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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
Poster for The Cake and Bake Show London.
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  • The Cake and Bake Show is the UK’s biggest baking event held at London’s international convention space, the ExCeL Centre.
  • Catch cooking demos and talks from celebrity baking experts, shop for the latest kitchen gadgets, browse elaborate table displays and even sample some of the best bakes around at the Show’s market stalls.
  • Don’t miss the jaw-dropping Cake Competition, where stunning decorations will leave your mind boggled and your mouth watering.

With over 30,000 attendees, from top-tier professionals to sweet-toothed kids and families, The Cake and Bake Show is the largest baking event in the UK, with functions in Edinburgh and Manchester as well as its main event at the ExCeL London. Every autumn this 100-acre leading event space is filled with the sweetest smells and tastiest treats the country has to offer as hundreds of bakers show off their stuff. The centre of all things baking, cake decorating, fondant and sugar craft, The Cake and Bake Show features live cooking shows from celebrity experts at The Baking Theatre, birthday and wedding display tables to get you inspired for your next big event, market stands from the UK’s leading artisan bakers to sample and shop from, plus opportunities to get your hands on the best baking gadgets around. There is a Kids Zone where children and families can get hands-on with some super fun baking and decorating activities, and even a Cake and Bake Bar and Pamper Lounge for you to unwind in afterwards. One of the event’s most exciting elements is the renowned Cake Competition, a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds. See cake decorations like you never have before where the Illusion Competition will leave the whole family stunned as you try and work out how the displays can possibly all be edible (spoiler - they are!).

Pretty pink and blue cupcake display table.

One of the most popular ExCeL London events, The Cake and Bake Show features 150 of the best exhibitors and sponsors in the food industry including the Cheshire Cheese Company, Doughnut Time, Heck, KitchenAid, Riverford Organics, The Vanilla Valley, Thomas Cookie Co, Wright’s Baking and many more. If you’re a family of foodies and are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with the latest recipes, goodies and baking tips and tricks, then don’t miss the Excel London Cake and Bake Show this autumn.

For more family fun near to ExCeL London, head along the river into Greenwich to spot the Cutty Sark and get stargazing at the Royal Observatory.

What to know before you go

  • With 27 food and drink outlets on site, there are plenty of places to eat in and near the ExCeL once you’ve had your sweet fix. Family favourites include Subway, Upper Crust and Costa Coffee or go for a more leisurely meal at Pummaro’s Italian or The Bridge Restaurant.
  • The ExCeL London is a highly accessible venue with 155 disabled parking spots, step-free access, wheelchair-level facilities and disabled toilets and changing facilities throughout. Guidance and assistance dogs are allowed inside the venue, but no other pets are.
  • There are ATMs on site as well as charging points, cycle racks, water refill stations, lost property, a prayer room and luggage storage facilities.
  • There are multiple baby changing facilities at the ExCeL, plus a family room including changing mats, breastfeeding chairs and a microwave to heat up baby food.
  • The ExCeL London also has 13 hotels in walking distance if you need to stay overnight for The Cake and Bake Show.

Getting there

  • The Cake and Bake Show takes place at ExCeL London.
  • There are three on-site car parks, costing £20 for up to 24 hours. If arriving by car make sure to follow signs for ExCel London, the Royal Docks and City Airport.
  • The ExCeL is in Zone 3, with Custom House DLR station and Prince Regent DLR station both less than two minutes from the centre’s entrance.
  • By Underground, take the Jubilee line to Canning Town and change to the DLR, or to North Greenwich and take the cable car.
  • You can also arrive via the Thames Clipper boat, alighting at the Royal Wharf Pier - a 20-minute walk to the ExCeL Centre, or the Emirates Airline Cable Car.

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Poster for The Cake and Bake Show London.

The Cake and Bake Show