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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
A view of buildings the cathedral in Newcastle from afar.
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  • Experience the real North East on a brilliant guided tour with Iles Tours.
  • The tour company will bring a variety of different places to life with compelling storytelling and incredible knowledge.
  • Enjoy a quick one-hour tour or make the most of a full-day trip.

IIes Tours provide unforgettable tours across Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and Tyneside, including trips to Hadrian's Wall and the Lake District. Whether you want to see famous landmarks, learn local history or gain a cultural perspective, these brilliant tours are the perfect way to explore England. Lasting from one-hour tasters to all-day trips, adventurers of all ages will gain a unique insight into the location they visit.

A wonderful holiday destination, Newcastle has many amazing things to do and see. Exploring Newcastle with IIes Tours is a great way to scratch beneath the surface of the regional capital of the North East and discover its history. Steeped in religious history, Durham tours are a brilliant way to explore the city's past; see its iconic landmarks, including Durham Cathedral and a medieval fortress. Take a trip to one of Britain’s most glorious ancient monuments and embark on a Hadrian’s Wall tour for an incredible day of discovery.

IIes Tours also provides tours in one of England’s most beautiful regions, the Lake District in the northwest corner of England. Located in Cumbria, which borders North Yorkshire, Lancashire, County Durham and Northumberland, the landscape and wildlife inspired Beatrix Potter’s stories and her most-loved characters like Jemima Puddle Duck and Mrs Tiggywinkle. Enjoy a half-day tour to the Lake District and see all the important places associated with Potter, or visit as many as eight lakes in four hours in a guided tours.

‍What to know before you go

  • Some of the tours do include walking up steep hills and over uneven paths, which may not be suitable for younger and older guests.
  • Wheelchair access is available. Tours can be customised for wheelchairs and those with vision impairment.
  • It is possible to take buggies on the tour. The tour route may need to be slightly modified but no content will be lost from the tour.
  • All tours are in English. If you require another language, it is possible to arrange translators on the tours.
  • Some full-day tours include lunch. Please bring along any other food and drink that you may require. The tour guide will be happy to recommend places to eat along the way.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. Latecomers will not be waited for.
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring clothing for all weather conditions.
  • Bring along a camera to capture your wonderful memories of the tour.

Getting there

  • Meeting points differ depending on the tour you take. Newcastle tours start at various locations around the city, while Durham tours start at its main train station.
  • For full-day tours, IIes Tours will contact you following your booking to organise transport from your accommodation to the tour location. Transport will drop you back at your pre-arranged meeting point after the tour.

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A view of buildings the cathedral in Newcastle from afar.

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