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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
The Christ Church College Rooms and grounds in Oxford on a cloudy day.
Age: 8+
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  • Oxford and Cambridge are regarded as the two best universities in the UK and have been rivals for centuries. Pick your favourite after this tour!
  • Walk through Christ Church, the Bodleian Library and King’s College and learn about their alumni.
  • Take guided walks around Oxford and Cambridge and see the beautiful architecture that both have to offer.

Walk through history as you explore two of the best UK universities, Oxford and Cambridge, on this fantastic trip. The tour begins in London but quickly speeds off to Oxford, to enjoy the cobbled streets that might feel a little magical, as they inspired the Harry Potter films. While a Harry Potter Film Locations Tour could be fun, that’s not on the agenda for your day, as you’ll next enter Oxford University to visit Christ Church.

The University of Oxford is made up of 39 colleges and was established in 1096. Christ Church College is one of the largest colleges of the University, and was founded in 1546 by King Henry VIII. Start the tour of Oxford University by finding out about famous graduates like Stephen Hawking, J.R.R Tolkien, Theresa May and Emma Watson. Be inspired by the Bodleian Libraries on your Oxford University tour, which hold more than 13 million printed items. The Bodleian Library, which has been a library of legal deposit for 400 years, links up with 27 other libraries in order to make the Bodleian Libraries.

The Bodleian Library interior, in the Duke Humfrey's room, an extravagantly decorated study space.

You’ll then travel the 66 miles east from Oxford to Cambridge, where you'll wander through winding streets and around the famous university. The University of Cambridge itself was founded in 1209, and is made up of 31 colleges. On your Cambridge University tour, explore the Gothic charm of King’s College Cambridge, one of the world’s greatest examples of late Gothic English architecture. It includes the world's largest fan vault, a beautiful part of the architecture that you’ll have to see for yourself. King's College was founded in 1441 by Henry VI, and the building of the chapel was finished by Henry VIII in 1544. Enjoy the beautiful River Cam as it flows by, and see if you can spot a punter.

Experience some of the essence of England on this beautiful tour.

What to know before you go

  • The tour starts at 9am and finishes at approximately 7pm.
  • There will be a live guide, but VOX headsets allow you to hear them at all times.
  • The coach includes USB charging ports and free WiFi.
  • Lunch is not included, but there will be time for refreshments.
  • Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There are no toilets on board.
  • Wheelchairs are allowed provided that it weighs less than 10 kilograms and a member of the party is able to lift it onto the coach. The walking tour will be a moderate difficulty so be prepared.
  • Buggies are allowed as long as they can go into the under-coach compartments.
  • Feel free to bring a cold packed lunch to eat on the coach, or visit an eatery in Cambridge or Oxford.

Getting there

  • Meet at the Welcome Desk at Victoria Coach Station, in front of Gates 1 and 2.
  • Victoria Coach Station is a 10-15 minute walk from London Victoria station (Circle, District and Victoria lines and National Rail services).
  • Bus routes 11, 44, 170, 211, C1 and C10 stop outside the Coach Station.
  • There is a NCP car park on Semley Place next to the Coach Station. Parking meters are also available in nearby streets.
  • Transport throughout the day will be on a coach.

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