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An air-conditioned luxury coach is awaiting you for transportation to Stonehenge and back. Buy Stonehenge day trip tickets today.

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What to expect

This splendid tour takes you to Stonehenge, Bath, and the Roman Baths to explore the history and mystery of these places. An air-conditioned luxury coach will be your ride for the day from London to all these attractions. With this ticket, you get a professional tour guide to impart knowledge about the landmarks you will see during this full-day tour. This ticket gives you admission to Stonehenge, a walking tour of Bath, and admission to the Roman Baths (even the Georgian Pump Room in the Roman Baths). You even get an audio guide at Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. Stonehenge tours have always been exciting for visitors due to the rich history behind them and the picturesque location of the landmark.

People from all over the world love Stonehenge tours. You won't need to worry about a thing inside the luxury coaches as you travel from London to Stonehenge. It's definitely worth a visit. Don't wait for too long; book your Stonehenge day trip tickets today.

About The Stonehenge and Roman Baths Day Trip

What is Stonehenge famous for?

Stonehenge is as fascinating as it gets. It is a mystery site on the Salisbury Plains with majestic stones covering the whole area. Stonehenge is a breathtaking formation of towering stones, which have stood at the site for more than 5,000 years. Is it not astonishing to think that this ancient architecture is so robust and brilliant that it has stood at the site without any damage for thousands of years?

The audio guide provided for these Stonehenge tours will let you know about the stories of Stonehenge while you explore the area. Take pictures of this wonder and visit the exhibition centre to learn even more about the beautiful site.

This prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, consists of an outer ring of vertical sarsen stone standing around 13 ft (four m) high and seven ft (two m) wide. Each standing stone has a weight of 25 ton (25,000 kg), and all the stones are topped by connecting horizontal stones. Archaeologists believe that these stones were erected between 3000-2000 BC. The earliest phase of the monument, the surrounding circular earth bank and ditch of Stonehenge, dates back to around 3100 BC. The first bluestones were raised in around 2400-2200 BC according to radiocarbon dating data. Stonehenge is a British cultural icon, and the site has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stonehenge was given UNESCO World Heritage Site status by the organization in 1986.

Contact the visitor center to find out more about London-Stonehenge tours.

There are also bus tours available to the location. Bus tour gives you the freedom to stop and stare for a while at the magnificence of Stonehenge. The stone circle is something you should not miss for the world.

What do you see on the Stonehenge and Roman Baths day trip?

These London-Stonehenge tours take you to visit Stonehenge and all of the 5,000 years of mystery and history on the windy Salisbury plain. Check out the Stone Circle and feel the power of day trips from Stonehenge tours. Take a break at Bath for lunch and check out Bath Abbey, the Pulteney Bridge that overlooks the Avon river, the Jane Austen centre, the 1771 Assembly Rooms, and many more. Take a break from the free Wi-Fi of your coach and enjoy some serenity on the Stonehenge and Bath tour.

After the Bath walking tour, take a visit to the Roman Baths, which are actually 2,000 years old. Explore the ancient Roman statues and the Georgian Pump Room. The Roman Baths have a Roman temple. The Great Bath is surrounded by a beautiful terrace and the sacred pool, which is the main place for Roman worship. Take a trip to the Roman city of Bath; there's nothing these day trips cannot offer.

Bath was actually the first city in England to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can see the stunning Bath Abbey on the Stonehenge tours. The 15th century Bath Abbey, the iconic Pulteney Bridge, and the beautiful Georgian architecture are all here for you to explore. Buy tickets for Stonehenge tours to see Bath and the Roman Baths.

What can I expect from the Stonehenge and Roman Baths day trip?

This UK trip from London to Stonehenge gives you a plain and simple history of the 5,000 years old Salisbury plain monument and the Stone Circle. Visit Stonehenge with a guide and learn more about this structure. This Stonehenge tour lets you travel on a luxury bus, explore Stonehenge, have lunch at Bath, and then see the historical Roman Baths with combined Stonehenge tickets.

Take a tour from London and see these mysterious attractions of Britain. An audio headset at Stonehenge and the Roman Baths, a professional tour guide, and more are included with tickets for the day tours. Stonehenge is the biggest reason to take this day trip from London. You won't see anything like it anywhere else in the world. The best time to visit Stonehenge is before 9:30 a.m. or after 4 p.m. in summers and 2 p.m. in winters. Remember not to touch the stones as it is illegal to do so. The area has been damaged year after year and the government has taken steps to counter this. Stonehenge is closed at night and guarded. It is not lit at night as, when it was, cars and lorries met with accidents due to its magnificence during the nighttime. One of the tallest stones is buried as deep as 6.5 ft (two m).

Take a small walking tour in Bath and check out the beautiful architecture and landmarks of the city. The Bath tour includes a walking tour where you will also have your lunch. A tour bus is actually the best way to check out new things in the country. Bath is a Georgian city with beautiful terraces and buildings. You can also spend a day basking in the beauty of this historic city.

The day tours end with a trip to the Roman Baths and then head back to London. The Roman Baths were constructed around 2,000 years ago on the only hot water spring in Britain.

Get your tickets for the tours today and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Contact the visitor centre for more information.

How long does the Stonehenge and Roman Baths day trip take?

The total duration of the tour is 11 hours. The starting time of the tour is 8:15 a.m. Get your tickets and backpack ready for this mesmerising trip.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Stonehenge and Roman Baths day trip start?

Meet your guide at gate 18-20 of Victoria Coach Station. The address of the meeting point is 164 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia, SW1W 9TP, London.

How do I get to the trip's departure point?

If you are travelling from London and in a personal vehicle, take The Mall road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

Victoria is the nearest train and tube station. It is a few minutes away from the meeting point. Victoria station is located in Central London, and Stonehenge is around 89 mi (143 km) from this point.

Victoria Coach Station is the nearest bus stop, and this is the point from where the luxury coach to Stonehenge will leave.

Check with the visitor centre for any extra information.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

Reach the departure point at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. Check-in starts at 8:00 a.m.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

You will find public toilets all along the way.

What facilities are available on the coach?

The luxury coach provides free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, space, and much more on the tours.

Is the tour accessible?

The tour is not suitable for wheelchairs as it is an outdoor activity. Do make sure to confirm this while booking tickets.

Where can I eat on the tour?

As food and drinks are not added to the tickets, you can have your lunch in Bath city. Here are some popular recommendations: Green Park Brasserie, Goulash, Kekolo Coffee, and The Packhorse.

You can even have some food after reaching London at the end of the tour. Here are some recommendations near the drop-off point: Caffe Nero, The Athenian, Travellers Tavern, and Melissa's Kitchen.

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