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Les Miserables is based on a classic novel by Victor Hugo.

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What to expect

Watch the cast deliver spectacular individual performances that will take your breath away with a critically-acclaimed, fully-staged production of Les Misérable by Cameron Mackintosh.

Les Misérables is a novel turned into a sung-through musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg, Alain Boublil, Jean-Marc Natel, and Herbert Kretzmer. The story is about the French Revolution and the Paris Uprising. Les Misérables was first released in French in 1980 and adapted into English by Cameron Mackintosh. Since then, there has been no looking back. It is the longest-running musical in the West End and is also the second longest-running musical in the world. Les Misérables has been entertaining audiences in London since 1985 with its grandeur and moving songs. As the years have gone by, Les Misérables has moved to The Queens Theatre (now called Sondheim Theatre) from The Palace Theatre. Since then, Les Misérables has been a smash-hit, and it continues to wow viewers with fantastic performances and exquisite songs. The production has been a success all over the world.

Now is your opportunity to watch the Les Misérables musical and take away some unforgettable memories from this superb show. Book your Les Miserables London tickets now.

About Les Misérables

What is Les Misérables about?

Les Misérables is based on the novel by Victor Hugo, which was written in 1862. The book is based on a set of stories taking place in the middle of the French Revolution. The revolution may not immediately scream theatre or a musical, but the play, popularly known as Les Mis, has defied norms to become the longest-running musical production in the West End. Not only that, but the production is also the second longest-running musical in the world, just behind the original off-Broadway run of The Fantasticks. It has now been seen by more than 70 million people worldwide.

Les Misérables was first developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the mid-80s and made the producer of the production, Cameron Mackintosh, a well-known man all over the planet. With a sung-through score by Claude-Michel Schonberg and lyrics by Alain Boublil, Les Misérables is among the most popular musicals and has garnered rave reviews all over the planet.

As the story is set during the French Revolution, there are a lot of aspects of Les Misérables that are directed related to it. The twisted Madame and Monsieur Thernadier take the opportunity to increase their profits, while others like Enroljas and Marius, his student, use it to disrupt the political flow of the time. The story of Les Misérables is a thrilling inspiration to many, as it touches on the real issues of the world during those times. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Les Misérables and why it has come back to the West End in London. The moving story of 19th century France is all about love, passion, sacrifice, redemption, and the spirit of revolution.

The story of Les Misérables is set in 19th century France. The story revolves around Jean Valjean, a peasant who was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread. What others did not know was that the loaf of bread was actually for Jean's starving nephew. Les Misérables is Jean's search for redemption as he breaks out of the jail and robs silver from a kind bishop. As Jean flees from prison, he is pursued by a stern police officer named Javert, who was also Jean's prison guard. He soon catches up to his prisoner, but the victim of the theft, the kind bishop helps Jean by covering him and saying the silver was a gift. The bishop even hands over two more candlesticks. Jean Valjean then realises his mistake, and he promises that he will become an honest person from that day on. Little does he know that he and Javert will come face to face again in the future.

As Valjean has promised to be an honest person, he becomes successful in life. He possesses both wealth and morals and joins in the crusade for the good of the country. The policeman Javert also joins in, and although they should be fighting shoulder to shoulder, both rivals end up coming head-to-head once again. Hugo's original novel, Les Misérables, was epic and the original production is every bit as epic as the novel. Boublil and Schonberg's songs are equally interesting, with the drum beats of revolution featured in scores like 'One Day More' and 'Do You Hear The People Sing?'. There are also softer numbers like 'Stars', 'I Dreamed A Dream', and 'Empty Chairs and Empty Tables'. These softer songs are full of love and grief. Les Misérables is more than a drama involving the revolution. While all of the characters have many different layers, Javert is the main antagonist of the story.

There are other characters in Les Misérables , like General Lamarque, who was actually a real figure in the history of France. In real life and in the story, the general is the brave champion of the people. His death leads to the Paris uprising.

Les Misérables is partly inspired by the story of Eugène-François Vidocq who turned his criminal career around to live a better life. Although he was still pursued by the police, he kept on doing good work.

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What is the message of Les Misérables?

The world's most popular musical, Les Misérables , is now back in London at the Sondheim Theatre. The message imparted in Les Misérables is all about love, courage, passion, heartbreak, and the resistance of the human spirit in the direst of situations. The dignity of a human being is shown perfectly in this musical. Les Misérables shows that love and compassion are the best things that can be given to one another. Hugo's emphasis on love is well depicted when Valjean transforms from a hardened and hate-filled criminal into a respected philanthropist. A sense of fulfilment is achieved in Valjean's life, which is all because of love and compassion.

A message of forgiveness and love is shown in Les Misérables at the Sondheim Theatre in London.

The performances of the cast are on point and perfectly bring the story of Les Misérables to life.

The story of Les Misérables, although widely believed to be set during the French Revolution, actually takes place some years later in the year 1815 before the Paris uprising of 1832.

What age is Les Misérables suitable for?

The age recommendation for the show is seven and above. There are flashing lights, gunfire, and smoke in Les Misérables . Everyone needs their own ticket to enter the Sondheim Theatre. All children under the age of 16 years need to be seated with an adult of 18 or older and have their own ticket. Admission to children below the age of three is prohibited.

There is no dress code for the musical. People can wear whatever is comfortable and appropriate.

How long is Les Misérables ?

The runtime of the show is two hours and 50 minutes. It also includes an interval of 15 minutes.

Who is in the Les Misérables cast?

The cast of the play includes Jon Robyns portraying Jean Valjean, Bradley Jaden playing Javert, Chanice Alexander-Burnett playing Fantine, Charlie Burn playing Cosette, Harry Apps playing Marius, Kelly Agbowu playing Madame, Sha Dessi playing Éponine, Gerard Carey playing Thénardier, and Josefina Gabrielle playing Madame Thénardier.

There are also other cast members included in Les Misérables . Some of them include Joseph Anthony, Emma Barr, Richard Carson, Rodney Earl Clarke, Danny Colligan, Matthew Dale, Matt Dempsey, Jessie Hart, Cellen Chigg Jones, and Connor Jones.

Les Misérables is produced by Cameron Mackintosh and is based on and inspired by the book by Victor Hugo; English lyrics are by Herbert Kretzmer, and music is by Claude-Michel Schonberg. Trevor Nunn and John Caird are directing Les Misérables for the Sondheim Theatre in London. It is a musical and not an opera. Get your tickets for Les Misérables now.

Les Misérables, the musical, is running from 30 November 2021 to 13 February 2022.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Les Misérables performed in London?

Les Misérables is playing at the Sondheim Theatre, 51 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6BA, United Kingdom. Book your tickets for the theatre in London now.

Book your tickets for the front and centre of the Dress Circle. These seats will allow you to become immersed in the action.

Remember not to bring hot food with you as it is not allowed inside of the theatre. Snacks can be bought in the theatre. Glass utensils are not allowed.

How do I get to the Sondheim Theatre?

As the theatre is in London, it is fairly easy to travel to. However, you must make sure to keep the busy hours of London city in mind. If you choose to take a car to the theatre, travel via Whitcomb Street. You can also travel via the A400 and Shaftesbury Avenue/A401.

The nearest bus stop to the theatre in London is Shaftesbury Avenue where buses 12, 14, 19, and 38 stop. There are also night buses with numbers 14, N19, and N38.

The other nearest bus stop is Regent Street, from which you can take buses with the numbers 6, 13, 15, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, and 453. Night bus services are numbers 6, 12, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453, N3, N13, N15, N109, N18, and N136.

The nearest Tube stations are on the Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines. The nearest station is Piccadilly Circus Tube Station which is three minutes from the theatre. Leicester Square Tube station is the second nearest with a five-minute walk to the theatre.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross station.

If you travel via Shaftesbury Avenue, the theatre is on the left side just after the Gielgud Theatre.

Where can I park?

The nearest car park is in Chinatown, which is just three minutes from the theatre.

Where are the toilets at the Sondheim Theatre?

The Sondheim Theatre has both male and female toilets on all levels. There are accessible toilets in the foyer on street level.

Is the Sondheim Theatre accessible?

Wheelchair access to the theatre is through the side door (fourth) on Wardour Street. Level access is available into the foyer of the main theatre, bars, box offices, and kiosks.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some good options to eat near the theatre are Simit Sarayi, Jugemu, Yoshino, I Camisa And Son, Macellaio RC Soho, Hana Maria, La Pastaia, and Scotch Steak House.

Book your tickets for Les Misérables in London today!

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