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Take a group of up to six people and enjoy a guided tour of Westminster or Central London. Buy Black Cab Tour tickets now.

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What to expect

London cabbies have always helped the people of the city of London and all the tourists that move in and around England. The famous black cabs are now ready to act as your tour guides as they take you on a private tour of London to find all the hidden gems the city has to offer. Explore London like never before as your guide (and your cabbie) takes you to different locations in the city andgivese you the dose of history that you desperately need.

Zoom around Westminster Abbey in a black taxi and enjoy the brilliant architecture of one of the most developed cities in the world. Explore the city in a traditional black taxi with a personal guide and driver of your own. The driver will wait for you at the meeting point, and from there onwards, you can make your own itinerary or ask your guide to make one for you. Enjoy a two-hour Westminster tour of London and see the crown jewels of the city from the perspective of a cab.

Book your Black Cab Tour tickets today to witness something extraordinary in London.

About London Black Cab Tours

What do you see on a London Black Cab Tour?

On this London tour, you get to see various UNESCO Heritage sites, Tudor Palaces, Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, and much more. Discover more about Buckingham Palace with this informative London tour as your tour guide doubles as your driver for the day. Explore all the attractions with an expert guide, and get pick up and drop services included with a ticket.

A London Black Cab Tour tour picks you up from the meeting point and takes you to the best attractions and most visited places in the city. These London tours are best if you are low on time. Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, and many more locations can be enjoyed on this London tour.

There are some other packages apart from the Westminster Black Cab Tour. There is the London Classic Grand Tour, which is a little bit longer in duration, and it is up to you and your guide to visit any places you want to on your trip around the city. The Harry Potter Tour is another one of the classic tours that fans love to experience on a trip to London. This is a Studio Tour of the places where the films were shot.

The Sightseeing Golden Tours also add great value to all the attractions of the city. The Golden Tours employ hop-on-hop-off buses where you get to see everything from the top deck.

Alternatively, you can also go on a walking tour in London. London is full of small lanes and alleys, and each has a history behind it. The river cruise is another way to explore the city of London and other parts of the UK. You will get to see all of the highlights of London with a River Cruise, and some London bus tours add a river cruise to let you visit some of the best attractions in the city.

Black taxi tours are also available in Belfast, where they can be found serving the same purpose of helping tourists find the best attractions in the city.

What can I expect from this tour?

There are numerous different black taxi tours available in London. The most famous one is the Westminster sightseeing tour, which is a guided tour by a cabbie. Learn about three UNESCO World Heritage sites in these two-fast paced hours. Take the experience in as your driver picks you up for the black taxi tour to begin.

London tours have always been famous, as the city has a lot to offer when it comes to historical sites, food, monuments, and everything that can intrigue a tourist. The experience of going on a black taxi tour is very exciting. You will get to see London's UNESCO sites, two Tudor Palaces, and many different London attractions, like Piccadilly Circus and Harrods. The black taxi tour drivers know their way around the city, so what better way to see London than to take a ride and learn something new about the city. On a tour, you will learn about the city's memorials, people who have impacted Westminster Abbey and the British government, and also look through to the famous doorway of No. 10 Downing Street. These black taxi tours can take you down narrow roads that other tour buses cannot. The result is that you get to see more of London than the big buses offer.

There are other Black Taxi tours that cater to everyone's particular needs. Harry Potter fans can take a Harry Potter black taxi tour of London to find all the attractions from the Harry Potter films.

The drivers know all the lanes, alleys, and corners of London and also know a lot about the historical sites, museums, palaces, galleries, markets, and shops. Ask them about Buckingham Palace, and they will give you more information and knowledge than a typical historian. While other traffic has to queue behind one another, these black taxi tours are able to use the bus and taxi lanes for fluent movement.

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What age is this tour suitable for?

The tour is suitable for all ages. There is no restriction mentioned for the tour. However, an adult needs to supervise any minor members in the group.

How long does the tour take?

It is a two-hour tour, and a maximum of six members can ride in the cab.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Black Cab Tour start?

Meet your guide and driver in the taxi rank opposite Starbucks on Villiers Street, London, England.

How do I get to the tour's departure point?

If you are travelling by private vehicle from London itself, take Northumberland Ave or Whitehall to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. From there, you will be taken to visit all the attractions in a black taxi.

London is well-connected by train and tube, and this place can be reached quite easily too. The nearest tube station is the Embankment Tube Station, which is just about one minute away from the departure point. Charing Cross Tube Station is the second nearest, which is around five minutes away from the destination.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross station, which is about five minutes away from the pickup point.

Buses connect the place with the rest of the city of London, too. So, you can also choose to use the bus services to reach the departure point.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

There is no specific mention of a reporting time for the tours. Check your ticket and try to arrive at least 10 minutes early to avoid any time constraints and hassle at the last moment.

Where can I park?

There are many car parks in the area, which will be just a short walking distance from the departure point. JustPark and Q-Park Leicester Square are the nearest car parks as they are just a few minutes away.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

You can use the public toilets along the way on the tour. Most public toilets are accessible.

Is the tour accessible?

Cabs are made accessible for all wheelchair users. Ramps and steps are provided for those who need them.

Where can I eat on the tour?

There are many options to eat near the pickup point, which is also the drop-off point. The tour is for a limited time, so it is advisable to find a proper meal near Villiers Street.

Some popular restaurants in the area are The Pastry Shop, Krispy Kreme London Charing Cross Station, The Ship & Shovell, Caffe Nero, Upper Crust, Beer House, All Bar One Charing Cross, Gordon's Wine Bar, The Northall, Tandoor Chop House, Barrafina, 50 Kalo di Ciro Salvo, Crystal Moon Lounge, and Prezzo Northumberland Avenue.

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