Harry Potter Film Locations Tour

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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross.
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  • Discover the magic of the Harry Potter filming locations in central London with your family on this fantastic walking tour. 
  • Looking for a Harry Potter walking tour in London? This exciting Evan Evans tour will bring the magic of the city to life as you walk in Harry's footsteps and visit the exact locations featured in the films, including Platform 9 ¾.
  • Tickets for the Harry Potter London locations tour start from just £28.
  • Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before your visit date. Changes are possible for this ticket.

Do you and your kids know where the Harry Potter film locations in London are? Follow in the footsteps of The Boy Who Lived and his friends and discover the filming locations, including the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley. You may even see a few broomsticks swooping ahead! 

close-up of wand with st paul's cathedral in background in soft focus

You will have a true wizarding expert guiding your tour from start to finish. They will lead the way and help you to unearth some of the Harry Potter shooting locations and immerse you in the magical world we all know and love. You will stand at the Leaky Cauldron and even walk along Millennium Bridge - but make sure you watch out for the Death Eaters! When you arrive at Platform 9 ¾, don’t forget to take a photo and then try to make your way to Hogwarts.

If you're looking for more to do after the tour, don’t miss a visit to the Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross Station. Kidadler Sammy says, "I took my son to Kings Cross and saw Platform 9 ¾ which was free. He loved it!! We got there early to avoid the crowds... then he spent at least an hour in the shop there, which is kind of like a museum as so many amazing themed goods.... not just stuff to buy but the shop looks like something out of Harry Potter. He spent all his pocket money savings on a wand but he loved trying out all the different wands there belonging to each of the characters."

If you are spending more time at home, why not have a little family fun with JK Rowling’s brand new Harry Potter At Home hub where you will find loads of magical treats to keep you entertained. To get you started, here are some of our favourite Harry Potter activities. And if that wasn’t enough, here are some extremely important lessons we learnt from Harry Potter

What to know before you go

  • The tour starts at 9am at Exit 1 of Westminster Underground station but you're recommended to arrive by 8.45am. Don’t be late as the tour will leave without you!
  • Please present your smartphone ticket to your guide at the starting point. If you have purchased a reduced ticket, you may be asked to show a valid proof of eligibility (ID / student ID).
  • A professional guide and headset will be included in the tour. The Harry Potter London film locations walking tour begins at Westminster Tube station at 9am and ends at Platform 9 ¾ in Kings Cross station at 12pm.
  • This Harry Potter tour will run for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Elements of this tour will require that you have a travel card or topped up Oyster card with you, which you must purchase yourself before the tour.
  • We advise you to wear comfortable footwear, as there will be a moderate amount of walking involved. 
  • You may have worked up an appetite on the walking tour. You will find a variety of fantastic restaurants at Coals Drops Yard. Morty & Bob’s doesn’t have a kids’ menu but is child friendly and serves a great grilled cheese sandwich. 

Getting there

  • Westminster Tube station is on the Circle, District and Jubilee lines. Waterloo station, which is on the Bakerloo, Northern and Jubilee lines and has National Rail services, is also only a 10-minute walk away.
  • You may make one short journey on the London Underground during the tour, so bring an Oyster card, pre-purchased ticket or contactless payment card.
  • There’s no designated parking for the tour. The nearest car park is Q-Park Westminster, a five-minute walk away.

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Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross.

Harry Potter Film Locations Tour