Buy Tickets For Così Fan Tutte At The London Coliseum

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Buy Tickets For Così Fan Tutte At The London Coliseum
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Mozart's comic masterpiece opens at the London Coliseum, bringing all the fun of the fair to the stage with a holiday setting. With Coney Island inspired set production from the New York Metropolitan Opera, Così Dan Tutte is coming to the West End of London. The story is set at a fun fare on Coney Island where two sisters are enjoying their holidays with their fiancés. Don Alfonso enters and begins to play a love game with them. The tale of Così Fan Tutte is a story of love, deceit, and lust. Don't miss this incredible story with a stellar cast. Book your Cosi Fan Tutte London tickets now for a fun-filled evening with a sublime score.

About The Così Fan Tutte Opera

What is Così Fan Tutte?

The story of love, lust, and desire is presented perfectly by the conductor Kerem Hasan and the director Phelim McDermott. Watch as the lovers get caught in a web laid by the ringmaster Don Alfonso. The cast's performance and work of the production crew are brilliant in Cosi Fan Tutte.

Mozart's opera opens at the London Coliseum and is set at the famous Coney Island funfair. Two sisters, Dorabella and Fiordiligi, are enjoying an unforgettable holiday with their fiancés, Guglielmo and Ferrando. Don Alfonso starts a love game and the lovers become caught up in a story of love, lust, and desire.

The Italian 'Cosi Fan Tutte' can be translated to 'so do they all' in English. It was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Harewood artists, Nardus Williams, Hanna Hip, Benson Wilson, Amitai Pati, and Neal Davies, lead the cast.

Don't miss Così Fan Tutte this winter at the London Coliseum. Book your tickets now. You can contact the Box Office for any further help.

What age is Così Fan Tutte suitable for?

This tale of romance and intrigue is suitable for all ages.

How long is Così Fan Tutte?

The runtime is about three hours and 30 minutes.

Who is in the Così Fan Tutte cast?

The story of love, lust, and deceit is led by Kerem Hasan as the conductor. It is directed by Phelim McDermott. It features the Harewood artists Nardus Williams, Hanna Hip, Benson Wilson, Amitai Pati, and Neal Davies.

Which iconic songs will I hear in Così Fan Tutte?

The songs in this unforgettable show are Mozart's sublime score set against a 1950s aesthetic. The exact songs that will be featured have not yet been disclosed for the Cosi Fan Tutte opera. The performance will take you on an unforgettable holiday full of romance and fascination.

The songs are in English. A subtitles system displays the words above the stage of the theatre.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Così Fan Tutte being performed in London?

The address is the London Coliseum, St Martin's Lane, London, WC 4ES, England.

How do I get to the London Coliseum?

Take the A400 in London to reach the theatre.

The nearest Tube station to the theatre is Leicester Square station.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross.

Where can I park at the London Coliseum?

Q-Park Chinatown car park is the nearest place to park for the theatre.

Where are the toilets at the London Coliseum?

There are toilets on all five levels. Four of those levels have accessible toilets. You can find them in the basement, stalls, dress circle, and balcony.

Is the London Coliseum accessible?

The theatre is accessible. There are spaces in the stall boxes and the dress circle for wheelchairs.

Ask the staff or the box office for further assistance. Your Così Fan Tutte tickets can get you access to all levels.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some good options are Fumo, Chandos, Caffe Nero, Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar, and Burrito Cafe.

The world is ready for the performance. Are you? Book Così Fan Tutte tickets for the London theatre now.

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