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Get guided by Mr. Monopoly and his Playing Tokens as you move around the lifesized board. Get Monopoly Lifesized tickets now.

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What to expect

At Lifsized Monopoly, you can do everything from completing challenges, building houses, escaping jail, and controlling the waterworks in London as you travel around a lifesized Monopoly board, earning as much cash as you can by completing the challenge rooms. There are three editions of this game to choose from, City Board, Luxury Board, and Classic Board. For the three exciting Monopoly Lifesized boards, there are different challenges and themes, but the rules to play the game are exactly the same.

Lifesized Monopoly is an immersive experience of your favourite family game located in the middle of London on Tottenham Court Road. The 49 ft x 49 ft (15 m x 15 m) board game is the perfect way to spend an afternoon and is probably the first in the world! Enjoy the excitement of staging a heist in Mayfair, buy different properties, construct some of the most iconic buildings in London, step into the universe of codebreakers, or solve a murder mystery. London Monopoly is a 1935 British version of the game with based on famous streets in London. The exciting gameplay is complemented by the in-house bar and restaurant named The Top Hat Restaurant. Book Monopoly Lifesized tickets today.

About Monopoly Lifesized

What is Monopoly Lifesized?

Monopoly Lifesized is an immersive version of the family-favourite game that is loved around over the world. They have created a lifesized Monopoly board that is 49 ft x 49 ft (15 m x 15 m)! You can buy properties, conjure a heist, construct some most iconic buildings in London, enter the world of codebreakers, or solve a murder mystery. All the challenges in the game are one of a kind and very interesting. Complete challenge rooms as you move around the board and buy properties as you travel around the huge Monopoly board. It is an 80-minutes immersive game built with the newest technology. There are three boards to select from, Classic Board, Luxury Board, and City Board.

If you choose the Luxury Board, check out the stealth challenges and the laser challenge in between the glitz. The City Board lets you go to the streets with your gang and all the challenge rooms are based on the landmarks in London. There is also a dance-off challenge! The Classic Board lets you relive the memories of the beloved board game on a lifesized monopoly board. Make sure to complete all the exciting challenge rooms!

There is also an in-house bar and restaurant, The Top Hat Restaurant, at this venue on Tottenham Court Road. Play along with Mr Monopoly and his Playing Tokens as they become your guide for 80 minutes as you build houses, agree on rent, escape jail, and more. Earn more money by completing the family-friendly challenges across the life-sized monopoly board.

How does Monopoly Lifesized work?

Monopoly Lifesized has made Tottenham Court Road their home which is now a property square on the monopoly board. Play as a team or as an individual. However, a team challenge is always more fun. Split into different groups and each group will have its own tokens like a racing car, a boot, a dog, and more. Lead your team around the board and get big scores. The property squares will have a location-specific room (full-sized) and players will have to participate in challenges to get the property. Mental challenges along with physical ones will will make up the game.

The Classic City challenges can be anything from Fleet Street and solving a newspaper crossword on the streets or cracking enigma codes. Maybe also ring the bells while you are at it at Whitechapel Road? Bid on the art at the auction house located on Bond Street or win a lot of money at the casinos located on Coventry Street. Even check out the fluffy toys at the toy shop located on Regents Street.

This game tests players' skills along with lateral thinking with puzzles and challenges and it can be fun for any competitive team. Remember, you will work around the board and you might find yourself on Bow Street at the Monopoly Starred Kitchen.

The Monopoly Streets in London are Old Kent Road, King's Cross Station, Whitechapel Road, The Angel, Pentonville Road, Euston Road, Pall Mall, Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall, Marylebone Station, Marlborough Street, Bow Street, Vine Street, Fleet Street, Strand, Trafalgar Street, Leicester Square, Fenchurch Street Station, Coventry Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Mayfair, Liverpool Street Station, Bond Street, and Park Lane.

What can I expect from Monopoly Lifesized?

Reminisce about the old and classic Monopoly board game as you play this life-sized monopoly game on Tottenham Court Road. You will find recognisable tokens like property deed cards to enter the challenge rooms and houses if you choose the Classic Board.

Test your mind through the various challenges on the board game in London.

What age is Monopoly Lifesized suitable for?

The recommended age to play this game in London is nine and over. Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to the venue.

How long does Monopoly Lifesized last?

The event lasts for 80 minutes.

What is the criteria for playing Monopoly Lifesized?

It can be played by an individual, a pair, or a group. The limit per group is six. There can be four teams, with a maximum of 24 players. All players will be running around during the duration of the game. If you have any illnesses or physical injuries of any kind, let the organizers know while booking tickets.

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in.

What is the Top Hat Bar & Restaurant?

This in-house restaurant is inspired by the famous London Monopoly board game. You can come to the restaurant even if you do not participate in the Monopoly Lifesized game. Enjoy signature cocktails and tasty food.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Monopoly Lifesized?

The address is 213-215 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PS.

How do I get to Monopoly Lifesized?

The A400 road will get you to the destination in the shortest possible time.

The nearest tube station is Goodge Street. Warren Street and Tottenham Court Road stations are also nearby and walkable to the venue.

The nearest railway stations are Euston or King Cross.

There are a lot of buses that stop along Tottenham Court Road.

Where can I park?

Carburton Street is the nearest car park. It is around 10 minutes away.

Where are the toilet facilities at Monopoly Lifesized?

There are toilets in the venue, but it is recommended that you use the toilet before the game starts.

Is Monopoly Lifesized accessible?

Wheelchairs are allowed as all four boards are wheelchair accessible. Some games may not be accessible. There are lifts to access the boards.

A cloakroom is not available. There are only small lockers.

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