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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
Someone posing with a statue of The Beatles walking through Liverpool.
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  • Follow in the footsteps of the Fab Four and take a trip down Penny Lane with this enlightening Liverpool tour through Beatles history.
  • Embark on a two-hour walking tour of Liverpool and its UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Royal Albert Dock, taking you through the sites and streets that helped shape the most popular band of all time.
  • Led by an expert local guide, explore the city where the boys grew up and discover landmark locations, hidden gems and statues of Britain’s most iconic musical artists.

Journey through Liverpool’s vibrant musical history on foot with this Beatles-themed tour that will show you all of the city’s most famous sites and the areas that inspired some of the most-loved songs in the world. Walk the very same streets that Paul, John, George and Ringo explored in their youth, learning loads of The Beatles facts from your entertaining Liverpudlian guide as you go.

Your intimate Beatles tour Liverpool will begin at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the city’s historic docks, where statues of the Fab Four reside. After some all-important photo ops, your light-paced walking tour will take you through the best places to see in Liverpool exploring the docklands and Town Hall before heading to the famous Mathew Street Walk, home to the Eleanor Rigby and Cilla Black statues. Relive The Beatles’ history as you round off your trip at the iconic Cavern Club, where the band played their first ever show.

People posing with statues of The Beatles in Liverpool.

The Beatles & World Heritage Liverpool tours are a great way to see the city sights whilst unleashing your inner Beatlemania and immersing yourself in the vibrant home of Britain’s rock and roll history, learning tons of facts and discovering hidden gems as you go. For more music-centric things to do in Liverpool, your tour start point is handily right by the British Music Experience and The Beatles Museum Liverpool just along the docks.

What to know before you go

  • Tours last for two hours and end on Mathew Street, by the Cilla Black Statue and outside of the Cavern Club.
  • The tour is suitable for all ages with a light walking pace and the streets are largely accessible, but please bear in mind that is a two-hour route on foot.
  • There are public toilets and baby changing facilities at Liverpool ONE’s Information Centre and the Royal Albert Dock.
  • For pre or post tour dining, you can find The Granary, Caffè Nero and Bacaro Italian at your start point or Turtle Bay, Pizza Express and Piccolino near to the tour’s final location.

Getting there

  • The meeting point for the Beatles & World Heritage Site Walk is The Beatles Statue at Pier Head.
  • If travelling by car, follow signs to the Waterfront. There is limited on-street parking, but there are a range of car parks located around the docks.
  • Liverpool James Street station is a five-minute walk to the start point, Moorfields is a 10-minute walk and Liverpool Lime Street is a 20-minute walk to the Beatles Statue.
  • The closest bus stops are Goree and The Goree Adj Mann Island, serving routes 10A, 12, 13, 14, 14A, 14B, 15, 18, 26, 79, 79C, 136 and 800.
  • You can also take the boat to Mersey Ferry terminal, just opposite the Cunard Building.

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Someone posing with a statue of The Beatles walking through Liverpool.

Beatles & World Heritage Site Walk