Aladdin Pantomime (Lyric Hammersmith)

Anusuya Mukherjee
Jan 30, 2024 By Anusuya Mukherjee
Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
Poster for Lyric Hammersmith's Aladdin pantomime.
Age: 6+
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  • Disney classic and now one of the nation’s favourite pantomimes, Aladdin, will be spreading more magical joy at the Lyric Theatre London in Christmas 2021.
  • Expect plenty of laughs, enchanting songs and of course everyone’s favourite genie at this upcoming Lyric Hammersmith panto.
  • Ticket prices increase with demand, so make sure you book in your Christmas 2021 entertainment now with Aladdin!

Ready to journey to a whole new world? Take a ride on the magic carpet and dive into this Aladdin pantomime next Christmas at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.

When lovable rogue Aladdin frees a whimsical genie from a magic lamp, they work together to try and woo the beautiful Princess Jasmine, who Aladdin falls in love with but is forbidden to marry as he’s not a prince. Fighting off the evil Jafar through plenty of magical twists and turns and enchanting Arabian nights, Disney’s Aladdin became a much-loved family favourite in 1992 and has since taken to the stage in countless panto productions across the UK.

Close up of red theatre seats.

The Lyric Hammersmith London is one of the country’s leading theatre venues and produces high-quality pantomimes every year that are full of music, humour and a healthy dose of festive fun. Written by Vikki Stone and directed by Abigail Graham, you can expect the Lyric Theatre’s usual twists on Aladdin’s classic story next Christmas at this new pantomime in London, in a production that is sure to make all of your family’s wishes come true.

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What to know before you go

  • The show is recommended for ages 6+. Those under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Audio-described, BSL-interpreted and captioned performances are available for Aladdin.
  • The Lyric Hammersmith is fully accessible with two lifts, step-free access and disabled toilets on site.
  • There are baby-changing facilities at the theatre and breastfeeding is welcomed in all public areas.
  • There are also gender-neutral and all-gender toilets on site.
  • For pre or post-theatre dining at the venue, the Lyric Bar & Grill serves lunch and dinner with a roof garden overlooking Lyric Square, or the Lyric Café on the ground floor serves snacks, light bites and hot and cold drinks.
  • There are also plenty of places to eat right outside the theatre including Bill’s, Tortilla, Nando’s, Wagamama, Pret A Manger, Subway and Caffè Nero.

Getting there

  • There is a paid car park at Kings Mall just after Leamore Street. It is open 24 hours and offers disabled parking spaces.
  • Hammersmith Tube station is just a two-minute walk away, serving the Circle, Hammersmith & City lines.
  • The nearest mainline train station is Kensington (Olympia), serving the Overground and Southern lines.
  • Hammersmith Bus Station is also a two-minute walk away, serving the 72, 190, 218, 267, 306, 391, 533, H91, N9, N11, N33, N72 and N266 buses.

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Poster for Lyric Hammersmith's Aladdin pantomime.

Aladdin Pantomime (Lyric Hammersmith)