier for the day and learn to make delicious chocolatey treats.

The London Cheese Crawl

Are you a family of cheese-lovers? Grab your older kids aged 8 and above and head out on The Cheese Crawl starting from Green Park to explore London in the camembest way possible.

a wide selection of cheeses at a shop


What's cooking at the Adelphi Theatre? Come and experience the smash-hit musical Waitress with your older kids aged 12 and above- you'll definitely want to come back for a second serving!

Dr. Dolittle at The Cockpit

Calling all future vets aged 3 and above! You can now join Dr Dolittle at The Cockpit. Book your tickets to this brilliant stage adaptation of the classic story of a doctor who can talk to animals.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical! 2019

Bring your ideas to life on stage of the Lyric Theatre at The Showstoppers' Kids Show. At this undeniably unique unscripted extravaganza suitable for kids 5 and above, the story is entirely in your hands, so no two shows are ever the same!

the showstoppers kids show poster

School of Rock - The Musical

Join Mr Schneebly and co. in the hilariously rebellious School of Rock at New London Theatre. Little ones aged 5 and above, will be air-guitaring all the way home!

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Sophie Orman

<p>She is a family-oriented writer with a focus on creating memorable experiences with teenage children. Sophie's passion for family-friendly destinations, cultural events, and fashion is reflected in her writing, and she has a talent for finding and uncovering the best family-friendly activities. With a keen interest in travel, art, and chocolate, Sophie brings a unique perspective to the world of family entertainment and is dedicated to providing engaging content for parents and teens alike.</p>

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