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Originally Published on Aug 05, 2020
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Finding a café with a menu that caters to your kids' needs as well as your own can be tricky sometimes, but, whether you're a Norfolk local or visiting for afternoon tea and coffee, Kidadl can help.

Norfolk is known for its stunning views, lovely people and amazing cafes. From urban jungle inspired cafés, to coffee on the beach front, this list will be your go-to resource when you're in need of a relaxing cafe in Norfolk to snack, drink and play.

Everything is on the menu at these Norfolk cafes!

Biddy's Tea Room

This family-friendly café in Norfolk is the perfect cosy spot for any history lover! Biddy's is an independent Victorian inspired tea room. With over 50 blends of teas, you'll never be short on drinks to choose from in this small and cosy space. The staff are very helpful and friendly. There is parking within a five minute walk and the cafe has toilets and baby-changing facilities for your use. 


Old Town Beach Cafe

This dog friendly beach hut café is perfect for kids and adults alike. You can park South of Hunstanton and enjoy a lovely walk to the local beach cafe where there is are baby-changing facilities and high chairs for kids as well as great lunch time choices for children on the menu. There are also lots of great vegan options here! There is parking nearby and toilets onsite.


A blue beach hut cafe open and ready for business.

Image © Old Town Beach Cafe

Urban Jungle Norwich

This is a cafe adventure you don't want to miss. Connecting plants, people, food and fun, this Norfolk cafe is one the kids will love. This truly exotic garden experience is a fantastic way for families to connect with nature and the surroundings of the Norfolk coast through tea, coffee and sweet goods. The car park at Costessy is currently closed but there is other parking nearby, guests are asked not to park on the road. There is a composting toilet onsite but please note that there are no baby changing facilities here.


Lighthouse Cafe

A dog friendly cafe serving a variety of delicious homemade meals, scones, cakes, breakfasts and daily specials. The Lighthouse Cafe also sells local crafts. Within a short walking distance of the beach, and now open again for service, this cafe guarantees an enjoyable visit. Children can play on the grass and you can all enjoy a lovely view from the cliff top with a coffee, cake and tea. There is parking onsite, as well as baby changing facilities and toilets.


Coffee and Bundt cake with a slice taken out of it on blue plates.

Elham Tea Post

Serving beautifully baked goods, this tea room offers a variety of delicious food and drinks. After undergoing renovation in 2014, Elham Tea Post is now rated in the top 15% of cafes in Norfolk on TripAdvisor. There are toilets onsite (including baby changing facilities) and free parking within a two minute walk from the cafe.

Cafe Gelato

Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially ice cream lovers. This cafe was rated number one for desserts in Norwich, so its definitely a must-visit! With a variety of ice creams and coffee, the menu won't disappoint. There is a good space for kids to be seated and toilets too (but no baby changing facilities specifically). There is plenty of space for buggies and there is parking nearby.

White House Farm Cafe

The White House Farm Cafe in Norwich caters for breakfast and lunch, serving a great variety of food, coffee and tea. There is parking nearby. Don't miss their cheese scones - rumoured to be the best in Norwich! 

Cup of thick hot chocolate with marshmallows and a small jug filled with mini marshmallows on a wooden table.

Wroxham Barns

Wroxham Barns is a family experience, the cafe is an added bonus! From junior farm activities, to shopping and crafts, there's something for everyone on this menu. It's a great way to spend your day - your kids will not want to leave! There is water play,  go karts, alpacas and even a guinea pig farm. Serving tea, coffee and cakes, the cafe at Wroxham Barns provides a great space to take a break from all the fun. There is free parking, disability access, toilets and baby-changing facilities.


Wells-Next-The-Sea Beach Cafe

One of the most beautiful Norfolk cafe's, this one is right by the sea. Fresh coffee, fresh croissants, and a fresh breeze is all you need for this visit. From sandwiches and rolls to hot pastries and a kids special sarnie and sweets to choose from, this is a perfect family-friendly cafe. There are accessible toilets and baby-changing facilities on site.


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