Visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge And Oxford: Book Day Trip Tickets Now

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Visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge And Oxford: Book Day Trip Tickets Now
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A walking tour can take you to places full of secrets and history, and that is what this tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford offers you. This day trip from London will take you on a memorable journey through England and all it has to offer. You also get audio guides in languages like English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and more. You will also get a live guide who speaks English.

A ticket for this tour provides you with transport in a luxury coach, admission to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge, a walking tour in Oxford, audio maps and technologies, and many more facilities. Windsor Castle guided tours, as well as Stonehenge guided tours, are not included, but you will be able to see the grand State Apartments and the St George's Chapel. There are a lot of other attractions throughout the day-long tour.

Book your Windsor Castle Day trip tickets now.

About The Windsor Castle, Stonehenge And Oxford Day Trip

What do you see on the Windsor Castle, Stonehenge And Oxford Day Trip?

Seeing all of the attractions that England has to offer is not possible in a single day, but this tour will get you close. It is your opportunity to explore Windsor Castle in all of its magnificence, the Royal residences, and St George's Chapel. St George's Chapel is the place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. Apart from a visit to Windsor Castle and St George's Chapel, you will also get a chance to witness the historical, world-renowned Stonehenge. England's ancient history is on display at Stonehenge, with an immersive visitor centre showcasing the ancient skills that were used to build this famous landmark. It will then be time to visit Oxford, with a guided walking tour. Learn about the prestigious Oxford University and the surrounding buildings that showcase history from every century. Although this tour doesn't explore the whole of England, it is certainly a good start.

From Victoria Coach Station, hop aboard a luxury coach and enjoy an exceptional ride through the country. Your first stop is Windsor Castle, the residence of British monarchs for centuries now. You will visit the castle and surrounding area with a guide. This is your chance to explore the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Your next stop is Stonehenge. A Stonehenge day trip will give you more of an insight into the history of England's greener lands. Stonehenge is a mysterious monument located in the Wiltshire countryside. It is said to be 5,000 years old. Stonehenge tours give you the proper history of the country, and you will not be able to take your eyes off of the strange Stone Circle.

The last stop is Oxford. Here, you will get to explore the beautiful university campus and all of its architectural charm. A guide will take you to all of the best places in Oxford and tell you about the city of Dreaming Spires. After the tour, you will be dropped back in London.

This day trip from London will let you experience the various historical and architectural marvels on display across England. Enjoy the immersive visitor centre during your Stonehenge tour and walk through the lanes of Oxford City centre. You may even get a chance to walk along the lovely riverside footpaths in the area. Hampton Court Palace is another attraction to see in the area.

There are also different tours available which will take you to the city of Bath and the Roman Baths. The village of Lacock is another place to explore!

Who wouldn't want to see the location of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding? This is your chance to explore with a day tour of Windsor Castle, the stone circle at Stonehenge, and Oxford. Book your tickets for this brilliant tour now.

What can I expect from this day trip?

The tour takes you to three iconic places in England: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford.

Windsor Castle is the working residence of the monarch of England, and it is very hard to believe that such an iconic building is being used as a house. People snap photos of the castle every day, but this is your chance to pay a visit to the luxurious fortress. It won't take much time for you to realise why Windsor Castle is Queen Elizabeth II's favourite weekend home. Windsor Castle is located in an area that overlooks the River Thames and is very near to Windsor Town. For almost 1,000 years now, Windsor Castle has stood its ground and has been one of the most popular attractions in the country. Your tour not only lets you take in the magnificence of Windsor Castle but will also allow you to peek into the State Apartments. At least 39 monarchs have lived in Windsor Castle, and that itself makes it intriguing to check out.

Located in the English county of Berkshire, Windsor Castle is known for its beautiful architecture and its association with the Royal family of England. Windsor Castle was originally established after the Norman Conquest of England, and monarchs have been making the castle their residence since the 11th century. The castle was built by William the Conqueror to defend the empire. Since the time of King Henry I, the castle has been used as a residence and is the longest-occupied palace to date. The tour lets you stroll around the castle grounds, but you can also choose to go inside the castle by purchasing the relevant ticket. There are over 1,000 lavish rooms inside the castle, not to mention St George's Chapel.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding venue, the famous St George's Chapel, is right around the corner. The coach will take you to the Royal Borough of Windsor, and then you can explore the castle fully. Windsor Castle is the largest castle in the world where people still live. The Queen stays in Buckingham Palace but regularly spends time in Windsor Castle. It is bigger than Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the monarch.

Stonehenge also has a lot of history, and it is said to be one of the oldest monuments in the country. The mysterious Stonehenge is seen as you approach Salisbury Plain. This monument is 5,000 years old, and you will get to see the stone circle in all of its glory as you approach the monument. The stone circle is truly magnificent. Learn all about the mysterious stone circle at Stonehenge with the help of audio guides and the English-speaking guide travelling with you. The origins of this monument are still a little hazy for most people and historians, so why not try your hand at deciphering the secrets of Stonehenge? The monument in Wiltshire is a ring of standing stones. Each stone is 30 ft (nine m) tall, seven ft (two m) high, and weighs around 25 ton (22680 kg). Archaeologists predict that this monument was built between 3000-2000 BC. The monarch of England owns this monument; however, it is maintained by English Heritage. You can check out the Exhibition Centre, which is home to many archaeological findings and artefacts found in the area circling the site.

A Stonehenge visit takes just about an hour to complete. Special access and inner circle visits are done outside public opening hours. You can visit all of Stonehenge with this special access. Otherwise, visitors need to stay a few yards away from the stones. Previously, visitors were allowed to touch the stones and even climb on them! As the grass in the centre of the stones died from being trampled on, the area was sealed, and people could no longer touch the stones. It is against the law, which was enacted for the protection of the stones from soil erosion in the area. When it rains in the area, the path can get very muddy. Bring appropriate shoes for the tour.

Oxford is one of the most popular university cities in the world, and the wide range of attractions, premises, history, architecture, lunch places, and markets make it a perfect destination for a day out. It is worth a day trip and it is recommended to have a light lunch as you have many places to explore. These affordable tickets for the trip from London include a visit to Oxford. Ride in a luxury coach to transfer from one place to another and enjoy a walking tour of Oxford with your guide. The covered market, the high street, and all the university colleges are some of the most popular destinations to visit in Oxford.

The Sheldonian Theatre is another attraction worth visiting on your walking tour. It is used for many Oxford University events. World-class museums, shops, picnic spots, and large museum gardens are abundant here. 'Harry Potter' fans will have a field day at Christ Church College, Oxford. Hogwart's Great Hall was inspired by the dining hall of this college. The staircase where Harry Potter stood in the first film to talk to Professor McGonagall is located in Christ Church College. So make it your mission to locate all these areas while you are in Oxford. The college was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546. The college has educated many well-known personalities like John Locke, Lewis Caroll and 13 prime ministers of the country. You can also visit St Mary's Church. Oxford's most photographed location, the Radcliffe Camera, is part of the Bodleian Library. It is a building from the neo-classical 17th-century era, and the building acts as a brilliant centrepiece at the heart of the city. The location is best seen from the roof of the Church of St Mary the Virgin.

There has always been a debate over whether a trip to Cambridge or Oxford is best. This, of course, depends on the visitor's preference. Cambridge is more picturesque and is the perfect location for a punting experience. On the other hand, Oxford has historical architecture and fascinating college visits.

Special events will require separate tickets as per the schedule given.

Book tickets for the walking tour and the day-out tour today. Enter through the grand entrance of Windsor Castle or stroll into the museums of Oxford on the tour. If you are fond of shopping, there will be plenty of opportunities to walk around some shops.

To avoid long queues in front of the castle ticket counter, it is advised to book your Windsor Castle tickets in advance.

What age is this day trip suitable for?

The day trip is suitable for everyone. Minors need to be accompanied by adults with a valid ticket on the tour.

How long is a Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford day trip?

The tour has a total duration of 11 hours 30 minutes: 135 minutes in Windsor Castle, 75 minutes in Stonehenge, and 1.5 hours in Oxford. You will have lunchtime during the tour. Transportation is also available from all the locations and to Oxford from London.

Enjoy a trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford with this affordable ticket for a day out. Take a walking tour to the village of Lacock or take a walking tour of Stonehenge.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford day trip start?

Travel to the entrance of gates one or two of Victoria Coach Station in 164 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia, SW1W 9TP, London and show your ticket to the guide waiting for you. Your luxurious coach ride awaits you to take you to all the iconic locations of England in your itinerary. A Blue Badge guide will be with you throughout the tour.

How do I get to the trip's departure point?

If you are travelling by personal vehicle to the coach station in London from London itself, take the A3212 or A4 to reach the destination in the quickest time possible.

Sloane Square is the nearest tube station to the location in London.

Battersea Park is the nearest train station to the destination.

You will be picked up from London and dropped in London after the tour is finished. Get your ticket today.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

You can arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the trip, which is early morning. No time has been mentioned by the organizers yet.

Where can I park?

NCP and Car Park Victoria Station London is the nearest parking to the coach station.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the trip?

There are toilet facilities in all places along the route. Public toilets are available at all the attractions.

What facilities are available on the coach?

The luxurious coach comes with all the technologies that you can imagine. Interactive audio maps, free WiFi, and air-conditioning are available.

Is the trip accessible?

Yes, the trip is mostly accessible. There will be some places where assistance might be required for wheelchair users. However, do check before booking tickets.

Where can I eat on the trip?

Lunchtime will be around the time you are in Oxford. Some popular restaurants in the area are Moshi, and Al-Andalus Tapas.

Oxford has some good places to eat, including The White Horse, King's Arms, and Turf Tavern. Some of them might be tricky to find with small lanes and turns, but isn't that more exciting sometimes?

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