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The service covers multiple routes while you get to see the best of Auld Reekie. Buy Edinburgh bus tour tickets today.

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What to expect

These tickets give you unlimited access to three sightseeing bus tours, covering numerous Edinburgh attractions in Scotland; these bus tours show you the best of Auld Reekie!

The Scottish capital has a lot to offer, with top attractions and landmarks all over the town. Wander down the Royal Mile, the Dynamic Earth, the Scottish National Gallery, or pay a visit to Greyfriars Bobby. There is always something new to learn in Edinburgh, Scotland. Choosing to take on the tour also gets you access to live guides, with proper knowledge of all the routes and areas. Multi-language audio commentary is also provided on the tour. Visiting Edinburgh does not get any more exciting than this!

With a ticket to the Edinburgh bus tour, you get access to the Edinburgh Tour, City Sightseeing Tour, and Majestic Tour (if you choose 'Grand 48+' or 'Grand 48'). You will only be able to choose the City Sightseeing Tour if you choose 'Grand 24'. Apart from this, you also get the 3 Bridges Bus & Boat Tour, which is seasonal from April to November (only if you choose 'Grand 48+'). All the routes are designed to cover the must-visit attractions and landmarks of the city, which include Edinburgh Castle, the National Royal Yacht Britannia, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and many more. If you opt for the 'Grand 48' tour, you get unlimited travel on three different routes, and choosing the 'Grand 48+' adds an extra boat tour.

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About Edinburgh Sightseeing Bus Tours

What can I expect from an Edinburgh sightseeing bus tour?

Visit Edinburgh in Scotland, and check out all that this city has to offer at your own pace. This is a tour that gives you the best of Auld Reekie, while the bus tours cover multiple routes. With audio guides in English, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, this bus ride is for everyone to enjoy. Explore the city's past and enjoy the historical sites along the way. The hop-on-hop-off bus tour is the perfect way to explore all kinds of activities and attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland. The routes of the tour are designed to cover all of the major attractions and landmarks of the city of Edinburgh. Attractions like Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and the National Royal Yacht Britannia are covered while on the tour.

Choosing the 'Grand 48' option gives you 48 hours of unlimited access to buses on three different routes, and if you choose the 'Grand 48+' option, you also get a boat cruise in addition to seeing the Firth of Forth. Buses run every 20-30 minutes, so you won't have to wait long if you miss one.

Three different routes are covered by the tour buses. The Edinburgh Tour, Majestic Tour, and City Sightseeing Tour are the three different tours that will take you everywhere in and around the city of Edinburgh. An audio guide is available on all three buses. Edinburgh Tour buses (the green ones) will take you around the Old Town, New Town, and Edinburgh Castle. The Majestic Tour buses (the blue ones) will take you to the Royal Yacht Britannia and the Botanical Gardens. The City Sightseeing Tour buses (the classic red ones) will take you to the Grassmarket, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The 3 Bridges Tour is seasonal and only runs from April to November. It takes you to South Queensferry, and from there, you get on the Forth Belle and tour the Firth of Forth. Your tours will be as informative as they can be, with multi-language support and live guides.

See Edinburgh Castle (located at the top of the iconic Royal Mile on top of Castle Rock), the Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Palace, the Queen's Gallery (located in the palace itself), the Scottish National Gallery, Calton Hill, and more.

If you want to learn about the history of Edinburgh in Scotland, then spend some time at the Museum of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile itself is full of historical sites.

Did you know that Edinburgh Castle is actually built on an extinct volcano?

Where do Edinburgh sightseeing buses stop?

The Edinburgh Tour buses are yellow-green. This tour stops at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Parliament, Old Town, the National Museum of Scotland, the Grassmarket, Edinburgh Castle, and New Town. This tour provides live commentary and can be found every 30 minutes.

The Majestic Tour buses are yellow-blue. The bus stops at New Town, the Royal Botanical Garden, the Royal Yacht Britannia, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish Parliament, and Old Town. You can get the tour bus every 30 minutes. You get audio commentary on this tour bus.

The City Sightseeing Tour buses are red. With commentary in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin, this bus stops at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland, Old Town, New Town, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and Calton Hill.

The 3 Bridges Tour takes you to South Queensferry and then takes you on a 75-minute cruise aboard the Forth Belle.

How do hop-on, hop-off bus tours work?

Hop-on, hop-off bus tours travel in a specific direction and stop at the major attractions of a city. So, just board the bus at the pickup point, hop off the bus when you reach the attraction you want to visit, and then hop on the next bus to continue the trip.

Well-trained, well-behaved dogs are allowed on the bus, but this depends on the discretion of the driver and the other passengers.

What age is this tour suitable for?

There is no age restriction given for the tour. Anyone who wants to know about the attractions on the tour can buy a ticket. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult holding an adult ticket.

How long does an Edinburgh bus tour take?

The total time is one hour. The time you spend at the attractions solely depends on you.

The working time for the tours is nine a.m. to five p.m.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Edinburgh Bus Tour start?

The address of the location where you hop on the buses is St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Scotland.

How do I get to the tour's departure point?

If you are travelling by private vehicle from London, take the M1 to the destination. It will take around seven hours 30 minutes to complete the journey of around 400 mi (644 km).

You can also choose to travel via air from any airport in the United Kingdom to Edinburgh airport. It will take around one hour 15 minutes from London airport.

Train services are also available as you can board the LNER train from King's Cross station in London to Edinburgh Waverley station. It is a few minutes away from the pickup point for the tour buses.

If you are in the city of Edinburgh itself, take the Leith St/A900 and York Pl to reach the pickup point.

Is there a set time I should arrive at the departure point?

There is no set time for arrival. Buses leave every 30 minutes from the pickup point.

Where can I park?

You can park your vehicle at Calton Road parking and Edinburgh Waverley Station car park. Both are within walking distance from the destination.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

You can use the public toilets found on the bus route. Additionally, there will be many on the way. You can also use the toilets in the attractions, many of which will also have accessible toilets for wheelchair users.

Is the tour accessible?

Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible. Buses are modified to help visitors who require wheelchairs. They have easy access so that all people can enjoy the ride and the attractions that come with the tour. It is a great experience, and everything will be accessible.

Where can I eat on the tour?

There will be many restaurants and cafes along the way on the tour. From lunch or dinner places to afternoon tea or coffee places, you will have the opportunity to try a range of things.

Some popular restaurants near the pickup point are The Dome, Burr & Co, The Perch Restaurant, and many more.

You can also try Quinn's Cafe, French Creperie Le Petit Cafe, Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, and Prana Indian Grill Edinburgh.

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