Book Tickets For This Epic Theatre Production! Shen Yun Is Live In London

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2021
Book Tickets For This Epic Theatre Production! Shen Yun Is Live In London
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Five thousand years of Chinese culture is explored in the extraordinary performance of Shen Yun. Critically acclaimed on the international scene, Shen Yun is a classical Chinese dance that pushes the boundaries of the performing arts. Shen Yun is returning to London for a limited time, and you should not miss it for the world.

Drawing upon 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation and a lot more in between, Shen Yun features one of the oldest forms of art: the classical Chinese dance form. The mesmerising beauty and enchanting wisdom of Chinese culture are portrayed in this show. Shen Yun was originally created in 2006 by New York-based creatives, and there has been no looking back. Experience the dance form of ancient China and traditional Chinese culture by attending a Shen Yun performance in London.

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About Shen Yun

What is Shen Yun about?

China is a country with a rich history, and the Eventim Apollo in London is bringing its traditions and dance forms right to your doorstep. This show draws upon 5,000 years of culture from mainland China and employs a cast of around 80 talented people, including musicians, singers, and dancers. Shen Yun combines classical Chinese dance with beautiful costumes, 3D enhanced sets, and a live orchestra. Starting in New York, the group behind Shen Yun Performing Arts now performs everywhere from Europe to South America.

Shen Yun is worth seeing. It provides a unique opportunity for the current generation to explore Chinese history and culture by bringing old stories to the theatre.

The dance form is currently restricted in China, and Shen Yun is a response to the Chinese government's policy that has jeopardised both artistic practices and traditional dance in the country. It is said that the ban is due to political oppression in the country. The government has tried to suppress expressions of traditional Chinese history, which also include this dance form. The precious heritage of this dance is at risk of being lost.

Shen Yun can be roughly translated to 'the beauty of divine beings dancing'.

Shen Yun brings audiences a world of poets and maidens, warriors and philosophers. With this show, you can admire the elegance and grace of the dancers, the strength and bravery of the warriors, and see the historical roots of Chinese culture. It's a performance of a lifetime and is only on at the Eventim Apollo in London for a limited time period. Don't miss it! Book Shen Yun tickets today for a memorable experience.

What age is Shen Yun suitable for?

Children under five are not allowed inside the theatre.

What is the running time of Shen Yun?

The runtime of the show is two hours and 15 minutes, which also includes an interval.

Who is performing in Shen Yun London?

The cast has not been announced yet.

What can I expect from Shen Yun?

Expect to see Chinese culture before communism in the country. Traditional Chinese dance will be on display at the show.

There is no dress code given for the event.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Shen Yun being performed in London?

The address of the venue is the Eventim Apollo, 45 Queen Caroline St, London W6 9QH, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Eventim Apollo?

If you are travelling to the theatre by car, take the A4 to reach your destination quickly.

You can also choose to use the famous London Tube network. The nearest Tube station is Hammersmith and can be reached on the District, Piccadilly, and Hammersmith and City lines.

The nearest train station is Kensington (Olympia).

Where can I park at the Eventim Apollo?

The nearest car park is near Kings Mall.

Where are the toilets at the Eventim Apollo?

There are toilets available inside the theatre, with an accessible toilet near the wheelchair seating area.

Is the Eventim Apollo accessible?

The theatre is accessible. There is step-free access via an access ramp at the main entrance. You can also access the stalls with step-free access from the foyer at the entrance and bar area. The stalls also have wheelchair spaces on opposite sides of the auditorium. Four wheelchairs can be accommodated on each side with spaces for their partners.

Step-free access to the Circle is not available.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are many good options to eat near the theatre, like Antipode, Ringo Pizza, Truth, Rangrez, Cafe De Nata, and The Gate Hammersmith.

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