Cutty Sark

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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
View of Cutty Sark boat against blue sky.
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  • Hop on board this historic sailing ship, the Cutty Sark, which was built in 1869 and was once a tea clipper and the fastest ship of its day.
  • Learn about the fascinating history about the world’s sole surviving clipper and immerse yourselves in the epic adventures of this legendary ship, which is now based at Greenwich in London.
  • Kids under the age of 4 go free!
  • Cancellation may be available depending on your ticket selection.

Ahoy matey! Take your little sailors to the Cutty Sark in London and discover what life was like on board this legendary 19th-century boat. It's the world’s sole surviving tea clipper and was the fastest ship of her time with a top speed of over 17 knots. This historic ship has visited 16 different countries during its years as a British merchant ship. Believe it or not, but the ship has travelled the equivalent of two and a half voyages to the moon and back! You will love diving into the depths of history and discovering what life was like on board this true survivor of the seas.

The Cutty Sark has survived storms and even war

Learn about the ship’s record-breaking passages around the world and explore its main deck. You’ll get a little taste of life on the ocean waves and kids will love taking the helm at the ship’s wheel and imagining themselves setting sail as a captain. Take in the amazing views of the River Thames and go beneath the impressive hull (over 90% of the ship’s hull structure is original to 1869) and appreciate the elegant designs of the ship. The ship is also home to the world’s biggest collection of figureheads!  

The Cutty Sark has survived storms and even war! Plus in May 2007, the Cutty Sark had a fire, and was reopened again by Her Majesty The Queen in 2012.

During weekends and bank holidays, live actors will bring the ship to life with storytelling sessions. Kidadler Tamara found the “story time” entertainment fun and found her overall visit “interesting”. Kidadler Milly says: "Just wanted to recommend a visit to Cutty Sark. We had a great time today, there was lots to do on the ship and several entertainers on board which were so friendly.”

You and your kids will have a great action-packed day out! Find out here how you can plan the best day out in Greenwich with kids. Or take a fresh look at your city with this guide.

What to know before you go

  • Baby-changing facilities are available on the lower ground floor by the Even Keel Cafe.
  • The ship is buggy-friendly but if you’d prefer not to take it on board, store it in the buggy park downstairs.
  • There's a lift allowing wheelchair access to all floors, but for safety reasons, wheelchair spaces on the ship are limited to three visitors at any one time. Some areas of the main deck are not wheelchair accessible. Manual and most power wheelchairs may use the ship but bear in mind mobility scooters are not permitted.
  • Download the animal hunt trails online to help your kids find the animals hiding around the decks.
  • Last admission to the Cutty Sark is at 4.15pm.
  • If you are hungry, grab a bite to eat at Zizzi, on Greenwich Promenade, once you've finished exploring. It’s a few minutes' walk away and has a children’s menu. Or there’s a great choice of pubs in Greenwich.

Getting there

  • The nearest stations are Cutty Sark (for Maritime Greenwich) DLR Station, Greenwich and Maze Hill rail stations. Both Cutty Sark and Greenwich are in zones 2 and 3 and Maze Hill is in zone 3.
  • If you take the DLR to Greenwich, make sure to wait for a front carriage. As DLR trains are driverless, kids can have fun pretending to drive the train while you enjoy a great view of all the sites.
  • There is no on-site parking available. However the Cutty Sark Gardens car park is a one-minute walk away. 

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View of Cutty Sark boat against blue sky.

Cutty Sark