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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2021
See Heathers: The Musical at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
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  • Grab your Heathers: The Musical tickets and spend a day at Westerberg High this summer.
  • Join Veronica Sawyer, JD and all the Heathers in this incredible West End musical adaptation of the 1988 cult hit movie.
  • Expect slushies, satire and more snark than you can shake a chainsaw at.

Say hello to Westerberg High this summer as the Theatre Royal Haymarket is transformed into the setting of dark comedy Heathers: The Musical, filled with all the iconic characters and lines from Michael Lehmann's '80s film.

The 1980s were a decade filled with big hair, big shoulders and even bigger movies, including cult classic Heathers. The film starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as the snarky, intelligent Veronica Sawyer and brooding, mysterious teen rebel JD respectively, and was initially met with a lukewarm reception. Yet, over the decades, Heathers has earned cult status, with its compelling mix of dark humour, thrill and high-school teen drama; completely subverting all classic '80s flicks that came before it. With this unlikely mashup of genres, the challenge began to create a Heathers musical that captured all facets of the original story.

Heathers: The Musical was initially produced by Bill Kenwright for US audiences in 2014, with lyrics and script by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe. Its London counterpart was born in 2018, produced by Bill Kenwright and Paul Taylor Mills, with direction from Andy Fickman and choreography by Gary Lloyd, who also lent his associate director skills to the production. After a short off-West End run in 2018, this rock musical transferred to the Theatre Royal Haymarket, bringing with it a few new songs and script changes. A year later, the London theatre production won a Whatsonstage award for Best New Musical.

The cast of Heathers: The Musical includes Jodie Steele, Bobbie Little and Frances Mayli McCann as the Heathers.

This summer, the talented West End cast of Heathers: The Musical includes Christina Bennington and Jordan Luke Gage as misfit protagonists Veronica Sawyer and JD, along with Jodie Steele, Bobbie Little, Frances Mayli McCann, Laureen Ward and Madison Swan on the roster as the other characters.

Both the production and movie that the musical is based on tell the tale of Veronica Sawyer, who is part of the popular clique at Westerberg High known as the Heathers, which includes Heather Duke, Heather McNamara and queen bee Heather Chandler. Aside from the obvious differences between them, Veronica doesn't feel like she fits in with the Heathers and disapproves of their cruel behaviour. When she forms a relationship with cynical bad boy JD, together they get into much darker trouble than Veronica ever could have anticipated. Both the film and musical adaptation deftly deal with hard-hitting and at times shocking topics like bullying, mental health, misogyny, assault and even murder, offering a satirical but sometimes sad commentary on society and what it takes to fit in.

While most of the film's original '80s plot still holds true for the modern musical, some elements have been changed in order to be more optimistic and politically correct for today's audiences. The musical production brings a slightly more uplifting ending than the film, providing theatregoers with the vestiges of hope at the end of what is, at face value, a dark story.

Filled with edge, snark and satire, this isn't your average coming-of-age story, but it's wickedly funny and shares an important message that everyone is created equal. So, grab your Heathers: The Musical tickets and a slushie and head to Westerberg High for a musical like no other. How very.

What to know before you go

  • Heathers: The Musical's running time is 2 hours 30 minutes, including an interval.
  • Heathers contains adult themes and strong language. It is recommended for audiences aged 14+, though entry for mature children aged 12+ is at a parent or guardian's discretion. Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • This production of Heathers: The Musical contains strobe lighting and some sudden loud noises.
  • Disabled toilets can be found on street level at the rear of the Stalls.
  • There are other toilets in the Stalls, Royal Circle and Upper Circle areas of the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
  • There is step-free access to the Stalls, with two wheelchair spaces at the rear. Please contact a member of staff who will be able to open the door to an alternative entrance on Haymarket for you. This door can be opened no earlier than half an hour before the performance starts.
  • There are steps to reach all levels of the London Theatre Royal Haymarket. If you'd like to transfer from your wheelchair you should book an aisle seat in the Stalls.
  • In general, customers with limited mobility are recommended to book seats in the Stalls as there are the fewest steps to reach this area.
  • Guide dogs are permitted in the theatre but a dog-sitting service is also available if you'd prefer.
  • Amplification headsets are available.
  • Head to Brumus Bar and Restaurant next door in the Haymarket Hotel for an upmarket pre- or post-theatre meal or afternoon tea.
  • Alternatively, there are also plenty more casual dining options around Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, including family favourites like Pizza Hut, Wagamama and TGI Fridays, and themed restaurants such as the Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood.

Getting there

  • Heathers the Musical takes place at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, London SW1Y 4HT. It's between Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.
  • Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines), Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly lines) and Charing Cross (Bakerloo and Northern lines and National Rail services) are all within a 10-minute walk.
  • Lots of buses run in the area, including the 12, 88, 159 and 453, which stop outside the theatre on Haymarket Charles II Street (Stop P).
  • Q-Park Leicester Square on Whitcomb Street is a two-minute walk away and is part of Q-Park's Theatreland Parking Scheme, which allows you to get 50% off your parking ticket from 12pm and for up to four hours. Just validate your parking ticket at the theatre box office and the discount will be automatically added upon exit of the car park. Disabled parking spaces are available at this car park too.
  • There are more on-street disabled parking bays on Suffolk Street and Charles II Street.

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