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What to expect

The Tower Vaults, next to the Tower of London, is here to give you a Gunpowder Plot experience produced by Layered Reality and Historic Royal Palaces. The play features live actors, multi-sensory special effects, and virtual reality to give audiences an active role in a story that takes you back to 1605. As you make your attempt to escape the tower, the groundbreaking immersive technology will give you a chance to find a secret safe house and make an escape along the Thames and to the Houses of Parliament. Layered Reality, who were responsible for the production of Jeff Wayne's 'The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience', produces The Gunpowder Plot, a dreamy and immersive VR experience.

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About The Gunpowder Plot Immersive Experience

What is The Gunpowder Plot immersive experience?

The story is set in London in 1605. The city of London is divided, and rebellion is at an all-time high. The peace of the country is at risk, and the world is full of spies and informants hiding in shadows. You have the opportunity to step into this world and go undercover. You will unmask the mysterious characters involved in the most infamous plot of British history. Surrounded by traitors, be a part of the immersive events through next-generation technology as you make a daring attempt to escape the Tower of London, find a secret safe house, and make the journey along the Thames to the Houses of Parliament.

The fifth of November comes alive in this exciting experience that is fully immersive. The Gunpowder Plot is based on Guy Fawkes' 1605 attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. You will be sent back in time to take part in a story of conspiracy, with an immersive experience in the vaults opposite the Tower of London. Guy Fawkes and his team were imprisoned and tortured in the tower that you will be in!

You are the protagonist in Layered Reality's production of The Gunpowder Plot experience.

Live theatre, VR, projection mapping, volumetric holograms, and virtual effects are used by Layered Reality to create a 3D world that feels like a real 1605 London. The Gunpowder Plot experience is very similar to Jeff Wayne's 'The War of the World', with all the latest digital tech being used by the incredible team. It will feel like a movie is happening all around you.

Book The Gunpowder Plot Experience tickets for one of the best events of the year. The new layered reality will transport you back to 1605.

King James I was the king during the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

What can I expect from The Gunpowder Plot?

This is an immersive theatre space in the vaults, where the historical events of 5 November, 1605, will come alive. Explore this magical experience with real sensations mixed with digital technology and physical movement.

Jeff Wayne's 'The War of the World: The Immersive Experience' has won multiple awards like Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice 2021, Epic Megagrants Recipient (awarded by Fortnite developers, Epic Games), and a THEA Award. It is also No. eight of All London Nightlife.

The creative team of The Gunpowder Plot experience portrays a script written by Danny Robins (writer of the hit podcast 'The Battersea Poltergeist' and '2:22 A Ghost Story'). The creative director is Hannah Price (the co-artistic director of the King's Head Theatre and the Performance director of many BAFTA winning AAA games). The team includes curator Alden Gregory and producer Tim Powell.

What age is The Gunpowder Plot suitable for?

The Gunpowder Plot experience is suitable for everyone that can handle the thrills and suspense of the biggest attraction in London this year. However, it is recommended for individuals 10+.

Enjoy Jacobean London, and book your The Gunpowder Experience tickets now.

How long does Immersive London's The Gunpowder Plot last?

The show presented by Historic Royal Palaces and Layered Reality runs for one hour 40 minutes.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Immersive London's The Gunpowder Plot?

The address is 8-12 Tower Hill Vaults, London EC3N 4EE.

How do I get to Tower Vaults?

If you are taking a car to the Vaults, take the A3212 to reach the destination in the least possible time.

Tower Hill Tube Station is the nearest tube station to the destination. It is just a few minutes away.

London Fenchurch Street is the nearest train station.

Where can I park?

Q-Park Tower Bridge and Minories Car Park are some of the nearest car parks.

Where are the toilet facilities at Tower Vaults?

There are toilets available in the Vaults. Public toilets are also available near the area.

Are the Tower Vaults accessible?

Wheelchair-accessible performances are available on certain days of the month.

Where can I eat nearby?

Restaurants to try near the area are New Armouries Cafe, Pret A Manger, and Cote Brasserie.

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