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It is a tale of the art form being handed down from the mature solera of the old to the younger performers. Get Paco Pena tickets.

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What to expect

Director Jude Kelly collaborates with Paco Peña yet again for this new production to explore artistic insight and the emergence of youth for advanced new expression. Both junior and mature performers are featured in Solera and this is the perfect way to explain that age is a crucial part to turn the best qualities in the raw talent of art into an art form refined for the world. A place in Southern Spain, Andalucia, has produced fine wines for many years now by stacking oak barrels in many layers. The highest barrel has young wine and with time, the wine flows down to induce the best qualities and, after many years, produces some delicious wine that can only be produced with age. In the same way, older generations and great practitioners of mature solera refine the best to hand it down to the young. Book Paco Peña tickets today and explore this indescribable experience of Solera from Paco Peña.

About 'Paco Peña'

What is 'Paco Peña' about?

This is a world premiere of solera dance where mature and young performers from Paco Peña show that age is important in all forms of art.

Jude Kelly is a longtime collaborator of Paco Peña and they do it again with this brand new production of artistic knowledge with a mixture of youth. With dance performances from exquisite dancers and music from the greatest musicians, this experience is unforgettable.

Older generations show mature solera enriching the best qualities of the dance form and hand down to the youth. Flamenco is actually not a written heritage, but Flamenco is actually something that goes from the older generation to the new. It helps to find new and peculiar ways to express artistic performances. In this play, the top dance performances will include the art forms that were created by the artist of the great musicians and dancers of the solera in the past.

Flamenco Dance Company of Paco Peña has dancers of different ages to show the experience and maturity of age and the energy of youth. Now, take yourself to a mysterious level of sensation with an experience you won't easily forget.

What age is 'Paco Peña' suitable for?

It is suitable for 5+. Under 5's are not allowed.

How long is 'Paco Peña'?

The runtime is not known.

Who is in the London cast of 'Paco Peña'?

The cast of the London show can change without the control of the producers.

Who is the team behind 'Paco Peña'?

The director is Jude Kelly. Kelly and Peña are long-time collaborators.

Peña is a dramatist, composer, producer, and legendary guitarist who has entertained audiences all over the world for the last five decades. Watch the passion flow towards you with a celebration of each performer's spirit of flamenco in an elusive state.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'Paco Peña' being performed?

The address of the venue is Sadler's Wells Theatre, Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4TN, UK.

How do I get to Sadler's Wells Theatre?

Take the A4 and A401 roads to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

Angel is the nearest tube station.

Farringdon and Old Street are the nearest train stations.

19, 38, and 341 buses stop at Sadler's Wells bus stop.

Where can I park near Sadler's Wells Theatre?

Sadler's Wells Car Park is the nearest and is located near the theatre.

Where are the toilet facilities at Sadler's Wells Theatre?

Accessible toilets are available on all levels. There are male and female toilets in the basement, First, and Second Circle.

Is Sadler's Wells Theatre accessible?

The theatre is fully accessible.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations are The Great Chase London, Niche Gluten-Free Dining, 3 Flavours, and The Pearl and Feather.

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