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See the most powerful man in New York of the past in the character of Robert Moses. Buy 'Straight Line Crazy' London tickets.

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What to expect

Ralph Fiennes plays the role of Robert Moses, a character whose strong will showed the weakness of democracy with charismatic conviction. For forty uninterrupted years, Robert Moses was the main power behind the throne in New York and he believed in improving the life of New York City's workers by building better care access, new bridges, and new parks. People began to join hands against his ideas. To know more, watch the world premiere of the latest play from David Hare. See the blazing account of the life of a powerful man with charm in New York. Watch designer Bob Crowley spin his magic onstage. Book 'Straight Line Crazy' tickets today.

About 'Straight Line Crazy'

What is 'Straight Line Crazy' about?

This play is the blazing account of the life of a man whose will, in the face of charismatic conviction, exposed the weakness of democracy. The story is of a powerful man, Robert Moses, who was the king of New York for forty uninterrupted years. By intimidation, sheer charm, and a hint of guile, Robert Moses manipulated the hierarchy of power in New York, even when he was never elected to office. He was a public official who was the New York Secretary of State and also served on the New York State Council of Parks. He wanted to improve the life of New York City's workers and for this, he made new bridges, new parks, and a 627 mi (1009 km) expressway. However, the '50s saw a group of people at grass roots organize against his ideas and the motor car. They wanted the city to be completely opposite to how it was becoming.

Watch the world premiere and get 'Straight Line Crazy' tickets today. Watch the magic from director Nicholas Hytner, writer David Hare, designer Bob Crowley, and the dynamic actor, Ralph Fiennes.

Did you know David Hare even won two Olivier Awards for his other shows and is one of only four writers to achieve this?

What age is 'Straight Line Crazy' suitable for?

The age restriction has not been disclosed yet. Children with an understanding of the show can most likely attend with an adult with valid 'Straight Line Crazy' tickets.

How long is 'Straight Line Crazy'?

The duration has not been announced yet.

Who is in the 'Straight Line Crazy' London cast?

The cast is led by Ralph Fiennes (known for portraying Lord Voldemort in the 'Harry Potter' series and he also appeared in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'). It also includes Alisha Bailey, David Bromley, Samuel Barnett, Ian Kirkby, Al Coppola, Siobhan Cullen, Alana Maria, Helen Schlesinger, Guy Paul, Dani Moseley, Mary Stillwaggon Stewart, and Danny Webb.

Who is the team behind 'Straight Line Crazy'?

Nicholas Hytner directs the play. The writer is David Hare, the designer is Bob Crowley, the lighting designer is Jessica Hung Han Yun, the sound designer is George Dennis, the composer is George Fenton, the casting director is Robert Sterne, the associate director is Jamie Armitage, and associate designer is Jaimie Todd. The team also includes Helen Johnson, Anna Lewis, and Jonny Pascoe.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'Straight Line Crazy' being performed?

The address is The Bridge Theatre, 3 Potters Fields Park, London SE1 2SG, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Bridge Theatre?

Take the A3211 road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

London Bridge is the nearest train station.

The nearest tube station is the London Bridge station.

You can also choose to take a bus to Tooley Street or Druid Street. Both are a few minutes away.

Where can I park near the Bridge Theatre?

You can park at Q-Park Tower Bridge.

Where are the toilet facilities at the Bridge Theatre?

There are toilets on the site with three gender-neutral accessible toilets available.

Is the Bridge Theatre accessible?

Level access is available to the foyer. A lift is also available to get to the stalls.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations are The Ivy Tower Bridge, Vapiano, The Real Greek, and Restaurant Story.

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