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The story is from Shakespeare, John Fletcher, and the Resident Writer at the Globe for 2022, Hannah Khalil. Buy 'Henry VIII' tickets.

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What to expect

The story of 'Henry VIII' has been now adapted for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre from the perspective of the myriad spouses. Shakespeare along with John Fletcher had written this story in the past and now Globe's 2022's very own Resident Writer Hannah Khalil (known for 'A Museum in Baghdad') adds a third voice to the tale of 'Henry VIII' which adds a new light. This play has everything including his first love's betrayal, the woman surviving with him, the woman for whom he re-made the religious framework of England, and a lot of death. It is time for the women to take centre stage, and deliver stories from a different perspective. Amy Hodge directs this play for The Globe Theatre. Book 'Henry VIII' tickets for this summer now.

About 'Henry VIII', London

What is 'Henry VIII' about?

This exploration of power, love, and lineage from Shakespeare is best seen here with a female perspective in this extraordinary production at the Globe. The story was co-written by John Fletcher and now a third writer has been added with Hannah Khalil putting new details in place.

The story is the same, just from a new perspective of the women. Henry VIII turning the country upside down to get a male heir is the basic storyline of the play. His goal for a male heir determined his various and questionable actions towards his wives. Reformation is called forth while justice is fought for by a queen. In all of these, the real question is, will the princess step up in power and alter the future?

William Shakespeare and John Fletcher collaborated to write this story about 'Henry VIII' in 1613. It is a collaborative history play that is tragicomic.

Did you know Henry VIII became king at just the age of 18?

What age is 'Henry VIII' suitable for?

The age restriction for the show is not mentioned. Parents and adults must accompany children to the theatre venue at all times, with valid tickets.

How long is 'Henry VIII'?

The runtime has not been announced.

Who is in the 'Henry VIII' London cast?

Women play a major part in this production as it is the story of Henry VIII from a different perspective.

Who is the team behind 'Henry VIII'?

The director of the show is Amy Hodge. Hannah Khalil of 'A Museum in Baghdad' fame is the writer of the show, along with original writers Shakespeare and Fletcher. The designer is Georgia Lowe.

Reminisce on the exploration by Shakespeare of all the different aspects of Henry VIII's personality and learn about the story of the king who turned his country upside down while seeking a male heir. Find out if the princess can alter the coming years in the absence of a son. As justice is the reason the queen fights, join her in this play at the New Globe Walk in London. Get 'Henry VIII' tickets now.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'Henry VIII' being performed?

The address of the venue is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT, United Kingdom.

How do I get to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

If you are travelling to the Globe Theatre in London in your car, take the A3211 road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

London Bridge is the nearest tube station to the Globe Theatre and is just a few minutes away.

London Blackfriars is the nearest train station.

Where can I park near Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

NCP Car Park at Thames Exchange is the nearest parking area to the Globe Theatre.

Where are the toilet facilities at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

There are toilets as well as accessible toilets on the Piazza level.

Is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre accessible?

Both the theatres are fully accessible with accessible entrances. Service dogs are allowed. Separate tickets are available for wheelchair users for wheelchair spaces. Do double-check the details before booking your tickets.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are many restaurants in the area that are great for family and friends. A few recommendations in the area are Porky's BBQ, Tas Pide, The Real Greek, Swan at the Globe, and Zizzi.

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